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  1. King of Norway to visit PLU NW News February 20, 2015

    This story was originally published in The Mooring Mast of Pacific Lutheran University on February 13, 2015. It was written by Samantha Lund. This May, His Majesty King Harald V of Norway is scheduled to visit Pacific Lutheran University to celebrate the school’s 125th anniversary and speak at the university’s Commencement ...

  2. On Diversity, Inclusion and Equity at Whitman Front Page Slideshow Letter to the Editor Opinion Opinion Highlight February 19, 2015

    President George Bridges writes to the editors in light of the recent Pasco shootings about violence, racism, and the second annual Power and Privilege Symposium

  3. #culture NW News February 14, 2015

    This story was originally published in The Willamette Collegian of Willamette University on February 3, 2015. It was written by Jessica Meza-Torres, Edna Htet, and Malorie Hill. The Internet and human interaction are not mutually exclusive. Though a number of sentimental hipsters will still look back with teary eyes at a time ...

  4. Op-ed: Rees-Mikula: Whitman can no longer ignore legacy of genocide Letter to the Editor Opinion Opinion Highlight February 5, 2015

    So are we honoring the native community or are we honoring their obliteration? By expressing pride in Whitman through these monuments and symbols, we celebrate acts of genocide.

  5. Peggy Li: Major should not be chosen based on others’ wishes Letter to the Editor Opinion February 5, 2015

    Even if I were to study something practical like biology, then go on to medical school, and become a successful doctor at age 26, would that really make me any happier? Biology and medical school are notoriously difficult, and would be doubly challenging because I have no real interest in ...

  6. Vick speaks to WWU community NW News January 27, 2015

    This story was originally published in The Collegian of Walla Walla University shortly before Martin Luther King Day. Dr. Brooke Vick, social psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychology at Whitman College [spoke] at Walla Walla University's MLK Jr. Day CommUnity on Monday, Jan. 19 in ...

  7. New ‘History of Rock and Roll’ Course Offered at George Fox University NW News January 26, 2015

    This story was originally published in The Crescent  of George Fox University. It was written by Crescent writer Julia Howell. A new music class, History of Rock and Roll, is being offered [spring 2015] as a special topics elective course. It will be a cultural and musical survey of the history of rock ...

  8. Pribilsky: Convocation address should welcome but challenge students Letter to the Editor Opinion December 11, 2014

    Dear Editor: The students from Hillel-Shalom, whose letter (Nov. 13) regarded this year’s convocation speech, are to be commended for their courage in making public a debate that has played out largely in the shadows. They were correct to ...

  9. Bridges: On Race, Ferguson, and the Use of Deadly Force Letter to the Editor Opinion December 11, 2014

    As Whitman’s president, I am immensely proud of those students, faculty and staff who stood in solidarity last week on the steps of the Penrose Library in memory of Michael Brown, killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo. Thank you for causing our campus to pause and reflect on ...

  10. Whitman’s sexual assault investigation process failed me Letter to the Editor Opinion Opinion Highlight December 11, 2014

    Earlier this year The Pioneer published a story about survivors of sexual assault on campus who reported their assaults to the administration. The following is a first-hand account from one of the survivors interviewed, Mallory*, about her assault and its ramifications for ...

  11. The Burden of Niceness Letter to the Editor Opinion December 11, 2014

    Over Thanksgiving break my nephew and I talked about how racism and sexism function in America. I asked how he would help people who are not white or male if he was ever in a position of power. His response was simple and immediate: “I will help other people only if ...

  12. PLU’s budget “Krise-is” NW News December 7, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Mooring Mast of Pacific Lutheran University on December 5, 2014. It was written by General Manager of MastTV and Mooring Mast Online Editor Allie Reynolds. Due to recent cutbacks in enrollment, changes will be happening campuswide during the next couple years. The university is currently ...

  13. Big beards, bigger money: The first Bjug Harstad Day of Giving exceeds PLU’s expectations NW News November 26, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Mooring Mast of Pacific Lutheran University on November 21, 2014. It was written by PLU news writer Natalie DeFord. This story is printed here through the Northwest News Network, a collaborative project between many northwestern collegiate newspapers....

  14. Willamette student arrested on murder charge NW News November 26, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Willamette Collegian on November 18, 2014. It was written by Collegian Editor-in-Chief Zane Sparling and writer Bronte Dod of Willamette University. This story is printed here through the Northwest News Network, a collaborative project between many northwestern collegiate newspapers. No bail is set for ...

  15. Keep Calm and Ask for Help, from “The Crescent” NW News November 18, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Crescent of George Fox University on November 14, 2014. It was written by GFU writer Heather Harney. This story is printed here through the Northwest News Network, a collaborative project between many northwestern collegiate newspapers. There are only four weeks left before finals. I ...

