2014 January


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  1. You Only Ball Once Off-Campus Blogs Sprechen Sie Englisch? January 31, 2014

    It's ball season in Vienna. During January and February many Viennese - and tourists - don their best evening attire and dance the night away at a beautiful location until the wee hours of the morning. If it sounds like a Disney movie, it's because it basically is. This last ...

  2. U Mad Bro? The “Notorious” Leader of Boom Northwest Sports Optimist Web Only January 30, 2014

    Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman can be described by many words, but “quiet” isn’t one of them. National media outlets have conflated his recent outspokenness, attempting to depict him as the NFL’s latest villain. On the contrary, Sherman’s remarks aren’t damaging to warrant even a trace of true football infamy.

  3. Finally Settled Living in History Web Only January 30, 2014

    I'm sitting in my apartment in Jerusalem, Israel, where I am studying abroad this semester at Hebrew University with the DOME program: Dynamics of the Middle East. I came here primarily for the academic content of my program: politics, religion, peace and conflict, etc.- to fix the knowledge gap I ...

  4. Meditating with Sebastian Lowe A&E A&E Highlight January 30, 2014

    Sebastian Lowe has been meditating since middle school, and since then the practice has served as an integral part of his identity.

  5. Whitman Teaches The Movement Begins Third Year Events News January 30, 2014

    Whitman Teaches the Movement launched its third year on Monday, Jan. 27 with two kick-off events: a panel of educators sharing experiences in teaching the Civil Rights Movement and a guest lecture by Kate Shuster of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

  6. Confessions of a College TV Binge-Watcher A&E January 30, 2014

    Nathan Fisher expands on his TV binge-watching habits over break.

  7. Whitman Seeks Sustainable Solutions at Conference Front Page Slideshow News News Highlight January 30, 2014

    In an effort to focus campus sustainability efforts and learn from peer institutions, Campus Sustainability Coordinator Tristan Sewell will travel with five Whitman students to the Washington Higher Education Sustainability Conference. Whitman is co-sponsoring the event, which will take place at Western Washington University.

  8. Off-Campus Studies Office Welcomes Students Back From New Programs Feature Front Page Slideshow January 30, 2014

    Members of the junior class return from new study abroad programs, such as the international studies program in Denmark.

  9. Swim Team Refocuses with Annual Training Trip Sports Varsity Sports January 30, 2014

    For most Whitman students, winter break can often consist of catching up on favorite shows on Netflix or spending quality time with their families. However, the men's and women's swim team took advantage of the time away from school and traveled to Claremont, California for their annual training trip at ...

  10. Overweight Man in Red Burglarizes Home During Holidays, Traumatizes Family Humor January 30, 2014

    Criminal caught jingling all the way into local home.

  11. Mease Not Mooses: First Day of Classes Campus Cartoon Opinion January 30, 2014

    Cartoon by Asa Mease.

  12. New Year, new (even more fabulous) me Humor January 30, 2014

    The secret to true New Years Resolution success.

  13. Changing Attitude Toward Drugs Opinion January 30, 2014

    This weekend, the Seahawks and the Broncos are getting together a Super Bowl, pun intended. By this, I mean both Washington and Colorado are the first two states to legalize marijuana, an example of how the nation's attitude toward pot is changing. Not only have their football teams produced favorable results, ...

  14. Changing Band Lineup Can Drastically Change Sound A&E January 30, 2014

    Should a band – once it’s lost its most prominent frontman – continue to try to relive the glory of its earlier days?

  15. Super Bowl Matchup Comes Down to Quarterbacks Sports January 30, 2014

    The Super Bowl may be the most celebrated non-holiday day of the year, and luckily for Whitman, the majority of students have a rooting interest. The second most important part of Super Bowl Sunday (first being watching the game), is not making a fool of yourself with a lack of ...

  16. Hotline Miami Horrifies, Thrills Opinion January 30, 2014

    Violent video games are an enduring and well-documented cultural phenomenon. Of the 10 best-selling video games of 2013, seven contained some form of armed combat. One one hand, this isn't surprising.

  17. Whitman Office of Communications Hires New Staff News January 30, 2014

    The Whitman Communications Office has seen a number of changes in the past year. With a new hire and staffing changes in the communications office, the college is hoping to change its marketing and public relations strategy.

  18. Makings of Metal Music Can be Traced to Black Sabbath A&E January 30, 2014

    While I agree that Led Zeppelin is the most influential band across hard rock genres and in its infiltration into popular culture, I posit that Black Sabbath has played the bigger role in metal’s specific history.

  19. Student Does Thing Over Break, Makes You Look Like Jerk Humor January 30, 2014

    Whitman College would like to honor the amazing work done over break by first-year Jenna Lindell. Lindell, a Lyman resident, managed to negotiate the release of prisoners held in North Korea by convincing Colombian drug lords to give up selling drugs and to donate all their money to her shelter for North ...

