Serena Runyan

Serena is a History major and Chinese minor in her fourth year at Whitman College. She spent last spring semester in Jerusalem, Israel studying abroad at Hebrew University's Rothberg Int'l School. Serena is on ASWC, works for the SEC and at Edison elementary, plays the piano, and occasionally leads hiking/backpacking trips for the college's outdoor program.


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  1. Profile: Lauren Hauck Feature December 4, 2014

    Senior Lauren Hauck is a History and Art History double major. She’s been involved with debate at Whitman since her first year when she learned parliamentary debate, and she became a policy debater her second year. This was all new to Hauck- she hadn’t debated before college like many debaters on ...

  2. Whitman debate and the community Feature Weekly Topic December 4, 2014

    Meet a couple Whitman debaters and learn about their collaboration with the State Penitentiary.

  3. Students form relationships with community members Feature Weekly Topic November 6, 2014

    Through multiple service learning organizations on campus, students are creating long-term relationships with community members through the generations.                  

  4. Food Sustainability at Whitman Feature Weekly Topic October 23, 2014

    How does Whitman make efforts to keep fight food insecurity and reduce waste?

  5. Being a religious minority on campus Feature Weekly Topic October 16, 2014

    How do students with a small or non-existent religious community on campus keep in touch with their religion and culture?

  6. Inside the Transfer Process Feature Weekly Topic September 25, 2014

    What prompts students to come to Whitman? To leave Whitman? What is it like to leave one campus and integrate into another?

  7. Escort team makes campus security visible Feature September 18, 2014

    Student escorts alert security officers of things happening on campus and increase the visible presence of Campus Security.

  8. Campus security stays strong Feature Weekly Topic September 18, 2014

    Meet the Director of Security and student escorts that make campus safe for the Whitman community.

  9. Director of Security builds connections with students Feature Feature Highlight September 18, 2014

    According to Stroe, all members of the family are excited to meet Whitman students.

  10. Gap Years Offer Students More Stability Entering College Feature Feature Highlight Front Page Slideshow September 11, 2014

    As the three of these gap-year students now settle into life at Whitman, they are all shaped by their experiences in the last 12 months. “It’s pretty easy for me to settle in a new place,” said Popenoe. “I’m not really dealing with the homesickness part that a lot of ...

  11. New Faces at Whitman Feature Weekly Topic September 11, 2014

    Learn what brought two new history professors to Whitman, and about how three first-years spent their gap years before coming to Whitman.

  12. New History Professors Come From Different Places for the Same Reason Feature September 11, 2014

    This enthusiasm to work with the Whitman community is one thing Nouwen and Arch have in common.

  13. The beginning of passover break Living in History April 6, 2014

    This is another post written on a bus. This time we're heading home from a school trip titled "yam le yam" or "sea to sea". The idea is to hike from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Galilee, but in reality we did a couple day hikes inbetween driving from ...

  14. Holy Living in History Web Only March 20, 2014

    Jerusalem is a holy city. A bridge between the material and the spiritual. Many would say between the earth and the heavens. But what is holy?: “Connected to a god or a religion/ religious and morally good” — Merriam-Webster. As I walk home through the botanical gardens on a ...

  15. A weekend in Tel-Aviv Living in History March 14, 2014

    Right now I'm riding the bus to Tel-Aviv for the weekend, something that's become somewhat of a habit amongst my friends and I. It takes about an hour to get to Tel-Aviv from Jerusalem, and hostels dot the city downtown and close to the beach, making the trip all ...

  16. “Mi Col Ha-Olam”: A Month in Ulpan Living in History Web Only February 23, 2014

    It's become exceptionally beautiful and warm in Jerusalem the past few days, so as the weather changes and the academic semester begin, its become time to reflect on my month in Ulpan and shift to a new aspect of my time here. Ulpan is a rather intensive program in Israel to ...