  16. PLU honors veterans, old and new NW News November 17, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Mooring Mast of Pacific Lutheran University on November 15, 2014. It was written by PLU news writer Genny Boots. This story is printed here through the Northwest News Network, a collaborative project between many northwestern collegiate newspapers. “Thank you for your service” was an ...

  17. George Fox student dies after attending Halloween Party NW News November 17, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Crescent of George Fox University on November 5, 2014. It was written by George Fox editor-in-chief Leah Abraham. This story is printed here through the Northwest News Network, a collaborative project between many northwestern collegiate newspapers. On Nov. 1, George Fox University sophomore Aaron ...

  18. Everyone can be a feminist NW News November 9, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Mooring Mast of Pacific Lutheran University on November 7, 2014. It was written by PLU A&E writer Michael Diambri. Social equality is what the feminist movement stands for, but this has not always been the case. Whenever I have identified myself as a feminist ...

  19. From “The Crescent”: Leaving the battlefield and hitting the books NW News October 27, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Crescent of George Fox University on October 15, 2014. It was written by George Fox staff writer Amy Rose. This story is printed here through the Northwest News Network, a collaborative project between many northwestern collegiate newspapers. [caption id="attachment_92551" align="alignnone" width="229"]...

  20. PLU introduces Holocaust and Genocide Studies minor NW News October 26, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Mooring Mast of Pacific Lutheran University on October 24, 2014. It was written by PLU guest writer Erin Flom. The film “Sweet ...

  21. Pacific Lutheran’s poster campaign spreads across South Sound NW News October 18, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Mooring Mast of Pacific Lutheran University on October 3, 2014. It was written by PLU guest writer Genny Boots. My Language My Choice is taking to the streets of Pierce, Thurston and King counties....

  22. Whitworth a strong choice for non-Christians NW News October 16, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Whitworthian of Whitworth University on October 15, 2014. It was written by Whitworth columnist Matthew Boardman. According to the Whitworth website, “Whitworth is a private, residential, liberal arts institution affiliated with the Presbyterian Church.” One of its mottos is to “honor God, follow Christ and ...

  23. PLU senior’s composition in concert NW News October 11, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Mooring Mast of Pacific Lutheran University on October 10, 2014. It was written by PLU Editor-in-Chief Reland Tuomi. This story is printed here through the Northwest News Network, a collaborative project between many northwest collegiate newspapers. The Lake Union Civic Orchestra (LUCO) is a ...

  24. Sister Outsider duo performs edifying slam poetry at Whitworth University NW News October 10, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Whitworthian of Whitworth University on October 8, 2014. It was written by Whitworth reporter Rachelle Robley. The photographs are by Whitworth photographer Simon Puzankov. This story is printed here through the Northwest News Network, a collaborative project between many northwest collegiate newspapers. “This is your ...

  25. Sex, alcohol, and Opening Days at Willamette University NW News October 5, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Willamette Collegian on September 30, 2014. It was written by Willamette reporter Alyssa Milstead and is printed here through the Northwest News Network, a collaborative project between many northwest collegiate newspapers. Brendan Dwyer admits that there are a lot of challenges that come with ...

  26. Harassment prevention brought to GFU NW News October 4, 2014

    The following story, from George Fox University's The Crescent, was written by Ashlie Hernandez.   At the beginning of the school year, George Fox University students received emails regarding Haven, an online test that educates and surveys students about sexual ...

  27. From Emmy’s to ‘Emily’: A new tv series at Pacific Lutheran NW News September 28, 2014

    This story was originally published in Pacific Lutheran University's The Mooring Mast on Sept. 26, 2014. Written by Matthew Salzano, A&E Editor of The Mooring Mast. Photo courtesy of Camille Adams. The question every Lute is trying to answer: “What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” Juniors ...

  28. Willamette’s own ‘Indiana Jones’ NW News September 17, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Willamette Collegian on Sept. 17, 2014. Written by Emily Hoard, photos by Mike Rhine. After a two-year long process, Associate Professor of Art History Ricardo De Mambro Santos was able to successfully attribute a painting to Peter Paul Rubens, a Flemish Baroque painter. At the ...

  29. From the Willamette Collegian: Graduation after 4 years unlikely for 29% NW News September 9, 2014

    This story was originally published in The Willamette Collegian on Sept. 3, 2014. Katie Dobbs and Bronte Dod of Willamette University contributed reporting.   According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) 71 percent of Willamette students who began pursuing their bachelor's degrees in 2007 graduated in four years. Vice President of ...

  30. Whitman Fosters Power of Beauty Circuit Opinion Opinion Highlight May 15, 2014

    Senior guest columnist Allison Bolgiano reflects on how Whitman has helped her realize the power of beauty.