  20. IOC Made Disappointing Choice for 2014 Olympics Columnists Opinion January 30, 2014

    Columnist Andy Monserud outlines why he believes Russia is a poor choice for an Olympics host nation.

  21. Whitman Celebrates Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, Jr. Events News January 30, 2014

    The Intercultural Center hosts 10 days of events to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

  22. Letter from the Editor: Continue the Dialogue Letter from the Editor Letter from the Editors Opinion January 30, 2014

    Last semester, the Whitman campus engaged in a variety of critical discussions about race through public events like student panels on racism, and anonymously through the online website Whitman Encounters. As both an observer and a participant in these discussions, I’ve watched my fellow Whitman peers say countless, anonymous, hurtful ...

  23. Student excited to start winter break Humor January 30, 2014

    What are all these people still doing on campus? Go home!

  24. Back From Abroad: Students Share Their Stories Feature January 30, 2014

    Three juniors share their favorite memories from their recent semester abroad.

  25. Ferenz Leads Women’s Basketball to Outstanding Start Front Page Slideshow Sports Sports Highlight Sports Profiles Varsity Sports Women's Basketball January 30, 2014

    With a 17-0 record so far in the 2013-2014 season, sitting atop the NWC and ranked #3 nationally, the Whitman women’s basketball team is following up their Elite Eight National Championship run last season with a very promising season so far. This level of dominance is due in large part ...

  26. Power, Privilege Symposium Encourages Student Participation ASWC News January 30, 2014

    As this year’s Power & Privilege Symposium approaches, the ASWC planning committee has been working to organize content, logistics, marketing and funding.

  27. Back from Abroad Feature Weekly Topic January 30, 2014

    Students returning from their fall semester off-campus studies programs share highlights from their experiences, plus a look at the changes made at home in the Off-Campus Studies Office.

  28. Production Night Live Blog for Jan. 29 Editors' Blog Production Night Blog January 29, 2014

    What follows is a faithful account of the production of Issue 1 (taking place the evening of Jan. 29/early morning of Jan. 30.) as witnessed by me, The Pioneer’s Editor-in-Chief. 5:13 p.m.: Production Associates Jesse and Jess realize that they've been calling Graphic Artist Julie "Josie." Jesse: "I was telling her, 'This ...

  29. Secondhand Grammys Between the Speakers Blogs January 29, 2014

    I watched the Grammys on Sunday night. Well, I watched it secondhand. In this, the year 2014, awards shows and most major television events are not entertaining in themselves so much as they are entertaining for the tweets, GIFs, and thinkpieces they spawn on the Internet. Grandiose, antiquated events like ...

  30. Senate Round Up Jan. 26 ASWC Unpacked January 28, 2014

    An overview of the first senate meeting of spring 2014.

  31. Woman for President Blogs One Woman Round Table Web Only January 28, 2014

    Examining the prospect of a female president.

  32. Missionaries Regain Second Place With Win Over Pioneers Men's Basketball Sports Sports Highlight Varsity Sports January 28, 2014

    Despite heading into halftime down three points, the Whitman men’s basketball team cruised to a 76-59 victory over the Lewis & Clark Pioneers Friday night. The win moves the Missionaries to 11-6 overall and 6-2 in the Northwest Conference, putting them in second place at the halfway point of the ...

  33. Students Participate in Peace March in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Media Photos January 26, 2014

    On January 20, 2014, a peace march and candlelight vigil in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. The vigil and short musical performances occurred at 1st Avenue and Main Street. The march finished with a reception at Reid Campus Center.

  34. Say Hello to the Spring 2014 Pioneer Editorial Board! Editors' Blog January 25, 2014

    Another semester gone and another looms ahead. I am halfway through my tenure as editor-in-chief and I'm feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness. This is our chance to reflect on the mistakes that we made last semester and improve on our decisions this semester. I hope to let a ...

  35. Men’s Basketball Falls to Whitworth Men's Basketball Scores Sports Varsity Sports January 24, 2014

    In the first meeting for the Whitman men’s basketball team with that school up north, Whitworth, the rivalry upheld its growing reputation as one of the most exciting in Division-III sports. In what seems to be a trend between these two teams, the last few plays of the game Tuesday ...

  36. The Shock of Culture Shock Off-Campus Blogs Sprechen Sie Englisch? January 24, 2014

    Culture shock (n). the personal disorientation a person may feel when experiencing an unfamiliar way of life due to immigration or a visit to a new country, a move between social environments, or simply travel to another type of life. [caption id="attachment_80634" align="alignleft" width="300"]...

  37. Whitman Women’s Basketball Holds Off Whitworth to Remain Undefeated Sports Women's Basketball January 22, 2014

    The Whitman College women’s basketball team survived a hotly contested game against the Whitworth Pirates, winning 60-57 on Thursday evening at Whitman’s Ball Court.

  38. Bold Predictions for NFC Championship Northwest Sports Optimist January 19, 2014

    Last week Rant Sports published a list of bold predictions concerning the NFC Championship. Here is my take on just how accurate they will be.