Whitman Student Among Three Firefighters Killed in Crash

Whitman Student Among Three Firefighters Killed in Crash

A Whitman student was among three U.S. Forest Service firefighters killed in a vehicle crash on Wednesday night near Twisp,...  Read More »

Summer Updates from The Pioneer

We are excited to inform you all of some new and exciting...  Read More »

Graduation Circuit

Commencement is just a few days away. Congratulations...  Read More »

George Bridges: Reflections on a Decade at Whitman

Serving as Whitman's president for the past 10 years...  Read More »

Finding the Best Syrah- Eli Robinson

This article was written by graduating senior Eli Rob...  Read More »

Guest column: Women’s victories do not erase systemic debate sexism

It's devastating to realize I am no longer a debater, but it's more devastating to understand why. I never wanted to write an op-ed or talk publicly about my experiences in debate, but the unfortunate truth is we are obligated to defend our right to fair treatment. I don't know how to put into words what ...  Read More »

May 7, 2015 • 1 comment

Growing up is sad, but better than alternative

May 7, 2015

Approximately 24 hours before flying back to Walla Walla for my final semester at Whitman, I watched the sun rise from a hospital's labor and delivery room. I'd decided to work a night shift as a doula...  Read More »

Guest column: Loss of Quran limits Encounters discussions

May 7, 2015

As a true example of antiquity in conversation with modernity, the upperclassmen I knew as a first-year still called Encounters "Core." Over the past four years at Whitman, the Encounters program has changed...  Read More »

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Musicians, artists, poets collaborate for Spring Concert

May 7, 2015

On Saturday, May 9 at the Chism Recital Hall, the Whitman College Department of Music will present the Whit...  Read More »

New ‘diverse’ iPhone emojis fail to be inclusive

May 7, 2015

In early April of 2015, Apple released the software update iOS 8.3, thereby welcoming new racially and...  Read More »

Local artist redefines landscapes with graphite

May 7, 2015

"I've always known I was an artist, whether I wanted to be or not," said Augusta Sparks Farnum, a local...  Read More »

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  • Jackpage: Tiny Jack adventures in public park with grandpa

    The summer I turned five... in the park with my grandfather, walking... He held a bag of bread crumbs in one hand, mine in the other. His hands (wh...

  • New frat arrives

    In light of recent events, Whitman College has decided to make a new fraternity solely for prospective students. It will be named Sigma Upsilon Kappa ...

  • First-year couple staying together

    It's official. First-years Janet "Jannifer" Reno and William "Billiam" Rogers are staying together for the summer of 2015. "I'm so excited for Jann...

  • Jackpage: Understanding babies

    A week or two ago I went to Safeway and something really wild happened. I was minding my own business, contemplating the cereal aisle, when I came acr...

  • Boy sneezes in Encounters

    It was 11:37 on a Friday morning in first-year James Leblooze's Encounters section with Tom Davis when something happened that changed Leblooze's life...

  • Tales from beyond the Frat: Confessions in the wake of partaking in the Jaeger challenge

    Now while the story I am about to tell is mostly true, details have been changed to protect the innocent as they were involved in the story. But the f...

  • Mercyvail resigns

    It was to the surprise of many normally apathetic Whitman students that President-elect Jack Mercyvail would not be occupying to the ASWC Presidency ...

  • Orcas found to be conspiring to destroy all of humanity

    Through the making of "Blackfish," a movie about the entrapment of orca whales (part of the dolphin family), dolphin psychologists and neurologists ha...

  • Browning Out: Summer job hunt

    Spring is rapidly approaching, and we all know what that means: Summer is just around the corner. And again, we all know what that means: You had bett...

  • Jackpage: Note found!

    The other day, I found a crumpled letter in a wastepaper basket. What was I doing snooping through the garbage? An ordinary person might think it unus...