  31. Students Must Engage More with Life Outside Whitman Bubble Circuit Opinion May 15, 2014

    Senior guest columnist Jane Carmody urges students to experience life outside the "Whitman bubble."

  32. Calling the Whitman Bubble ‘Home’ Circuit Opinion May 15, 2014

    Senior guest columnist Jillian Davis examines how she has learned to call the "Whitman bubble" home and encourages students to immerse themselves in the unique culture of Whitman College.

  33. Power and Privilege Symposium Step in Right Direction Opinion February 13, 2014

    In mid-December, I, along with over 100 faculty members, attended a special faculty meeting to vote on a motion to cancel classes on Thursday, Feb. 20 in order to convene the Power and Privilege Symposium. Pen to paper, the faculty in attendance voted, and the motion passed by an overwhelming ...

  34. Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on Whitman as ‘Unpretentious’ Liberal Arts College Letter to the Editor February 13, 2014

    I’ve often heard it said that people at Whitman don’t talk about race. It is quite true that an impoverished lexicon for discussions of race and racism exists at our institution, but this is not unique to Whitman—it is a generalized problem typifying political discourse in the United States, ...

  35. Intercultural Center Outdoor Program Trip Creates Mixed Emotions Opinion February 13, 2014

    Growing up in urban, working class, immigrant neighborhoods, I never felt a claim to anything in nature. The land we were on was government owned, or I knew we could pick up and move any second. Why, I thought? Why didn't I feel like this part of nature could be ...

  36. Letter to the Editor: Response to ‘Residence Life Shuts Down Camp Whitman’ Letter to the Editor February 13, 2014

    I wanted to express my thoughts about the article published entitled "Residence Life Shuts Down Camp Whitman," published in a recent edition of The Pio. While I understand it is unfortunate that underclassmen will find it more difficult to stay through commencement, I believe that this article does not fairly ...

  37. Student Finds Instances of Discrimination Rare Inside Whitman College Community Opinion February 13, 2014

    Of the many issues contained within this recent debate on campus regarding race and diversity, one that I've heard mentioned more than a few times is isolation. That is to say, some people considered diverse, be it racially, sexually or socioeconomically, feel isolated on a campus overwhelmingly comprised of white, ...

  38. Respectfully engage others when discussing issues of race Opinion February 13, 2014

    This guest column was written by Olivia Hagel '16 Last semester, the Whitman community was filled with significant buzz surrounding issues of racism and privilege on campus. And now, well into 2014 and a few short days from this year’s Power and Privilege Symposium, students continue to raise important ...

  39. Do Not Remain Silent on Divestment Opinion October 23, 2013

    “The outcome of the stigmatization process, which the fossil fuel divestment campaign has triggered, poses the most far-reaching threat to fossil fuel companies and the vast energy value chain.” Those are the words of a new report, released on Oct. 8 by Oxford University. The report adds to the growing ...

  40. Letter to the Editor: Lighten Up, Whitman Letter to the Editor Opinion October 3, 2013

    An open letter to the student nighttime cyclist I encountered last week: You were dressed in black and you had no lighting. Sitting at the stop sign in my car, I saw that all the oncoming vehicle lights to my left were far enough away for me to safely make ...

  41. Idealism and Difference: Body Image at Whitman Circuit Front Page Slideshow Opinion Opinion Highlight August 29, 2013

    A guest columnist considers the Whittie approach to thinking about body image.

  42. Peace, Work, Gandhi Found in Organic Garden Circuit Feature Feature Highlight Opinion August 29, 2013

    Organic Garden Summer Intern Genevieve Jones chronicles how hard work and chaos meet Gandhi and contemplative peace in Whitman's Organic Garden.

  43. We’re Greater Than Our Productivity Circuit Opinion May 13, 2013

    As we approach graduation, let's please not talk about what we're getting done, for a change. Let's talk about getting started; the possibilities are endless.

  44. Whitman Key Space for Challenging Viewpoints Circuit May 13, 2013

    Whitman is a safe environment to experiment with who you are, what you think, and just be different, yet students often don't take full advantage of this.

  45. Hard Times Teach Us The Most Circuit Opinion May 13, 2013

    We are entering a phase in which we may be more aware of the challenges to come, but we must remember to embrace them, to learn from them and to know that in one way or another, they too will lead to moments of joy and fulfillment.

  46. Letter to the Editor: Whitman Must Be Accountable on Climate Change Letter to the Editor April 18, 2013

    I have joined a campaign at my college to call for our endowment to be divested from the companies with the largest reserves of fossil fuels. We call for divestment in solidarity with people on the front lines of extreme resource extraction (like mountaintop-removal coal mining and fracking) and victims of climate ...

