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  1. Hands-On Learning Media Photos December 27, 2013

    The Life Skills series is a weekly opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in everyday skills. Whitman staff members provide classes in everything raining from cooking to plumbing to crafting. In the Reid Resource room this past week, a 5 day workshop taught students how to make wooden guitars. [portfolio_slideshow]  

  2. Taught to Love Event Honors Memory of Nelson Mandela Media Photos December 16, 2013

    This past Wednesday, December 11, in the Reid basement, a tribute was held for the life of Nelson Mandela. Musical and Spoken Word Performances were given and all were invited to participate. [portfolio_slideshow]

  3. Winter Recipes Media Videos December 12, 2013

    Videographer Jade Blake-Whitney shows us some of Karah Kemmerly's favorite winter recipes. Get the recipes and more ideas here: http://whitmanpioneer.com/arts/2013/12/09/winter-recipes/.

  4. Voices of the Community: Issue 13 Opinion Voices of the Community December 12, 2013

    What are you looking forward to about break? Videographer Jade Blake-Whitney polls the community on what they are looking forward to about break.

  5. The Ultimate A&E Holiday Entertainment Guide A&E A&E Highlight Events Movie Reviews Reviews December 12, 2013

    Need gift ideas? Check out the first A&E Ultimate Holiday Entertainment Guide for your gift inspiration!

  6. Tree of Life Offers Opportunity to Reflect, Heal A&E December 12, 2013

    The Tree of Life Ceremony is a part of the Walla Walla Community Hospice and provides those who have lost someone to reflect and start to heal.

  7. Unique Variety Show Format Creates New Opportunities, Challenges Feature Feature Highlight December 12, 2013

    Find out more about the inspiration behind the upcoming variety show at Harper Joy, "Ukulele!"

  8. Meet Performers of ‘Ukulele!’ Feature December 12, 2013

    Meet several of the student performers of the Harper Joy variety show "Ukulele!" and read more about their unique talents.

  9. Pick-Up Sports Attract Range of Skills, Passions Sports December 12, 2013

    Whitman College prides itself on an extremely active student body, and understandably so. With 30% of the student body involved in varsity athletics, and a large majority of the remaining population involved in everything from popular intermural sports to kayaking in the Harvey Pool, the Whitman campus is quite active. ...

  10. Mease not Mooses: Library Bathrooms Campus Cartoon Opinion December 12, 2013

    Cartoon by Asa Mease

  11. More Accurate Christmas Carols Humor December 12, 2013

    Not your grandmas christmas carols! These be straight up 100% true life.

  12. Anti-Racism Coalition Prepares for Spring News December 12, 2013

    Efforts by students, staff and faculty to confront racism on campus have continued after the rally against racism and other recent events. Student organizers have come together to form the Coalition Against Racism Everywhere, and the Intercultural Center is bringing civil rights leader Diane Nash, one of the lead organizers ...

  13. EDM, Disco Share Cultural Niche Opinion December 12, 2013

    I know I can recall the silly outfit that John Travolta wore on the cover of "Saturday Night Fever". His outfit, which represented the peak of disco of popularity for disco, made it seem like he was emerged from a different, sillier reality. Discothèques or discos emerged in the ...

  14. Athletes Gain Crucial Benefits from Sleep Sports Varsity Sports December 12, 2013

    Between classes, extra-curricular activities and much needed study breaks, sleep can be a luxury rarely offered to college students. However, sleep can take on a whole new meaning as a collegiate athlete. The individual sleeping habits of college varsity athletes could be fruitful or detrimental for their performance on and ...

  15. Bon Appétit’s New Holiday Menu Polarizing Humor December 12, 2013

    Bon App adds some North Pole flavor to the Fire and Spice experience with mixed reviews.

  16. Jill of the Jungle’s Creative Aesthetic Won’t Disappoint Opinion December 12, 2013

    Before Epic Games made it big off of "Gears of War" and its sequels, they were called Epic MegaGames, and they made shareware games. Shareware was a distribution model for games in which companies gave away a portion of their game for free and encouraged people to share it with ...

