2014 April


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  1. Whitman gets Married to Fossil Fuels Front Page Slideshow News April 30, 2014

    Campus activist group Divest Whitman staged a mock wedding between the college and fossil fuel companies Wednesday afternoon, protesting the recent trustee decision to reject the possibility of divestment from fossil fuels.     [portfolio_slideshow]

  2. Childhood Friend of the President Deixa Te Falar Uma Coisa Off-Campus Blogs April 29, 2014

    Hearing first-hand stories about how famous adults acted as children and teenagers is always fun. I recently got such an account about a former Brazilian president. Let me explain. On the way from João Pesso to Olinda, Mike and I hopped an alternativo, ...

  3. Gumboot at Whitman Media Videos April 29, 2014

    Videographer Denali Elliott takes a look at Gumboot at Whitman, check out the accompanying article in the A&E section.

  4. Discovering How to Travel Alone Blogs Off-Campus Blogs Sprechen Sie Englisch? April 29, 2014

    [caption id="attachment_88442" align="alignleft" width="225"] The Victory Tower in Berlin.[/caption] When you travel alone there is a definite fear that you'll be lonely. With just your thoughts as company in a strange, new city it's hard to imagine having a ...

  5. North by Northeast Deixa Te Falar Uma Coisa April 28, 2014

    A few weeks ago, I set out to travel to four cities in the Northeast of Brazil. João Pessoa and Olinda were the third and fourth stops. João Pessoa was a bit quiet after Recife, but we were ...

  6. The New Students are Here! Under Close Examination April 27, 2014

    This seems to be what the ducklings on campus are referred to as. New students. Newbies, incoming first years.

  7. Sweet Lei Mokihana Tuggboat Art Life April 27, 2014

    My song today is a Hawaiian hit from approximately 1973 called “Sweet Lei Mokihana” performed by Hui Ohana (which means, “Family Group”).

  8. Senate Round Up April 20 ASWC Unpacked April 27, 2014

    At the April 20 senate meeting, ASWC approved several nominations, passed some legislation, approved the 2014-2015 budget, and recognized GlobeMed as a Service Learning Organization (SLO).

  9. Thick Skin Little Sparrow with Dreams of Swans Off-Campus Blogs Web Only April 26, 2014

    Mandarin is the first oral language I have studied. In high school, I took four years of Latin, but we rarely read aloud, as Latin is a dead language and impossibly difficult to converse in (Latin grammar is very complicated). One of the reasons I enjoyed studying Mandarin so much ...

  10. barnesandnoblesdates.com Humor April 24, 2014

    Spring is in the air, but is love?

  11. Students Pass on Love of Reading with Story Time Feature Feature Highlight April 24, 2014

    Story Time is one of five ongoing weekly service programs managed by the Student Engagement Center (SEC). It was started by staff member Rebecca Thorpe and several others about 10 years ago, and was officially recognized and funded by ASWC three years ago.

  12. International Games Cost More Than Just Money Opinion April 24, 2014

    I wrote a column earlier this year discussing the chronic mismanagement of the Olympics and the havoc they wreak on the cities who host them. Perhaps my lens was too narrow—enormous global sporting events appear to bring this kind of chaos everywhere they land.

  13. Board of Trustees Seeks Stronger Relationship with Campus News April 24, 2014

    The Board of Trustees is the governing body that makes many of the most important decisions regarding Whitman’s future. From how to invest the $450 million endowment to choosing Whitman’s presidential leadership, the Board of Trustees is the highest authority at the college.

  14. Roston, La Cava Prove Crucial to Men’s Tennis Success Sports April 24, 2014

    The Missionaries pride themselves on their quality from top to bottom of the lineup, but the team rode several strong performances this year to their seventh-straight Northwest Conference title. In their last year at Whitman, seniors Steven Roston and Andrew LaCava have stood out.

  15. Renaissance Faire Skits to Entertain with Royal Style A&E April 24, 2014

    Whitman College’s 44th annual Renaissance Faire will take place this Saturday, Apr. 26 and will last from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the lawn in front of Memorial Hall.

  16. ‘College Coaches’ Changes Format, Still Has Goal in Mind Feature April 24, 2014

    In the spring of 2010, Whitman graduate Emily Lorente started an outreach program called College Coaches, which focused on one-on-one mentorship for students at Walla Walla High School.

  17. Psychology Major Undergoes Changes News April 24, 2014

    The psychology department at Whitman College will be implementing new changes to the requirements for a major in psychology. The changes, which will take place in the upcoming academic year, were a response to recommendations from an external review by psychology faculty from other institutions.

  18. Mease not Mooses: Bashō on campus Campus Cartoon Opinion April 24, 2014

      Cartoon by Asa Mease.