  47. Divestment Should Be More than Just Symbolic Opinion April 11, 2013

    Although the divestment campaign is important, we can’t afford to politely ask that everyone around us change, oil companies included, if we can’t take the first step and change ourselves.

  48. White Male Grateful for Power and Privilege Symposium Humor April 11, 2013

    Two weeks after the Power and Privilege Symposium, Michael Anderson is still talking about race. A first-year upper-middle-class white student from Portland, Michael is thrilled to have had the two-day lecture series confronting the issues of power and privilege. “I wasn’t sure at first if I’d have enough time to ...

  49. Racism Ain’t Over Just Yet Opinion Opinion Highlight April 4, 2013

    Although the Power and Privilege Symposium successfully got campus talking about race, the conversation cannot end with the symposium.

  50. Letter to the Editor Letter to the Editor April 3, 2013

    To the Editor, “For the last three years,” the recent ASWC press release on international travel reads, “there has been a ban on college funding going to any international travel.” That statement is remarkably incorrect. That statement overlooks $20,725 that ASWC has spent to fund the uniquely positioned Whitman Direct Action ...

  51. Whitman Through the Years Circuit Opinion March 19, 2013

    We asked faculty, staff and alumni how Whitman has changed over their time as a part of the college community. Here's what they had to say.

  52. Those Suffering from Mental Illness Need Not Suffer Alone Opinion February 27, 2013

    Though the current “Information Age” has made communication easier and faster, our society still remains silent on some important issues, including mental illness. As a society, we focus so much on physical health, staying fit and eating a healthy diet. Yet we forget how to take care of the mind. ...

  53. Letter to the Editor Letter to the Editor Opinion February 27, 2013

    My thanks to The Pioneer and to [first-year] Jacqueline Rees-Mikula, who wrote the article about the Whitman Student Composers Concert in Chism Recital Hall on Friday, Feb. 22, 2013, featuring new musical works by five talented young composers. Ms. Rees-Mikula's coverage provided an excellent view of the background and purpose of the concert, produced twice yearly, ...

  54. Letter to the Editor Letter to the Editor Opinion February 7, 2013

    To the Editor, The recent article about one-year sabbaticals may have given readers the impression that Professor Dana Burgess’ current sabbatical left several classics majors without an advisor. As Chair of the Department of Classics, I would like to assure The Pioneer’s readers that all of Professor Burgess’s major advisees were reassigned ...

  55. Black Student Union Hosts ‘Ratchet’ Radio Show Humor December 6, 2012

    Black Student Union students are to host a new radio show on KWCW. The show, "Ratchet Radio," will feature hip hop and rap music of a ratchet variety, an aspect of African American culture lacking on Whitman campus.

  56. Recent violence prompts question of which lives matter Opinion November 29, 2012

    In light of the recent bout of violence between Israeli and Palestinian forces, we must consider which lives are 'mournable', and acknowledge the universality of human vulnerability.

  57. Meaningful Volunteer Experiences Require Thought Circuit Feature November 26, 2012

    Finding a good place to follow your passion and share your talents is like looking for a job. You need to do some research about the place and package your skills and talents in ways that make it easy for folks to include you.

  58. Writing in the Wallowas: A Week with Fishtrap Circuit Opinion November 26, 2012

    This article was written by Ryann Savino '13. Driving along Wallowa Lake Highway, I wondered silently what the coming week would hold. To my right shone the choppy early morning surface of Wallowa Lake, its deep blue waters a sharp contrast to the rich green moraines along its shoreline. To my ...

  59. Learning Walla Walla Requires Walking Circuit Feature November 26, 2012

    You want to know what's happening in the Valley? Try hitting a different convenience store, espresso stand, lunch counter, grocery store or gas station each week and take some time to shoot the breeze with the people behind the counter and in line.

  60. Whitman Students Leave Meaningful Impact on Community Circuit Feature November 26, 2012

    Whitman students should consider community involvement because it's training for life outside the bubble and because Walla Walla and environs needs your youth, smarts and enthusiasm.

  61. Obama’s pro-coup politics must be condemned Opinion Opinion Highlight October 18, 2012

    Obama's foreign policy record is far more condemnable than Bush's, yet has been met with profound silence by liberal America. This election, we need to vote in a way that condemns pro-coup policies.

  62. LGBTQ groups overlook deeper oppressions Opinion October 11, 2012

    LGBTQ groups and allies are important in providing safe spaces for these groups, but do not do enough to challenge the oppressive subtext of mainstream progressive culture.

  63. Opposition to bison relocation raises questions of wildness Opinion September 13, 2012

    In march, one of the last genetically pure Bison herds left in the world, was released onto a Montana indian reservation. However, many groups are actively resisting this reintroduction despite the benefits. What is behind their concern?