  17. Whitman Provides Housing, Community Ties Over Long Breaks News December 12, 2013

    Whereas many colleges charge students for housing accommodations over breaks, Whitman offers the service free of charge during the academic year. In addition, every international student is given the option of having a friendship family, a family from the community with whom they are able to build a relationship in ...

  18. Winston Investigation To Have Lasting Repercussions Sports Web Only December 12, 2013

    After an investigation that raised a lot of questions, Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston was not charged with sexual battery. While the investigation is over, Winston and his accuser will continue to have to deal with the repercussions.

  19. True Facts: Holiday Edition Humor December 12, 2013

    All right, y'all, it's time to drop some 100 percent accurate knowledge jingle-bombs, so get ready. It's the holiday season, and there are a lot of rumors out there about what's going on. Some people call them "holiday tales" or "carols," but I call them lies. Don't worry, though. I ...

  20. Cross Country Team Unites Community for Cause Front Page Slideshow Sports Sports Highlight December 12, 2013

    On the night of Thursday December 6, temperatures in Walla Walla reached 11 degrees Fahrenheit, and with the six mile per hour wind blowing, it felt like one degree. Instead of curling up in their rooms like most people would, the Whitman cross-country team was outside, running lap after lap ...

  21. ‘Blue Moon’ Expands Digital Media Presence on Campus Events News December 12, 2013

    "Blue moon's" Digital Media staff hosted a Digital Media Opening in Reid Campus Center on Friday, Dec. 6 to present their work to the public. The opening featured two videos played on the walls of the art gallery, as well as other pieces done by "blue moon" staff members and ...

  22. Debate Team Collaborates with Penitentiary for First Ever Debate Community Events Front Page Slideshow News December 12, 2013

    Two years ago, a member of the Washington State Penitentiary education staff, Dr. Joe Cooke, Jr., approached the Whitman debate program about hosting a debate where Whitman students and prisoners debate together over current issues. Dec. 3, 2013 marked the date of the first ever debate.

  23. Media Studies Professor’s Departure Raises Questions About Hiring Process Front Page Slideshow News News Highlight December 12, 2013

    Current Visiting Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies Annie Petersen was not hired for the new tenure track position in the department position and will leave after this academic year. The lack of student regard in the hiring process has produced issues between the administration and students.

  24. U.S. Reliance on Foreign Oil Creates Sizeable Price Columnists Opinion Opinion Highlight December 12, 2013

    Only thrilling news could follow such an uplifting title. But alas, our nation’s foreign oil dependency is far from optimistic.

  25. Behind the Scenes of ‘Ukulele!’ Feature Weekly Topic December 12, 2013

    This week, The Pioneer spoke with dancers, jugglers, stage assistants and actors participating in the upcoming Harper Joy Theatre variety show, Ukulele! Find out more about the director's rationale behind the show and about some of the unique student talents on stage.

  26. Whitman Gathers at Fourth Annual Arts and Crafts Fair Media Media Highlight Photos December 11, 2013

    This past Monday, December 9, the Fourth Annual Arts & Crafts Fair took place in Reid Ballroom. Students, staff, and faculty sold handcrafted and homemade good of all shapes, flavors, and sizes.

  27. College Place Christmas Tree Lighting Media Photos December 11, 2013

    This past Wednesday, December 4, community members of Walla Walla and College Place congregated for the annual College Place Christmas Tree Lighting. The event was open to public and occurred at the fire station in downtown College Place. Santa Claus was present and hot chocolate was served!

  28. Production Night Live Blog for Dec. 11 Editors' Blog Production Night Blog December 11, 2013

    What follows is a faithful account of the production of Issue 13 (taking place the evening of Dec. 11/early morning of Dec. 12.) as witnessed by me, The Pioneer’s Editor-in-Chief.

  29. Cartoon: Serial Grain Campus Cartoon Circuit Opinion December 10, 2013

  30. Senate Round Up Number 5 ASWC Unpacked December 10, 2013

    At the final ASWC senate meeting of the Fall 2013 semester, Japanese Cooking Club’s request for ASWC recognition was tabled due to concerns regarding the club’s constitutional requirement for membership fees.  ASWC also recognized Archery Club and passed a finance request from Challah for Hunger.  Finally, the Oversight Committee reported ...