  19. Affirmative Action Ruling Maintains Inequality Opinion April 24, 2014

    On March 4, 1801, Thomas Jefferson proclaimed in his first inaugural address, “All, too, will bear in mind this sacred principle, that though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possess their equal rights, which ...

  20. ‘Bears’ Showcases Landscape A&E Movie Reviews Reviews April 24, 2014

    If you are feeling nature conscious this Earth Week, go check out the new “Bears” documentary. You’ll be amazed at the scenery, fall in love with a bear family and maybe even learn a thing or two along the way.

  21. Brogue presents unique landscape Opinion April 24, 2014

    How do you write about video games? Until recently, nearly all writing on games was done under the auspices of the “review,” a consumer-minded evaluation of game as product, designed to help determine whether or not a particular title was worth buying. This led to a lot of unsavory practices: ...

  22. NBA Playoffs Look to Get Wild Out West Sports April 24, 2014

    One of the main storylines heading into the playoffs is how the top teams in the Eastern Conference have limped into the playoffs, with no one seeming to want home court advantage. It has been all but guaranteed that the Miami Heat or the Indiana Pacers will be representing the ...

  23. ASWC Referendum Process Offers Potential, Needs Refinement News April 24, 2014

    [caption id="attachment_88113" align="aligncenter" width="536"] Illustration by MaryAnne Bowen.[/caption] Deep within Associated Students of Whitman College legislation, there is a bylaw that describes the process of "unique direct democracy power," or a process by which students can pass official legislation without ASWC's direct involvement. The referendum process offers the ...

  24. SFER Club Spreads the Word about Education on Campus News April 24, 2014

    Students For Education Reform has had success bringing awareness to local education reform issues and educational reform as a whole on campus. Among their most recent projects was their first annual book drive, where they collected 438 books to donate to families and children in Walla Walla.

  25. willyourosemaryme.com Humor April 24, 2014

    Spring is in the air, but is love?

  26. Annie Wilkes Okcupid Profile Humor April 24, 2014

    Spring is in the air, but is love?

  27. Dates4Does&Deers.com Humor April 24, 2014

    Spring is in the air, but is love?

  28. blazersconnect.com Humor April 24, 2014

    Spring is in the air, but is love?

  29. Hella Chill Yoga Babe Seeking YOU Humor April 24, 2014

    Spring is in the air, but is love?

  30. Gumboot Dances its Way to Walla Walla A&E A&E Highlight Front Page Slideshow April 24, 2014

    Language, tradition, rhythm and Walla Walla all meet in the Southern African dance of Gumboot. Led by senior International student from Southern Africa Thabo Liphoto, approximately ten Whitman students have gathered to perform this unique dance at events on and off campus.

  31. perfectpair.net Humor April 24, 2014

    Spring is in the air, but is love?

  32. ASWC Budget Passes with Ease Front Page Slideshow News News Highlight April 24, 2014

    The Associated Students of Whitman College finalized its 2014-2015 budget with unusual ease on Sunday after just under 20 minutes on the floor with no senators voting against it.

  33. Sweet’s Revere Makes Junior National Team for Second Time Front Page Slideshow Sports Sports Highlight Sports Profiles April 24, 2014

    First-year Claire Revere came into Whitman already boasting one Junior National team appearance and this year, she made the team once again. Following a written application process, Revere was selected to go to the physical tryouts at the west coast location and was selected from the 80 girls chosen to ...

  34. oursortofpeoplesearch.com Humor April 24, 2014

    Spring is in the air, but is love?

  35. Connecting with Kids Feature Weekly Topic April 24, 2014

    Students help local youth by volunteering in schools and child-care programs around Walla Walla.

  36. Celebritylookalikedates.com Humor April 24, 2014

    Spring is in the air, but is love?

  37. Issue 11: Voices From The Community Opinion Voices of the Community April 23, 2014

    What is on your springtime Walla Walla bucket list? Videographer Nilce Alvarez polls the community on what is on their springtime bucket list in Walla Walla.

  38. Poverty is Now a Woman Thing Opinion April 22, 2014

    The other day, I was perusing the Women section of Huffington Post when I came across an article (surprise, surprise) about Maria Shriver’s recent report on American women’s financial situation. The report is entitled The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink. Most alarmingly, the report ...

  39. Check your mail! ASWC Unpacked April 21, 2014

    Randomly selected students will be receiving handwritten letters.

  40. The Seventh Wave – Sailing Away A&E Blogs Blogs Tuggboat Art Life April 20, 2014

    Here’s “The Seventh Wave” from synth/sound effect-making pro Suzanne Ciani’s debut album Seven Waves.

  41. Ancient Tea and Horse Road Little Sparrow with Dreams of Swans Off-Campus Blogs Web Only April 20, 2014

    This past week was the CIEE Weeklong Excursion and I went to Yunnan Province with 30 other students and 3 teachers. We were traveling along the Ancient Tea and Horse Road (茶马古道) and stopped at different towns that used to be along the route. The Ancient Tea and Horse Road ...