  64. Domestic violence affects privileged communities Opinion August 23, 2012

    At an internship working with abuse victims in the wealthiest county in the nation, I expected an abused population disproportionally representative of the large Latino minority and the few women of low socioeconomic status. Where does abuse fit in stereotypical "average American families," let alone in rich, gear-crazy, outdoorsy families?

  65. A Stranger in a Strange Land: Crayfish, Sea Urchins and Tahitian Culture Feature Feature Highlight August 23, 2012

    I started my three-week exchange in French Polynesia with enthusiasm, excitement and an unhealthy amount of ignorance. Tahiti, and the rest of the Polynesian islands, were not given even a cursory glance in my high school history courses and had been relegated, in my mind, to that class of ridiculously ...

  66. Development Work Must Focus on Community Needs Opinion August 23, 2012

    Descending to Guatemala’s Pacific coast feels like stepping slowly into a sauna. As the air heats up and becomes heavy with moisture, the land flattens and the crops grow tall until the only perspective available is directly down the road you travel. Our bus, spewing diesel exhaust and splashing through ...

  67. Whitman teaches us to create the world we live in Circuit Opinion May 9, 2012

    This column was contributed by Alice Minor '12 [caption id="attachment_51724" align="alignright" width="300"] Credit: cade beck[/caption] We’ve tried to climb Styx or observed someone fail to do so. Thrown or been hit by a Frisbee. Attempted the Reading Room ...

  68. Whitman education similar to mindset of field ecologists Circuit Opinion May 9, 2012

    This column was contributed by Sophie Davis '12 [caption id="attachment_51729" align="alignright" width="300"] Credit: cade beck[/caption] Aldo Leopold, considered the father of the national forest wilderness system, whose book, The Sand County Almanac, and other essays have inspired generations ...

  69. Our privilege goes beyond our skin color Opinion April 26, 2012

    We should reflect on our experiences with privilege here at Whitman, and in the wider community. Rather than try to fix the problem at Whitman, we should accept our situation and use it to help those around us.

  70. Rising Latino population must engage with politics, business Opinion April 19, 2012

    future Latino students must continue to engage with values of leadership, involvement, and advocacy, and realize their full potential as active members of a rising and inspiring community in the years to come.

  71. Student Engagement Center offers ample, varied opportunities for all students Opinion April 19, 2012

    Assistant Dean of Engagement Noah Leavitt encourages all studentsfrom first-years to seniorsto learn about what is happening in the Student Engagement Center, to take advantage of the Centers many programs, events, workshops and expertise, and to continue to let them know about what they can do to be a resource ...

  72. Lasting community partnerships in global development bring mutually beneficial results Opinion April 19, 2012

    By developing partnerships, we can forge long-term relationships with communities, rather than the one-night stand often used by volunteers. Working together will allow us to go far in the global development movement. Partnerships are essential in creating sustainable, culturally acceptable and necessary change in our increasingly connected world.

  73. Donating to Senior Fund offers ideal way to give back to Whitman Opinion April 12, 2012

    Whitman has given us so much and will continue to support us after graduation. As such it is important to start giving back to Whitman now, by contributing to the senior fund.

  74. ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ tells bittersweet, charming love story A&E Reviews April 5, 2012

    by Karin Tompkins Young adult novelist John Green, author of the award-winning novels "Looking for Alaska" and "Paper Towns," alters his storytelling method for his new novel, "The Fault in Our Stars." Green's previous novels tell stories of unrequited love from the perspective of skinny, geeky young men, but in Green's ...

  75. No More Deaths reveals humanitarian issues close to home Opinion April 5, 2012

    Whitman students discover humanitarian issues close to home during their work on the US-Mexico border, suggesting that we often look to far abroad when thinking about activism.

  76. WDA’s funding reminds Whitman students of available resources Opinion April 5, 2012

    Chance to travel to Guatemala for a summer reminds these Whittes of the incredible opportunities afforded to all students to advance their professional interests and passions.

  77. Romance in a Trivial World Circuit Opinion March 13, 2012

    This column was written by Rollo I was with my boyfriend for an entire year before we decided to publicize our relationship on Facebook. Our relationship was stable—the potential for an embarrassing or awkward public internet breakup had almost nothing to do with our decision to delay becoming “FBO.” My cringing ...

  78. KONY 2012 preys on Whitman idealism Opinion March 11, 2012

    This column was contributed by Charlie Weems '12 Nonprofit Invisible Children kicked off its KONY 2012 campaign with an impressive social media blitz. Within a matter of hours the 30-minute video advocating the capture of Joseph Kony, Ugandan commander of the Lord's Resistance Army, had reached nearly 4.5 million views. At ...

