Marra Clay

Marra is a photographer for the Whitman Pioneer, as well as a blogger. Her blog, "Under Close Examination," uses photography to see things on the Whitman campus from an unusual perspective, as well as capture things that may not be seen by a Whittie unless they look a little bit closer.


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  1. Off the Record Media Videos November 6, 2014

    [embed] [/embed] Off the Record, a Whitman band featuring Jonas Myers (2013) and Maya Abramson (2015), has been becoming popular on campus this year. Videographer Emma Casley works with writer Daniel Kim to interview the duo to learn more about their music styles and the group's aspirations.   *This article has been ...

  2. Voices of the Community // Issue 9 Opinion November 6, 2014

    What changes would you like to see in the Whitman Health Center? Photographer Denali Elliot takes a poll. [portfolio_slideshow]

  3. Voices of the Community // Issue 8 Voices of the Community October 30, 2014

    If you could create any IM sport at Whitman, what would it be and why? Videographer and photographer Tywen Kelly takes a poll. [portfolio_slideshow]

  4. Four Day Flora Overflow Under Close Examination October 15, 2014

    I've seen this plant every day this year while walking to the Science Building, but it wasn't until the fall break that I had a chance to really stop, look and take it in. The plant is incredible- little yellow flowers dot its leaves and from the top it looks ...

  5. Roses Aren’t Red A&E Blogs Blogs Under Close Examination September 19, 2014

    Fall 2014- back to Whitman. Back to The Pioneer, back to classes, back to late nights in the library and finally back to taking photos of our incredible campus. Here are a few shots from the lovely roses in bloom on the west side of Maxey. The roses aren't red- most ...

  6. Voices of the Community / / Issue 1 Humor Opinion Voices of the Community September 11, 2014

    "What is your least favorite thing about Whitman?" [portfolio_slideshow]

  7. Morning Teleportation Performs on Reid Side Lawn Media Media Highlight September 6, 2014

    Morning Teleportation, a psychedelic rock group from Bowling Green, Kentucky, performed on the Reid side lawn on Sept. 5, 2014. The group has been working with Glacial Pace Recordings, who also produce music with Modest Mouse, Love as Laughter and Mimicking Birds. Morning Teleportation's group features Tiger Merritt (vocals and ...

  8. Voices from the Community // Issue 13 Opinion Voices of the Community May 8, 2014

    What has been the highlight of this school year? [portfolio_slideshow]

  9. The New Students are Here! Under Close Examination April 27, 2014

    This seems to be what the ducklings on campus are referred to as. New students. Newbies, incoming first years.

  10. Smells like Spring! Under Close Examination April 6, 2014

    Everyone is enjoying this weather- but the beautiful sunshine is distracting while studying for midterms. However, the new growth on campus is providing both a colorful view and a delicious smell to experience when I pop out of the doors to Anderson each morning.

  11. The Student Body Circuit Front Page Slideshow Media Highlight Photo Essay Photos April 1, 2014

    Whitman's active- this isn't a secret. With my fresh first year perspective, I still meander around campus, jaw dropped in awe of both the physical and intellectual talents of my peers.

  12. Hypnotic Hydrology Under Close Examination March 12, 2014

    Sometimes, I think that the Whitman community takes our access to water for granted. We live in a desert. Walla Walla is not meant to have green grass and luscious rivers flowing through it, but our campus serves as an oasis full of greenery and sparkling brooks. I meandered by ...

  13. Hidden in the Ivy Under Close Examination February 24, 2014

    Shortly into my first few weeks here at Whitman, I learned a vital lesson: Watch out when near the ivy. You never know what will be there.

  14. Woven Metal Under Close Examination February 16, 2014

    Whitman has gone through a whirlwind of weather changes. In the last few weeks, I have seen snow deep enough to bury everyone's Birkenstocks, enough sunshine to melt it all away, drizzling rain, and even a rolling, fleet of fog.

  15. InterNation Celebrates Cultural Stories From Around World Media Media Highlight Photo Essay Photos February 15, 2014

    Last Saturday, Feb. 8, Beyond Borders Club (BBC) hosted the InterNation Celebration at the Young Ballroom in Reid Campus Center. It was a night of dance, music, traditional attire and cultural stories from around the world! [portfolio_slideshow]    

  16. Voices of the Community: Issue 1 Opinion Voices of the Community February 3, 2014

    What initiatives do you think the U.S. should take regarding climate change? [portfolio_slideshow] Photographer Marra Clay polls the community on what they think the U.S. should do in regards to climate change.  

  17. Students Participate in Peace March in Honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Media Photos January 26, 2014

    On January 20, 2014, a peace march and candlelight vigil in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. The vigil and short musical performances occurred at 1st Avenue and Main Street. The march finished with a reception at Reid Campus Center.

  18. Creativity in Dining Halls Circuit Media Photo Essay Photos December 9, 2013

    Although the food from Bon Appétit has a certain flair, some first-years are already searching for ways to put a twist on the goods in the dining halls. Using a variety of vegetables from the salad bar, cereals of every shape and color, and making Sundae Sunday every day of ...


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