  42. Phi Delta Theta Installs New Solar Panels News April 17, 2014

    Over spring break, junior Joseph Heegaard finished his three-year project of installing 14 solar panels on the Phi Delta Theta fraternity house, making Whitman's Phi Delta Theta house the second fraternity in the nation to have installed solar panels.

  43. Staff, Faculty Share Favorite Films A&E April 17, 2014

    I took the bold step of seeking out a handful of Whitman intellectuals to see what movies they enjoyed and why.

  44. Baseball Seniors Reflect on Past, Show Optimism about Future Baseball Sports Sports Highlight Varsity Sports April 17, 2014

    The Whitman Baseball team has come further and amassed more wins in the last two seasons than any Whitman Baseball team in the last 40 years. Recording 16 total wins last season was the winningest season for Whitman Baseball since 1975 and this season they have already surpassed that tally ...

  45. ‘Eurydice’ Set to Create Other-wordly Atmosphere A&E A&E Highlight April 17, 2014

    Whitman’s theater department has taken some big artistic liberties with the set design to create a physical structure that represents the descent into the underworld.

  46. Women’s Golf Makes Push for Nationals Sports April 17, 2014

    This sense of togetherness is carrying the team, currently ranked 12th in the nation, to one of its most successful seasons to date. With a team comprised of only six members made up of three seniors, one junior, one sophomore and one first-year, the small roster has brought the players ...

  47. Students Create Individually Planned Majors Feature April 17, 2014

    Over the past five years, approximately 0.5 percent of graduating students completed a major not offered at Whitman College, instead opting to create their own Individually Planned Major (or IPM).

  48. Switchfoot to Play in Walla Walla A&E April 17, 2014

    Switchfoot, the famed alternative rock band from San Diego, will be performing at Walla Walla University on Monday, April 21.

  49. College Players Gain Right to Unionize, Next Step Unclear Sports April 17, 2014

    Former Northwestern quarterback Kain Coulter has led the charge in student athlete unionization and legitimizing the College Athlete Players Association or CAPA. What is most interesting about the CAPA isn’t that they now have a legitimate claim to collectively bargain, but what the union plans on asking for.

  50. Mease not Mooses: Admissions Zoo Campus Cartoon Opinion April 17, 2014

    Cartoon by Asa Mease.

  51. Tatiana Kaehler Next ASWC President, Executive Council Elected News April 17, 2014

    [caption id="attachment_87325" align="alignright" width="280"] Photo by Anna Von Clemm[/caption] Results for the Associated Students of Whitman College 2014-2015 executive council election were released on Monday, April 14. Junior Tatiana Kaehler will be ASWC president for the 2014-2015 academic year after capturing 66.8 percent of ...

  52. Shanesha Taylor’s Case Displays Need for Change in Justice System Opinion April 17, 2014

    Shanesha Taylor, a 35-year-old single mother in Arizona, was recently arrested and charged on two counts of child abuse. She wasn’t arrested for hitting her children or abandoning her children for days but was arrested for leaving her 2-year-old and 6-month-old children in her car for 45 minutes while she ...

  53. New Eating Disorder Support Group Fills Much-Needed Gap News April 17, 2014

    With help from Active Minds, Whitman’s mental health advocacy club, some students have started the first confidential eating disorder support group on campus this semester. Student-initiated and student-run, the eating disorder support group aims to give crucial help to Whitman students recovering from eating disorders. Founders originally wanted to start a ...

  54. Violence in Harry Potter Community Calls for Barrier between Fans, Stars Columnists Opinion April 17, 2014

    Wizard rock is a genre of music generated by the fan culture surrounding the "Harry Potter" books. Since J.K. Rowling and the books themselves are so universally popular, many fans look closer to home to find new ways to channel their love for the series. Wizard rock songs are all ...

  55. Maus Audio Book Now Available Humor April 17, 2014

    Basically like your dad reading you the funnies aloud on Sunday morning, but more depressing.

  56. Ducks Hunters ‘Quack’ Under Pressure Humor April 17, 2014

    Some say that the amount of ducks you find have a lot to do with your worth as a student. To that I say "waddle it matter?"

  57. Government Panel Needs to Point Citizens in Right Direction Columnists Opinion April 17, 2014

    The most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is no different, and frankly, I’d be suspicious if it was. It offers numbers—parts per million (still over 400, still climbing), temperatures in Celsius, things that will happen by 2030 and 2050—keeping them as simple as possible in order ...

  58. Immigration Week Seeks to Educate, Inspire Action News April 17, 2014

    An estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States. Current immigration policies criminalize these individuals, and at least 2 million deportations have taken place since Obama took office in 2008. Activists across the nation are taking action to stop these detentions, deportations and the suffering they cause and ...