  31. A Sense of Place A&E Blogs Between the Speakers Blogs December 10, 2013

    Over Thanksgiving break, I got to listen to a lot of Seattle music. On Wednesday, I went to see the Seattleite rapper Sol along with a bunch of other local rappers. On Friday, I saw Pearl Jam in Spokane in their penultimate show before they ended their tour in Seattle, ...

  32. The Food Issue Feature Weekly Topic December 9, 2013

    It's time for Circuit 9: The Food Issue!

  33. ‘Tis the Season: Whitties Share Unique Holiday Traditions Circuit Feature Feature Highlight December 9, 2013

    Read more about some of the unique ways that Whitties celebrate winter holidays.

  34. From Wheat to Bread: A Photo Essay on the Process of Breadmaking with Walla Walla Bread Co. Circuit Media Media Highlight Photo Essay Photos December 9, 2013

    Take a visual journey on the story of the Walla Walla Bread Co., to discover that the single most important part of a sandwich's life begins with a single grain.

  35. What I Ate Abroad in Northern India Circuit Opinion December 9, 2013

    I spent a semester abroad in northern India in fall 2012 and still crave the taste of Indian milk tea. But in the one year since I left India and grapple with trying to preserve four months of transformative memories, I can’t seem to recall what a “perfect” cup of ...

  36. Winter Recipes A&E Circuit Media Videos December 9, 2013

    The winter holiday season is my favorite time of year. I love lights and winter coats and drinking hot tea. Winter is also a great time to whip up cozy eats and holiday treats. I hope you have fun trying these simple winter recipes!

  37. What I Ate Abroad in Thailand: The Time I was Served Snake for Breakfast Circuit Opinion December 9, 2013

    Humor Editor Molly Johanson shares her experiences eating grilled snake and authentic pad thai during her semester abroad in Thailand.

  38. What I Ate Abroad: Vienna Circuit Opinion December 9, 2013

    Read more about news editor Dylan Tull's experiences eating in Vienna.

  39. Brewing Cultures at Whitman Circuit Feature December 9, 2013

    [caption id="attachment_78653" align="aligncenter" width="594"] Illustration by Sophie Cooper-Ellis[/caption] Whitman College students are known for having creative and alternative interests. It is no surprise, then, that many have embraced a hobby that combines creativity with sustainable value: brewing beverages. In the past few ...

  40. Dining Halls through the Ages Circuit Feature December 9, 2013

    Seventy years ago, 55 cents could buy you a dinner at Whitman's dining halls. Students from the '60s are pictured in Lyman Hall eating in suits, and diners used to be waited on. Despite these changes, dining halls have always served as a warm environment for the Whitman community to ...

  41. Secrets of Backcountry Cooking A&E Circuit December 9, 2013

    While you may just want a good recipe or two, I find that half of the joy of backcountry cooking is experimenting, being creative and making the most out of what you have; I’d hate to take that away from you with step-by-step directions and a recipe list. However, here ...

  42. Off-Campus Cooking Adventures with Alton Brown Circuit Opinion December 9, 2013

    One Whitman student shares her history with The Food Network and offers some creative advice for students who cook off-campus.

  43. Drinks That Go With Your Major A&E Circuit December 9, 2013

    After a rough day in classes, it's nice to sit down with a cold drink. But what about a drink specifically tailored to your studies? After careful analysis, we have found these eight majors' next drink of choice. Psychology: Gin and Tonic [caption id="attachment_79465" align="alignnone" width="420"]...

  44. Creativity in Dining Halls Circuit Media Photo Essay Photos December 9, 2013

    Although the food from Bon Appétit has a certain flair, some first-years are already searching for ways to put a twist on the goods in the dining halls. Using a variety of vegetables from the salad bar, cereals of every shape and color, and making Sundae Sunday every day of ...

  45. Letter from the Editor: Circuit Issue 9 Circuit Letter from the Editor Letter from the Editors December 9, 2013

    This issue is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings over food. Our hope is that not only will you pick up this issue to not only read about our thoughts on this subject gaze at the photos that have captured beautiful moments in time, but to also use this ...

