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  1. Growing up is sad, but better than alternative Columnists Opinion May 7, 2015

    When I complain about aging and growing, I know my underlying thoughts can be traced back to fear of the ultimate unknown. The closer graduation gets, the less I can stop thinking about it.

  2. No shame loving material objects Columnists Opinion April 23, 2015

    When I was in middle school, one of my friends told me that I should never wear makeup because people become dependent. She said that women who wear makeup every day describe feeling “naked” without lipstick. At the time, I thought it must be profoundly stupid to change your appearance ...

  3. Right to health is Whitman issue Columnists Opinion April 9, 2015

    We study diseases, but we don’t struggle with them, at least not long term. People get sick, but they always get better.

  4. Paying closer attention to dystopia encourages critical political thinking Columnists Opinion March 5, 2015

    Dystopian books are so important because they reflect an unacceptably skewed version of society. If people draw parallels between the dystopian world and our own, it encourages critical thought about what’s so wrong and what we should be thinking about or doing.

  5. Beware of traveling, volunteering under false pretenses Columnists Opinion February 19, 2015

    Helping the poor may not be as glamorous when it happens in a homeless shelter rather than under palm trees on a tropical beach, but it’s nevertheless critical.

  6. Tuberculosis scare sheds light on treatment disparity Columnists Opinion January 29, 2015

    When I was considering the possibility that I might have TB, it seemed so weird to me because it isn’t a disease that tends to affect people from my socioeconomic background.

  7. Biracial identity leads to unexpected privileges Columnists Opinion December 11, 2014

    I’m biracial. While I love my identity, sometimes having multiple ethnicities leaves me feeling like I don’t belong because society hasn’t established a space for who I am. My confusion about race began in elementary school in San Francisco, where almost all of my class was ethnically Chinese. I was ...

  8. Increased social awareness leads to reconsideration of childhood literary love Columnists Opinion November 20, 2014

    I just saw a determined woman struggling to succeed in a crumbling, backwards society. I didn’t think to question the book’s glorification of rape and slavery, even though they now seem like such blatant underpinnings of the novel.

  9. Ebola no excuse to fear West Africa Columnists Opinion Opinion Highlight November 6, 2014

    Illustration by Eric Rannestad. In the beginning of medical training, one of the essential principles learned is “do no harm.” Most people who have been writing about ebola in the United States aren’t medical professionals, so they might ...

  10. Vivisection questions taboos Opinion Opinion Highlight October 23, 2014

    [caption id="attachment_92441" align="alignnone" width="187"] Illustration by Coopper-Ellis[/caption] A few weeks ago, I did an experiment in biology lab that involved cutting open the body cavity of a live frog and dripping adrenaline onto its still-beating heart. The results, a dramatically increased ...

  11. Scientists must recognize intersection of social issues, quantitative study Columnists Opinion October 9, 2014

    Scientists tend to understand things quantitatively. We need numbers and experimentally derived evidence in order to believe something exists. When it comes to racism and sexism, there are numbers and statistics that prove these problems are real. However, if scientists don’t seek out this discussion, they might never have to ...

  12. Social dance, social justice must go hand in hand Columnists Opinion September 25, 2014

    Lindy Hop shouldn’t be viewed separately from where it came from, because if people do not understand the role race has had in shaping the dance form, they will be unable to understand it on a level beyond physical movement.

  13. Tech Boom Leads to Two San Franciscos Columnists Opinion September 11, 2014

    Although Silicon Valley technology has given rise to some amazing things, I don’t think it can ever be as important as the lived experiences San Franciscans have had during the past several centuries. Despite bringing in lots of money, the tech industry isn’t the heart of the Bay Area.

  14. Education Must Accompany Global Vaccination Distribution Columnists Opinion May 1, 2014

    I don’t like to think of vaccines as controversial. I went to an alternative school where many parents chose not to vaccinate their kids. I never understood it. Not vaccinating against at least the classics, such as mumps, measles and rubella or polio, seems both foolish and selfish.

  15. Violence in Harry Potter Community Calls for Barrier between Fans, Stars Columnists Opinion April 17, 2014

    Wizard rock is a genre of music generated by the fan culture surrounding the "Harry Potter" books. Since J.K. Rowling and the books themselves are so universally popular, many fans look closer to home to find new ways to channel their love for the series. Wizard rock songs are all ...

  16. Birth is Magical Experience for All Humankind Columnists Opinion March 13, 2014

    Last week, Feminists Advocating Change and Empowerment put on Breaking Ground, the annual monologue show written by Whitman students, professors and alumni. I wrote and performed a monologue about my experiences working as a volunteer doula in a hospital’s birth center. Doulas are birth attendants who support and advocate for ...

  17. National Eating Disorder Awareness Week Offers Opportunity for Education Columnists Opinion February 27, 2014

    This week, Feb. 23–March 1, is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. In the United States, 20 million women and 10 million men will suffer from a serious eating disorder. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric disorders. Many important issues have days or weeks dedicated to raising ...

  18. Whitman Science Department Needs Diversity Columnists Front Page Slideshow Opinion February 13, 2014

    At first glance, the Hall of Science, with its fancy chemistry equipment, lecture halls with built-in computer desks and display cases of taxidermy animals, might seem like it has something for everyone.

  19. Girl Scouts Serves As Feminist Outlet Columnists Opinion February 6, 2014

    For my 20th birthday, my parents gave me a lifetime membership to the Girl Scouts of the United States. Being a Girl Scout shaped my identity when I was growing up, and I remained a member until I graduated from high school. I view my involvement with Girl Scouts as ...


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