  59. Whitman: An Origin Story Humor April 17, 2014

    college is a slam dunk

  60. Shakespeare Crossword Puzzle Humor April 17, 2014

    [caption id="attachment_87524" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Illustration by Lya Hernandez.[/caption] Clues: Across 2. Turns into an ass 5. Prospero's slave 6. Oldest daughter of 16-Across 8. This Athenian gives away his money and regrets it. Nothing else happens in this play. 10. The Moor's wife 11. In love with Hamlet (probably) 14. Viola's ...

  61. Student Engagement Center Offers International Internship Grants News April 17, 2014

    For the first time at Whitman College, the Student Engagement Center has distributed six internship grants to Whitman students pursuing internships abroad this upcoming summer.

  62. Pre-professional Majors, Liberal Arts Model in Conflict Feature Feature Highlight Front Page Slideshow April 17, 2014

    In recent years, faculty and students have discussed the pros and cons of entering college with a specific major and career plan already in mind.

  63. Sin-counters Revolution Begins Humor April 17, 2014

    [caption id="attachment_87503" align="aligncenter" width="645"] Illustration by Emma Rust.[/caption] The ever so clever 2014 first-year class has come up with a new way to get through Encounters: drinking. The mastermind behind the trend, Sandy Caine, described how it came into fruition. “I was super inspired by 'Hind ...

  64. Whitman Updates Advertising Strategy with Social Media Front Page Slideshow News News Highlight April 17, 2014

    Whitman is increasing its presence in the fast-paced social media world. Whitman is integrating social media into its advertising strategies in order to help Whitman reach a larger audience of prospective students, current students and alumni.

  65. U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell to Speak at Commencement Front Page Slideshow News April 17, 2014

    Last week the Communications Office announced that Sally Jewell has been selected as this year’s commencement speaker. Jewell, United States Secretary of the Interior and former CEO of R.E.I., will address commencement attendees on May 25th.

  66. Students Divest, Assets Revealed Humor April 17, 2014

    The Whitman Divestment Committee would like to inform the student body that it has no connection with the newly-founded Whitman Divestment Society, which was responsible for last week’s “parade.” They go on to request that the Divestment Society cease all further use of the term “divestment” as it is causing ...

  67. Majors and Careers Feature Weekly Topic April 17, 2014

    Why do students choose their majors? This week, we talk to students who planned their own majors and students who entered Whitman with a career plan and major already in mind.

  68. Issue 10: Voices of the Community Opinion Voices of the Community April 16, 2014

    What is something interesting that you have learned today? Videographer Tanner Bowersox polls the community on what they learned today.

  69. Why are there fewer senior senators this semester? ASWC Unpacked April 16, 2014

    After Nilce Alvarez ’14 resigned from her position as senior senator at the beginning of the semester, the Oversight Committee worked hard to try to fill the vacancy but ended up leaving it open.  Oversight asked each student who ran for the position in the spring of 2013 ...

  70. Qingming Festival Little Sparrow with Dreams of Swans Off-Campus Blogs Web Only April 16, 2014

    Last week I had midterms, which is why I have not posted in awhile. A lot has happened in the past few weeks though (besides midterms), so I’ll fill you in on one of the more exciting activities. April 4-6 was the Qingming Festival (清明节) in China. In English, it is ...

  71. Tim Reed on the Presidential Search and College Budget ASWC Unpacked April 15, 2014

    Please enjoy this excerpt from an e-mail ASWC President Tim Reed sent to members of senate over spring break.

  72. Being a Woman in Politics One Woman Round Table Web Only April 15, 2014

    Discussing how women in politics are still having to fight traditional gender roles.

  73. Roasted Cauliflower Soup With Cumin Le Lovely Kitchen April 15, 2014

    I get a pretty bad case of winter blues whenever November roles around and it usually doesn’t go away until around the beginning of March (which just so happens to be during Daylight Savings Day).

  74. Tatiana Kaehler Elected As Next ASWC President, Executive Council Announced News April 14, 2014

    After an overall turnout that's slightly lower than last year's with 905 students participating--approximately 58 percent of the student body--ASWC will have both a female president and vice president.

  75. Gender and Pay One Woman Round Table Web Only April 14, 2014

    Examining the gender pay gap that still exists in our country.

  76. That Summer Feeling A&E Blogs Blogs Tuggboat Art Life April 14, 2014

    Hey. Here's a brilliant song called "That Summer Feeling" by Modern Lovers founder and lead singer Jonathan Richman. It's from his 1992 album I, Jonathan.

  77. Senate Round Up April 6 ASWC Unpacked April 14, 2014

    During its April 6 meeting, the ASWC Senate approved a finance request, recognized a club, and passed some legislation.

  78. Voices from the Community // Issue 9 Voices of the Community April 13, 2014

    For this week's poll, The Pioneer asked students why they decided to attend Whitman.