  46. Setting the Table: A Look at The Food Pantry of Walla Walla Circuit Community Front Page Slideshow News December 9, 2013

    The Food Pantry of Walla Walla is tucked into the basement of the First Presbyterian Church on First Avenue and Poplar Street. This modest facility, taking up only two rooms of the church, is run by an equally modest volunteer community that works together to provide food for those in ...

  47. Quiz: What Excessive Holiday Dish Are You? Circuit Humor December 9, 2013

    American tradition is loaded with food. All of our holidays, especially in the latter half of the year, mandate feasts heavy on meat, potatoes and sugars. Which narcolepsy-inducing family meal are you? When you go to lunch in the dining hall, you... A. Make a beeline for the sandwich line. Deli meat ...

  48. Tommy’s Dutch Lunch: Never Leave Hungry A&E Circuit Front Page Slideshow December 9, 2013

    When I first walk into Tommy's Dutch Lunch, a small greasy spoon down W. Pine St., it's immediately obvious that the restaurant is a place full of stories. The decor is straight out of the 1970s and the walls are littered with paintings and a Union Bulletin profile from a ...

  49. Meet Owners of The Colville Street Patisserie Circuit Feature Front Page Slideshow December 9, 2013

    Shelly Le sits down for a Q&A with the owners of The Colville Street Patisserie, Tiffany Cain and Whitman alumnus David Christensen '99, to ask them about how they met, their favorite moments while owning the Patisserie and the downsides to being small-business owners.

  50. Senator Snapshot: Seniors ASWC Unpacked December 7, 2013

    Seniors, meet your senators!   Jane Carmody Major: Politics Something unique about her hometown: My hometown Albuquerque, NM hosts the world's largest hot air balloon festival during the month of October. Favorite fruits: Strawberries and blueberries! Goal in ASWC this year: I am mostly working on a car sharing program and researching the possibility of a ...

  51. Local Arts Magazine Showcases Community A&E A&E Highlight December 5, 2013

    Locals Nicolai Carrera and Zach Winterton recently started online magazine, AH! CAPPELLA which showcases artists from the community. The Pioneer hangs out with Carrera and Winterton.

  52. Sustainability Advisory Committee Begins First Steps Towards Reform News December 5, 2013

    ASWC has appointed three students to formally represent the student body on the Sustainability Advisory Committee. Campus Sustainability Coordinator Tristan Sewell hopes to find formal representatives from the staff and faculty in the coming year and work with the committee to form a Climate Action Plan.

  53. Walla Walla Sees Increase in Indie Movies A&E Movie Reviews December 5, 2013

    There's been a significant increase in indie movies at the Walla Walla movie theater recently. Nathan Fisher finds out why.

  54. Independent Quilting Supply Store Succeeds Despite Tough Market Feature Feature Highlight Front Page Slideshow December 5, 2013

    Read more about Stash, Walla Walla's independent quilting supply store.

  55. Mease not Mooses: Snow Campus Cartoon Opinion December 5, 2013

    Cartoon by Asa Mease

  56. Anderegg Brings Multiple Dimensions to Women’s Basketball Sports Sports Profiles Varsity Sports Women's Basketball December 5, 2013

    Coming off a strong season last year, the women's basketball team looks to improve behind the leadership and versatility of star senior Sarah Anderegg.

  57. NSA Activity Cannot be Ignored Opinion December 5, 2013

    Just when you thought you could escape the madness of class just before finals, Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald leak another classified National Security Agency (NSA) document that shakes the world.

  58. Woodland Thanksgiving Humor December 5, 2013

    [caption id="attachment_79836" align="aligncenter" width="648"] Illustration by Sophie Cooper-Ellis[/caption] This Thanksgiving break, when most students returned home to their far-flung families to enjoy the holiday and the mounds of carbs that come with it, one student started a new tradition here on ...

  59. Girl Does Things Over Break Humor December 5, 2013

    Singular student actually get's work done over break.

  60. The Real Cost of Pricing Music A&E December 5, 2013

    Who decides how much music is worth? And how do they decide this? And should they even be able to?

  61. Seattle, Bay Area Battle for Sports Supremacy Sports December 5, 2013

    Seattle and San Francisco are the two finest sports towns in the nation, but who has it better, the Emerald City or the Bay? Reporter Dylan Snyder and editor Quin Nelson weigh in:

  62. Who Stole My Seasonal Pies?: Part II Humor December 5, 2013

    A continuing search to right the wrongs done against a certain pie-eater.