  79. Letter to the editor: In defense of Oxford commas Letter to the Editor Opinion March 11, 2012

    As one who cares about punctuation, syntax, and clarity, I was disappointed to see The Pioneer alter my direct quote to remove a cherished comma.

  80. Sexual pressures at Whitman stem from demands of libido Opinion March 11, 2012

    This article was written by Rollo. In a quiet and secluded hallway on the second floor of Olin Hall, there is a large table tucked away in a corner that is sometimes used by students for studying. On the side of the table which faces away from passersby, the words "I ...

  81. Letter to the editor: Appreciation for Galindo Support Letter to the Editor Opinion March 1, 2012

    We are happy to hear that the Tenure Review Committee has found substantial reason to return to Professor Galindo's case, and are thankful for the continued student support regarding this issue.

  82. Like A Little, WhitmanEncounters can’t take place of real, sincere interaction Columnists Opinion February 23, 2012

    Although Like a Little and Whitman Encounters can be endlessly entertaining when you're trying to procrastinate, the issues trying to be solved on the site, both personal and campus-wide, are greater than the sites themselves.

  83. Letter to the Editor: Alum offended by comments heard on KWCW Letter to the Editor Opinion February 16, 2012

    Driving from Seattle to visit, an alum is disappointed by a KWCW DJ's comments.

  84. Letter to the Editor: Sexually fruitful relationships need not lead to divorce-ridden marriages Letter to the Editor Opinion February 16, 2012

    I am appalled by the uxorial hubris exhibited in the article 'Replacing communication with sex prepares us for divorce!' I'm surprised by the sophomoric claims made by last week's guest columnist.

  85. Letter to the Editor: Homeless youth article reflects merits of Whitman students’ projects Letter to the Editor Opinion February 16, 2012

    Student's research does wonders for Walla Walla community.

  86. Love trumps win-loss record Opinion February 16, 2012

    Whitman baseball players are certainly not destined for the big leagues, and certainly aren't basking in the glory of victory, but the love of the game makes up for all of that.

  87. Sex: Be careful what you wish for Opinion Opinion Highlight February 9, 2012

    Hoping for a 'boyfriend', 'cuddle-buddy' or otherwise is fine, but be wary of doing so with anybody who happens to be convenient.

  88. Murakami’s ‘After Dark’ weaves surreal dream world A&E Reviews February 2, 2012

    Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami's short novel 'After Dark' is a mysterious, mesmerizing read that embodies Murakami's typical theme of alienation in modern Japanese society.

  89. Crafting a family in Mendoza, Argentina Feature January 26, 2012

    Kathy Nguyen's reflection on studying abroad in Argentina during the fall of 2011.

  90. Telling Maori legends Feature January 26, 2012

    Johanna's reflection on studying abroad in New Zealand during the fall of 2011.

  91. Atop the world in Norway Feature January 26, 2012

    Ryan Nesbit's reflection on studying abroad in Norway during the fall of 2011.

  92. Replacing communication with sex prepares us for divorce Opinion January 26, 2012

    Do exclusively sexual relationships we maintain in high school, college, and beyond set us up for failed marriages?

  93. Chilling with Kiwis Feature January 26, 2012

    Miriam Kolker's reflection on studying abroad in New Zealand during the fall of 2011.

  94. Exploring temples in Tibet Feature Feature Highlight January 26, 2012

    Kathryn Collins' reflection on studying abroad in China during the fall of 2011.

  95. ‘Daughter of Smoke and Bone’ offers fresh fodder for fantasy enthusiasts A&E Reviews December 13, 2011

    With the recent surge in popularity of young adult fantasy novels, it's often difficult to find a story that breaks from the predictable.

  96. What “great sex” really means Circuit Opinion December 13, 2011

    When asked by a Whittie how college students could move from anonymous hook-ups (the Subpar) to something better, Daedone simply answered that hook-ups will start to feel so unsatisfactory that, eventually, we as students will search for better sex. It was unclear how exactly she expected us to find an ...

  97. Belated thank-you Letter to the Editor Opinion November 7, 2011

    I think I was too startled to say thank you, so I want to say "Thank you, Tree Climber, I don't think anyone at the UW would have done that!"

  98. Check your irony at door Letter to the Editor Opinion October 20, 2011

    Last week, the Backpage published a twitter-themed piece degrading women and indigenous, LGBT, and black communities. I assume Adam Brayton intended to be ironic, but this does not alleviate his responsibility for publishing offensive material.

  99. Profile: Jeff Gayle ’12 talks club, IM sports Sports October 20, 2011

    When I was looking at schools, I was looking at small liberal arts schools kind of off West Coast I-5: so, like, Willamette, Lewis & Clark, Santa Clara, those type of schools. And this is the best place [smiles].