  79. The Spirit of Carnaval in Recife Deixa Te Falar Uma Coisa April 12, 2014

    Two weeks ago, I set out to travel to four cities in the Northeast of Brazil.  Recife was the second stop. Recife is famous for its Carnaval celebrations, which are the most culturally rich in Brazil.  Although we weren't there during the Carnaval season, I still felt the open, festive spirit ...

  80. Let’s Go to the Beach! Deixa Te Falar Uma Coisa April 12, 2014

    Two weeks ago, I set out to travel to four cities in the Northeast of Brazil.  Porto de Galinhas was the first stop. Porto de Galinhas is a small town full of scuba diving and dune buggy outfits, which cater to the tourists who come here for the beautiful beaches....

  81. Bringing Back the Sonnet in ‘January Machine’ A&E April 10, 2014

    "January Machine" is Robert Schlegel's second book. This new book, which is composed of modified sonnets, is very different in structure from his first, "The Lesser Fields."

  82. Senior Art Theses Experiment with Medium, Message A&E A&E Highlight Events Front Page Slideshow April 10, 2014

    Each year, the senior art majors at Whitman College each produce an art project as the culmination of his or her focus throughout senior year, which is then exhibited at galleries on campus.

  83. Presidential Search Committee Gears Up Events News News Highlight April 10, 2014

    By the start of the 2015-2016 school year, Whitman will inaugurate its 14th president. The college is about to begin the search for President George Bridges's successor with the newly formed search committee.

  84. Women’s Basketball Leaves Strong Legacy Sports April 10, 2014

    The 2013-2014 version of the Whitman women's basketball team will go down as the most successful basketball team to ever don the maize and blue. The Missionaries boasted an undefeated regular season, hosted a Sectional and a Regional in the NCAA Tournament, and finished second in the country after a ...

  85. Faculty Reflect on Past College Presidents Feature April 10, 2014

    When looking at the legacies of past presidents, it’s clear that George Bridges’s successor will arrive on campus to a scene much changed since Alexander Anderson became Whitman’s first president in 1882.

  86. ASWC Resolutions Address Symposium, Nontenured Faculty ASWC News April 10, 2014

    The Associated Students of Whitman College considered two separate resolutions relating to next year’s Power and Privilege Symposium during the senate meeting on Sunday, April 6.

  87. Mering Wants More Coming Off Historic Win Athlete of the Week Sports Sports Highlight Sports Profiles Varsity Sports April 10, 2014

    Despite losing his goggles earlier in the morning preliminaries, and seeding 6th, Mering was in a good place come the finals. “I was feeling pretty relaxed and confident. I knew that I had a good race in me. I didn’t know if I was going to execute perfectly, but ...

  88. Captain America: A Superior Sequel A&E Movie Reviews Reviews April 10, 2014

    Captain America has always been my least favorite “hero” because he seems a bit of a dud. But the ole Captain has matured; maybe his testosterone has increased along with his muscles—whatever, he’s worthy of a solo adventure and contrary to what history might suggest, a sequel can be better ...

  89. Mease not Mooses: Procrastimonster Campus Cartoon Opinion April 10, 2014

    Cartoon by Asa Mease.

  90. Community Gets Big Kick Out of Swim Team Clinic Sports April 10, 2014

    “There is great expertise among the swim team. A lot of them are really awesome with working with kids and adults. It’s a good teaching-learning experience for the swimmers that are doing the work. The folks that are taking the lessons also seem to be quite happy with the results,” ...

  91. (Almost) Endless Possibilities: The Chance of Running Out of New Music A&E April 10, 2014

    At a certain point, is it possible that there is simply no new music, no song that hasn’t been heard before?

  92. Bridges Picks ‘Reservation Blues’ for Summer Reading News April 10, 2014

    Another in a series of “lasts” for President George Bridges came over spring break, when the Whitman Office of Communications announced his choice for this year’s summer reading, "Reservation Blues" by Sherman Alexie.

  93. Letter from Divestment Movement to Whitman Board of Trustees Opinion April 10, 2014

    Members of the Divest Whitman formally respond to the Whitman College Board of Trustees' decision to not divest the college's investments from fossil fuel companies.

  94. Undergrad Conference Highlights Humor April 10, 2014

    The best talks of the 2014 Undergraduate Conference.

  95. Multi-car Collision on Park Street Leaves Community Shaken, Unharmed News April 10, 2014

    A driver, apparently impaired by a medical emergency, struck 11 cars and indirectly damaged a bicycle on Palouse Street, Alder Street and Boyer Avenue last Friday afternoon, April 4. All injuries, including the bicyclist’s, were minor, but many of the vehicles involved sustained heavy damage. [caption id="attachment_86385" align="alignleft" width="280"]...