  63. Buzzfeed Represents Constant Enumeration of Society Opinion December 5, 2013

    Whenever I log on to Facebook these days, I am plagued by a certain terror. People update their statuses with this link to a website that specializes in lists upon lists of useless information. I am talking of course, about the website “BuzzFeed.”

  64. Wa-Hi Bond Takes Next Steps News December 5, 2013

    Walla Walla High School’s school board is taking steps to modify the bond which failed last February that would serve in a needed renovation for WaHi’s facilities. The first bond, which called for $69.6 million from tax payers, was supposed to bring additions and modifications to WaHi’s 50-year-old classrooms and ...

  65. Pac-12 Football Getting Too Good? Sports December 5, 2013

    Pac-12 football is steadily improving and gaining on the SEC, but is the conference getting too good to give Oregon or Stanford a shot in the national title game?

  66. Family Questions, How to Avoid Them Humor December 5, 2013

    Here at The Pioneer, we want to provide you with some acceptable and not-so-acceptable responses to aid in your conversations coming up soon.

  67. New Female Security Officer Brings Corrections Experience to Campus News December 5, 2013

    Security Officer Linley HaneyNixon spent 16 years in corrections before she took the campus security position. She is the first female security officer in more than ten years.

  68. Turkey Drop Update Humor December 5, 2013

    The “Turkey Drop” is a term referring to the ending, or "dropping," of a relationship, specifically long-distance (often with a high school student and first-year in college) that is ended over Thanksgiving break when the college student returns home. The common reasoning is that the college student finds more opportunity ...

  69. Counseling Center Lacks Sufficient Resources for Students Front Page Slideshow News News Highlight December 5, 2013

    In the 2011–2012 school year, over 27 percent of students used the Counseling Center resources compared to the national average where nine to 12 percent of students at small colleges sought counseling services.

  70. Whitman Sweets Strive to Utilize Youth, Depth Front Page Slideshow Sports Sports Highlight December 5, 2013

    The Whitman Sweets men's ultimate frisbee team lost some talent from last season but are looking to succeed this year with a more balanced attack. After a couple successful tournament, the team is feeling optimistic about this strategy.

  71. Staff, Students Sell Wares at Fourth Annual Craft Fair Feature December 5, 2013

    Learn more about the fourth annual Whitman craft fair and some of the students and staff selling homemade treats and wares there.

  72. Arts and Crafts Feature Weekly Topic December 5, 2013

    This week The Pioneer spoke with several crafty businesspeople in town, like the owners of Stash, one of the few independent craft stores in Walla Walla. We also interviewed student and staff vendors who will be selling their homemade crafts and tasty treats at the fourth annual Whitman Arts and ...

  73. Different Options Exist for Black Friday Opinion Opinion Highlight December 5, 2013

    Welcome back, folks. I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend, because I’m here to question your decisions. Not all the turkey you devoured, not the fights you enjoyed with your extended family and not even the shenanigans you got up to with your friends at home. Nope, I’m here to ...

  74. Voices of the Community: Issue 12 Opinion Voices of the Community December 5, 2013

    How do you celebrate the holidays? Videographer Rachael Barton polls the community on how the celebrate the holidays.

  75. Professor of Geology Pat Spencer Appointed Interim Provost and Dean of Faculty News December 4, 2013

    Professor of Geology Pat Spencer has been appointed interim Dean of Faculty and Provost. The announcement was made to the faculty last Monday, following current Dean of Faculty and Provost Timothy Kaufman-Osborn's decision to resign at the end of the year.

  76. UW’s Sark to USC Northwest Sports Optimist Web Only December 3, 2013

    UW’s euphoria resulting from their recent Apple Cup victory took a marked blow Monday morning as rumors of Coach Steve Sarkisian’s departure to USC began to circulate. A few hours later the Trojans confirmed that Sark will indeed return to his Southern California roots for the 2014 season, replacing interim ...

  77. This Is a Headline (Get It?) Humor December 2, 2013

    Oh woops, it's article time again... can I go home yet?