  100. Do neutrinos change everything? Opinion October 20, 2011

    On the evening of Thursday, Sept. 22, the OPERA collaboration posted a scientific paper [1] presenting a measurement of the speed of neutrinos—electrically neutral elementary particles that, for example, are produced in copious amounts through nuclear reactions in the sun—as being faster than the speed of light by 0.000248 +/- ...

  101. Elimination of varsity football program did not result in fewer donations Letter to the Editor Opinion October 20, 2011

    The September 29 article by Pamela London, “Football controversy: Sudden end of declining program in 1977 vexes Whitman community," may have unintentionally left Pioneer readers with the misperception that Whitman's fundraising efforts have suffered long-term repercussions as a result of the closure of the varsity football program.

  102. Al-Awlaki assassinated; no due process of law Opinion October 13, 2011

    The Obama Administration has decided that it has the authority to kill citizens at its discretion, ignoring any and all Constitutional rights that get in the way. Last month, the government assassinated two American citizens in Yemen with no due process, no trial, no charges and no legal justification. The deaths of Anwar ...

  103. Don’t ditch social consciousness on weekends Opinion September 29, 2011

    Around 8 p.m. on any given Friday or Saturday night, something on campus shifts subtly. The drudgery of classes is thrown off and we all look forward to forgetting the upcoming work we have to do. However, we also forget something else as a campus when we head out to ...

  104. Self-esteem boosted through Greek life involvement Opinion September 29, 2011

    To be at Whitman College is to find yourself interacting on a daily basis with some of the smartest, kindest, most outgoing, and most driven women you've ever met before—and to be in a sorority means getting the chance to form close relationships with many of those women that you ...

  105. Think before you joke Opinion September 29, 2011

    This article was contributed by Mehera Nori Remember that hilarious scene in The Wedding Crashers when Isla Fisher ties Vince Vaughn to the bed against his will? And remember that other scene when Keir O'Donnell slips into Vaughn's bed as he sleeps and starts to make a move while Vaughn tries ...

  106. Patriarchy receding in society Opinion September 29, 2011

    This column was contributed by Ben Menzies. It is written in response to a column published in the New York Times by Lisa Belkin.   Lisa Belkin, a columnist for The New York Times who "covers family life and writes the Motherlode blog," is distraught. Writing in the Times, Belkin ...

  107. Letter to the Editor: Sociology professor clarifies Bridges’ role Letter to the Editor Opinion September 22, 2011

    The members of the Department of Sociology enjoyed reading Sam Chapman's article in the September 15 edition of The Pioneer, assuring Whitman students that we are in fact offering a full range of Sociology classes this semester, despite our personnel challenges of the past six months (challenges which are not ...

  108. Sweets at Sectionals in Burlington Sports September 22, 2011

    The Whitman College Sweets travelled to Burlington WA last weekend to attend their first tournament of the year. Of the 8 teams in attendance the Sweets were the only college team. Pictured top: Austin Easter splits team Fischer Price's defense. Pictured bottom left: Ben McGinn comes down with the disc. ...

  109. Letter to the editor – Celebrating showcase of student involvement Letter to the Editor Opinion September 15, 2011

    To the Editor: Congratulations on a fantastic first issue. It is clear that Pio readers are in for a treat with this year's talented staff. I especially want to commend you on the 'Outside Whitman' section which did a great job showing a few of the ways that Whitman students participate in ...

  110. Letter to the Editor: Parent proposes line of ‘pretentious’ clothing Letter to the Editor Opinion September 15, 2011

    Promoting a liberal arts education can be awfully weird, sometimes. Especially in the marketplace. But as Ms. Ruth Wardwell has proposed, “let's own it."

  111. Tips for Thailand Opinion September 8, 2011

    Seven tips for touring and eating around Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  112. Whitman students in China explore multiculturalism Opinion September 8, 2011

    This summer I was part of a group of 13 Whitman students who spent six weeks in China, led by Professor of Anthropology Charles McKhann and Adjunct Instructor of Chinese Wencui Zhao. The main goal of the trip was to give our group the opportunity to study Chinese.

  113. No More Deaths tackles injustice along U.S.-Mexico border Opinion September 8, 2011

    The federally condoned violence along the U.S./Mexico border is another chapter in the United States' abuse and exploitation of a refugee population and a disempowered racial group. Those who suffer most have the least resources and political power.

  114. Once-termed ‘problem rodent’ undergoing rehabilitation News September 8, 2011

    Beaver do not permeate the landscape as they once did; in fact, there are relatively few dams in the fertile river ecosystems. The reason? Initially, fir trapping. At present, cows. Fortunately for the semi-aquatic rodents, Mary O'Brien is fighting to ensure that beaver begin to repopulate streams across Utah to ...