  96. Ice Chalet Hosts Final Event of Season A&E April 10, 2014

    Students are invited to take a step out of the April showers and onto the ice, with the final Ice Chalet event at the YWCA. The Ice Chalet, the only public ice skating rink in Walla Walla, will close for the year at the end of April.

  97. Napier’s Dominance Leads UConn to Title Sports April 10, 2014

    The University of Connecticut beat Kentucky 60-54 Monday night to become only the second team in NCAA men’s basketball history to win in their coaches first attempt at the dance. Their run to the title was a familiar story with new faces as UConn rallied behind their best player in ...

  98. Some Responsibility for Shoddy Journalism Falls on Readers Columnists Opinion April 10, 2014

    For reasons irrelevant to this column, I found myself watching Fox News last week during one of its regular Obamacare-bashing segments. The anchors had twisted the results of an Associated Press poll on the Affordable Care Act beyond recognition, insinuating that because a large quantity of people claimed to pay ...

  99. Federal Campaign Reform Requires Transparency Opinion April 10, 2014

    Since the Supreme Court defined money as speech in Buckley v. Valeo, United States federal elections have become increasingly more akin to an ad campaign selling the latest American lager than a model republic’s electoral process.

  100. Best Destinations in Walla Walla: An Insider’s Guide to Living Sweet Humor April 10, 2014

    Walla Walla's secret gems.

  101. Undergraduate Conference Showcases Whitman’s Diverse Interests Events News April 10, 2014

    This year's conference continued the tradition of focusing on the diverse interests of Whitman students, and highlighted projects many have spent months completing.

  102. Tuition Increase Pressures Students’ Finances Front Page Slideshow News April 10, 2014

    The cost of tuition at Whitman for the 2014-2015 academic year will be raised $1,290 to $44,440, a 2.9 percent increase from last year and the smallest percent increase in the last decade.

  103. Whitman Riddles Humor April 10, 2014

    Witty Whitty Widdles.

  104. “Marky” Mark Whitman Tells All Humor April 10, 2014

    Story time with Marcus "Markey" Whitman.

  105. Search Committee Prepares to Pick Next President Feature Feature Highlight Front Page Slideshow April 10, 2014

    The search for Whitman's next president will be nationwide and exhaustive, and it will require hard work, expertise and months of dedicated service from those chosen to serve on the presidential search committee.

  106. New Women’s Soccer Coach Ready to Get to Work Sports Sports Profiles Varsity Sports April 10, 2014

    Dean Snider, the Whitman College athletic director, worked with next season’s captains searching for and interviewing prospective coaches to take over the team next season. After a lengthy interview process that looked at over 50 different potential coaches, they finally chose Williamson, a choice that Snider is very excited about.

  107. ASWC Executive Candidates 2014-2015 ASWC News April 10, 2014

    The Associated Students of Whitman College executive council elections will be held on Monday, April 14. The Pioneer asked the candidates about their qualifications, goals for next year and proudest memories at Whitman. President [caption id="attachment_86824" align="alignleft" width="242"] Contributed Photo[/caption] To serve as next ...

  108. Presidents Past and Future Feature Weekly Topic April 10, 2014

    As the search for the next president of the college kicks into gear, we take an inside look at the legacy of past presidents and the process of hiring a new one.

  109. Smells like Spring! Under Close Examination April 6, 2014

    Everyone is enjoying this weather- but the beautiful sunshine is distracting while studying for midterms. However, the new growth on campus is providing both a colorful view and a delicious smell to experience when I pop out of the doors to Anderson each morning.

  110. A Man and His Pipe, Part II: The Man who Never Smiled A Whittie Look at the Past April 6, 2014

    As I mentioned last time, the gold rush had brought significant change to Walla Walla including a large proportion of temporary to permanent residents.

  111. Foreigner Suite A&E Blogs Tuggboat Art Life April 6, 2014

    Hey. I hope everyone had a solid spring break. Today, I'm posting one of my all-time favorites: “Foreigner Suite” by Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam aka Yusuf aka the Roadsinger. Check out the song in its entirety below:

  112. The beginning of passover break Living in History April 6, 2014

    This is another post written on a bus. This time we're heading home from a school trip titled "yam le yam" or "sea to sea". The idea is to hike from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Galilee, but in reality we did a couple day hikes inbetween driving from ...

  113. Celebrating 21st Birthday in China Little Sparrow with Dreams of Swans Off-Campus Blogs Web Only April 5, 2014

    Last Saturday, I, along with my Chinese tutor (Alex), and CIEE classmate (Kasia), went to Tianzifang (天子方) to celebrate our birthdays (mine was on Sunday and Kasia's was Tuesday). Tianzifang is this relatively new "old-style" shopping area in Shanghai that mostly serves foreign tourists. My host dad had never heard ...

  114. Driver Hits Cars, Bicyclist on Park Street Breaking News Front Page Slideshow News April 4, 2014

    A driver in a red Silverado struck eleven cars and left one bicyclist injured Friday afternoon, April 4 after apparently losing control of his vehicle while driving through campus.

  115. Applications Up By 40 Percent, Acceptance Rate More Selective for Class of 2018 News April 4, 2014

    Number of applicants to the college rose by 40 percent this year, resulting in one of the most selective acceptance rates in recent memory. The office mailed out acceptance letters to potential members of the class of 2018 last week.

  116. Laura Williamson Named New Women’s Soccer Head Coach Sports April 4, 2014

    After an extensive and comprehensive search to fill the vacant Women’s Soccer head coaching position, Dean Snider and the women’s team have found a new head coach, Laura Williamson from Vassar College. For the majority of this spring semester thus far, the Whitman women’s soccer team has been without a head ...

  117. Issue 8 // Voices From The Flock Jack Issue Voices of the Community April 3, 2014

    What's wrong with society? Videographer Skye Vander Laan polls the duck community on campus.

  118. ASWC Minutes for Senate Meeting March 30 Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    ASWC Minutes for Senate Meeting March 30, 2014.

  119. Editor-in-chief Caught Eating Dirt, Baking Powder Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    The staff of the Whitman Pioneer is shaken and shocked after witnessing the downfall of their beloved leader. Senior Shelly Le, editor-in-chief of the Pioneer, was caught eating dirt and baking powder in the Pio offices on Sunday night by junior opinion editor Kyle Seasly.

  120. Entire Class of 2017 Declares Film and Media Studies Major Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    The entire first-year class of 2017 has collectively declared themselves as film and media studies majors. Upperclassmen and faculty respond with gratuitous eye-rolling.

  121. Gisten Tavin and the Order of the Duck Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    Students of Whitman College, led by Gisten Tavin, Ryan Bro and Sathan Nanny, have banded together in order to form Watercrossings's Army in support of our wronged president and in order to learn truly how to defend themselves from Whatshisname.

  122. Call of Duty: Special Modern Soldier is Chill Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    I’m pounding my third Redbull as I write this, and I just got back from my second quadriceps work out of the day, so I might be a little amped.

  123. Another Socially Conscious Seattle-Based Hip-hop Group Comes to Campus Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    This upcoming Thursday, April 3 Whitman will host yet another socially conscious Seattle based hip-hop artist, RAPlemore, to play in the Reid Campus center. Preaching for world peace and an end to mass consumption of GMOs, RAPlemore is sure to jive with issues that concern the average Whittie.

  124. Penrose Library to Throw Rager Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    Drinking trashy beer, playing music at top volume on speakerphones and flirting with that cute first-year boy down the hall from you will soon be acceptable at Penrose Library. [caption id="attachment_86200" align="alignleft" width="448"] Photo by Nilce Alvarez[/caption] Whitman College officials recently announced ...

  125. ASWC Standoff Over Bylaw Interpretation Enters 11th Day Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    As the student government shutdown heads into its 11th day, no senators nor members of the ASWC Administration appear ready to budge from their positions.

  126. One Team Gets More Sports Points Than Other Team Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    The game started with the ball being put on the field and then the players began to move. They moved along with the ball up and down the playing area, calling out to one another as if to say, “Hey! Move that sports ball my way! I believe I will ...

  127. E-cigs Turn Beta Members into X-men Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    Members of the Beta Theta Pi community have developed superhuman powers, of the X-Men variety following a recent obsession with E-Cigarettes.

  128. Senior Duck Not Likely to Receive Diploma Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    Spring is a time of excitement and renewal. Flowers bloom, people begin ordering their lattes iced and Whitman seniors begin turning their pale faces and screen-strained eyes toward the shining sun of graduation. As many seniors excitedly await leaving Whitman and migrating into the future, one student isn't looking forward ...

  129. A Letter from George Bridges Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    A public service announcement about our forthcoming college president.

  130. Liberal Arts Graduates Solve World Peace Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    At long last, the wait is over. The problem of world peace has been solved—by liberal arts students, nonetheless.

  131. Pio Picks Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    A Cool Lecture You Want to Attend But Probably Can’t Because You Have Too Much Homework: Yeah, you should go. Probably Thursday at 7 p.m., academic building Rager at Frat Come drink beer and dance in a sweaty and dimly lit room! Songs with lots of bass provided. Weekend, 9 p.m.-1 a.m.(ish), probably TKE ...

  132. Whitties Do Drink Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    In a scandal that shocked Whitman administration but didn’t surprise a single Whitman student, the student pictured in a recent “Most Whitties Don’t Drink” campaign poster drinks. A lot. Like, I mean a shitload. Junior Eric Uncle is featured prominently in the signs that cover Whitman campus, which claim that around ...