  115. Student Voices: ASWC’s representation of Whitman students Opinion April 14, 2011

    The Pioneer interviews Whitman students on the topic of how representative ASWC is of the Whitman student body.

  116. Reflections: Professor Michelle Janning Feature May 18, 2009

    Dear Seniors, Given that you are re-entering the real world and expanding your efforts beyond the Whitman Bubble, you will inevitably face a life somewhat different from the heavily integrated life in college that you've been leading (where work is the same as home and friends and lovers are the same ...

  117. Reflections: Dana Burgess Feature May 18, 2009

    Many of those dispensing advice (welcome or not) to college graduates this year are likely to address the economic downturn. Your job or career will consume much of your energy for the next 45 years or so, but I would like to invite graduates to think about other challenges. Be conscious ...

  118. Reflections: Emily Beloof Feature May 18, 2009

    No one knows what to expect at college. Despite "understanding" gained from siblings' stories and movies like "Animal House" there is no way to prepare yourself: except, perhaps, to bring a condom. I arrived here with armloads of clothes, a matching dorm room bedroom set from Target and zero condoms. Dropped ...

  119. Reflections: Allison Calhoun Feature May 18, 2009

    Dear Graduating Seniors, "This, you know, is a time of taking in - taking in friendship, conversation, gaiety, wisdom, knowledge, beauty, holiness   - and later, well, there will be a time of giving out," remarks a friend of Sheldon Vanauken about the college years in Vanauken's memoir A Severe Mercy. ...

  120. Reflections: Heidi Baldwin Feature May 18, 2009

    The most dreaded question to a college senior is "What are you going to do after graduation?" Thinking about life after college is overwhelming for many, not to mention beginning your career during the biggest recession since the Great Depression and an 8.5 percent federal unemployment rate. People are showing up ...

  121. Reflections: Professor Mary Anne O’Neil Feature May 18, 2009

    Dear Seniors, I am honored to be asked to give some advice on your postgraduate life. The invitation to address you is especially meaningful since I, like you, am leaving Whitman at the end of this semester. I have been here longer than any of you: 32 years, to be exact: ...

  122. Reflections: Aisha Fukushima Feature May 18, 2009

    One of the best parts of our journey thus far is that we have only just begun. In these final weeks, each trial and tribulation seems to be so small in relation to the world opening up before us. Soon-to-be graduates all have a lot to offer those around them ...

  123. Reflections: Jean Carwile Masteller Feature May 18, 2009

    When I was asked to write a column of advice to the graduating class, I tried to run from the assignment. I have no trouble dispensing advice in my office, but to put advice into print? That thought evokes memories of "Climb every mountain" sung at my own graduations and ...

  124. Musings from Abroad: France’s Great Greek sandwiches Opinion May 7, 2009

    I know that people talk about how good French "cuisine" is all the time, but let me tell you: the cuisine is pretty decent, but the whole approach to food is what's really bangin'. No matter what you're eating, you can rest assured that love, tenderness, and at least half ...

  125. Schedule of Events Feature April 23, 2009

    Thursday, Apr. 23 4 p.m. "Expanded Visions in International Medical Service," an Alumni Career presentation by Dr. Gordon Tobin '65, in Gaiser Auditorium, Hall of Science. Friday, Apr. 24 9:30-10:30 A.M. "Where the Great River Bends: A natural and human history of the Columbia at Wallula." by Professor of Geology Bob Carson, Kimball ...

  126. Thoughts from an insider Feature April 9, 2009

    I've been working for the admissions office for three years. There's no formula for why a person chooses a school. I recently did a survey for current freshman and found that the overwhelming majority of them cited their visit to campus as a key reason they chose Whitman. The confusion ...

  127. ASWC Candidate Platforms ASWC April 3, 2009

    Executive Council Candidate Platforms Spring 2009 Elections President: Will Canine: ASWC is for three things: Protecting your rights as a college student. Providing awesome programming for students. Ensuring student opportunity through student organizations. ASWC has had some success, but we need to do more. As the ASWC representative to two Trustee Committees, the ...

  128. Coalition against Homophobia Opinion February 26, 2009

    This guest column is written by Liam Mina. Patreese Johnson. Renata Hill. Venice Brown. Terrain Dandridge. Chenese Loyal. Lania Daniels. Khamysha Coates. Ever heard of any of these women? I didn't think so. In the summer of 2006, seven young African-American lesbians from New Jersey were hanging out together. A man named ...

  129. Security Memorandum by Student Affairs Committee ASWC February 26, 2009

    Below is the memorandum presented by the Student Affairs Committee to the administration concerning campus security  recommendations. The memorandum was presented to Jed  Schwendiman and  Chuck Cleveland on Feb. 25, 2009. To read the article concerning this topic click here. Security Memorandum, Issued 02/25/09 by ...


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