  133. Percival Dazzles Campus with Style, Physique Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    Jack Percival is without a doubt the hottest piece of action on Whitman campus. Everybody is already queuing up to meet the virile, visionary vice-president from Nevada. Yet what is all the buzz about? Read on to find out.

  134. Pioneer Opinion Editor Kyle Seasly Shows Up for First Sunday Meeting of Semester Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's just junior Opinion Editor Kyle Seasly showing up for his first Pioneer budgeting meeting of the semester.

  135. Flannel, School Spirit In at Whitman Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    More students then ever dress in school colors.

  136. Pioneer to Feature Only Divestment Articles Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    Following increased pressure from students, the editorial board of The Pioneer has decided to forgo its normal publishing material to exclusively feature articles about the divestment movement. The change will take place immediately and will alter the layout of The Pioneer’s sections.  The following are the new section titles: News: “Thoughts from ...

  137. News Briefs Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    All the news that's fit to print... and then some.

  138. The Pio Regrets… Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    Editor-in-Chief Shelly Le regrets that she is spending her 22nd birthday night at the best place on earth... the Pio office! She also regrets that she hasn't ordered enough pizza for production nights this year. News Editor Dylan Tull regrets that he still hasn't finalized plans for the Pio staff "rager" of spring semester. Editor-in-Chief Shelly ...

  139. Numbers in the News Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    $500,000,000 Raised last year for George Bridges's "Bow is the Tie" Campaign, dedicated to preserving a presidential dress code for future generations of Whitties. 37 Number of times Whitman students claimed they were heading home to "Seattle" for spring break only to be corrected that Bellevue/Edmonds/Lake Forest Park/Everett/Shoreline/Olympia/etc. are in fact suburbs of ...

  140. News in Brief Humor Jack Issue April 3, 2014

    President Obama and Russian Prime Minister Putin came to an agreement over the tense Ukraine conflict this morning. Obama decided he was cool with Putin taking Crimea if the U.S. could have the other half of it.

  141. The Missionary Feature Weekly Topic April 3, 2014

    Every April, The Pioneer dedicates an entire issue to April Fools Day. Take a look at the newly transformed paper, titled The Missionary.

  142. Production Night Live Blog for April 2 Blogs Editors' Blog Production Night Blog April 2, 2014

    What follows is a faithful account of the production of Issue 8 (taking place the evening of April 2/early morning of April 3) as witnessed by me, The Pioneer’s Editor-in-Chief. 4:11 p.m.: I (Managing Editor Pam) am in and we are off and running for issue 8, also known as the Jack ...

  143. Three Questions, Nine Answers: The Finance Committee ASWC Unpacked April 1, 2014

    The Finance Committee is the main body charged with overseeing the allocation of funding for ASWC. Here, a trio of Finance Committee members shares their thoughts.

  144. Let’s Talk About Weight One Woman Round Table Web Only April 1, 2014

    Touching on the weight extremes in our society and exploring the meaning of the word "normal" in regard to weight.

  145. The Student Body Circuit Front Page Slideshow Media Highlight Photo Essay Photos April 1, 2014

    Whitman's active- this isn't a secret. With my fresh first year perspective, I still meander around campus, jaw dropped in awe of both the physical and intellectual talents of my peers.

  146. Spring Recipes Utilizing Ingredients Found in Made in Walla Walla Box A&E A&E Highlight Circuit April 1, 2014

    Two summers ago, I really got to know the food in Walla Walla. I tried several great restaurants and made weekly trips to the farmers' market with my then-housemate, and the two of us shared a Made in Walla Walla Box from the local Daily Market Coop.

  147. Why Are You Green: Whitman Community Reflects on Environmentalism Circuit Feature Feature Highlight Front Page Slideshow April 1, 2014

    It's no question that many people at Whitman are environmentally conscious of their environment and how much waste they generate. However, the question is why? The Pioneer takes a moment to ask Whitman community members to reflect on how environmentalism touches their lives.

  148. Challenging Power on Campus: A Pioneer Staff Member’s Thoughts on Divestment and the Anti-Racism Movement Circuit Front Page Slideshow Opinion Opinion Highlight April 1, 2014

    There are many serious issues facing the world, and those in power have shown little initiative in addressing them. It is increasingly clear that issues such as global warming, inequality and racism will require strong popular movements for progress to be made.

  149. Inked: Whitman Community Members Express Personal, Permanent Expression Through Tattoos A&E A&E Highlight Circuit April 1, 2014

    Members of the Whitman community share their personal expression of art and the stories behind their tattoos.

  150. Local Music, Wine: Walla Walla Musicians Thrive in Diverse Local Music Scene A&E Circuit April 1, 2014

    In a small town like Walla Walla, it seems hard to imagine that a music community could flourish in diversity and style. This, however, is not the case. Walla Walla's small community enhances dialogue between musicians and creates a close-knit group of creative minds supported by the local venues of ...