  17. Backtracking: Ten Days with Birthright Living in History Web Only February 6, 2014

    As I mentioned earlier,  my Birthright trip was a medium through which I stopped feeling like a tourist here and started to be able to envision myself being a living part of Israel. As things become more and more familiar, and as I finally finish putting up pieces of home around ...

  18. Finally Settled Living in History Web Only January 30, 2014

    I'm sitting in my apartment in Jerusalem, Israel, where I am studying abroad this semester at Hebrew University with the DOME program: Dynamics of the Middle East. I came here primarily for the academic content of my program: politics, religion, peace and conflict, etc.- to fix the knowledge gap I ...

  19. Unique Variety Show Format Creates New Opportunities, Challenges Feature Feature Highlight December 12, 2013

    Find out more about the inspiration behind the upcoming variety show at Harper Joy, "Ukulele!"

  20. Dining Halls through the Ages Circuit Feature December 9, 2013

    Seventy years ago, 55 cents could buy you a dinner at Whitman's dining halls. Students from the '60s are pictured in Lyman Hall eating in suits, and diners used to be waited on. Despite these changes, dining halls have always served as a warm environment for the Whitman community to ...

  21. Independent Quilting Supply Store Succeeds Despite Tough Market Feature Feature Highlight Front Page Slideshow December 5, 2013

    Read more about Stash, Walla Walla's independent quilting supply store.

  22. Interfaith Coalition on Poverty Hosts Hunger, Homeless Awareness Event Feature Front Page Slideshow November 21, 2013

    The week of Nov. 18 through Nov. 22 was the 2013 Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week. Find out more about Walla Walla's campaign to raise awareness about these issues.

  23. Alumni Find Exciting Work Opportunities Abroad Feature November 14, 2013

    Discover more about several Whitman alumni's experiences living abroad.

  24. Converging Histories Festival to Bring Past into Focus Feature Feature Highlight November 7, 2013

    Find out more about the Kirkman House Museum and their upcoming Festival of Converging Histories, an event that celebrates the Victorian past of Walla Walla.

  25. Alumnus Writes Psychological Thriller about Local Cemetery Feature October 31, 2013

    Read more about a psychological thriller novel set in Walla Walla's haunted cemetery.

  26. Whitman, Walla Walla University Collaborate on Community Service Feature October 23, 2013

    Read more about collaborative community service projects between Whitties and students from Walla Walla University.

  27. Pets Provide Companionship for Off-Campus Housers Feature October 17, 2013

    Meet Abby and Constantine, two off-campus pets.

  28. Whitman Cycling Team Extends Helping Hand to Community Feature October 10, 2013

    Learn more about the Whitman Cycling Team and their service projects within the Walla Walla community.

  29. Music Majors Commit In and Out of the Classroom Feature October 3, 2013

    Learn about the busy lives of several music majors on campus.

  30. Walla Walla Book Nooks Delight Buyers Feature September 26, 2013

    Take a trip downtown and discover three independent bookstores in Walla Walla.

  31. Biology Professor Leads Award-Winning Alumni Trips Feature September 19, 2013

    Find out more about Professor Delbert Hutchison leading alumni trips in exotic locations.

  32. Internships Provide Professional Avenues for Students’ Environmental Passions Feature September 12, 2013

    Three Whitties explore their environmental passions and interests at summer internships.

  33. Senior Profiles: Fellowships and Grants Circuit May 13, 2013

    [caption id="attachment_70774" align="alignright" width="300"] Lauren Kutler '13. Photos by Devika Doowa.[/caption] Lauren Kutler will travel to Boston University next year to take classes and student-teach as a part of the Math for America program. Math ...

  34. Student Groups Prepare for Choral Contest Feature April 25, 2013

    For the competitors, Choral Contest is more than just a show; it's the culmination of months of effort.

  35. College prepares for influx of visitors Feature Feature Highlight April 11, 2013

    It's April, and the class of 2017 has been admitted. How does Whitman prepare for the influx of admitted students looking to see if they would like to make this school their home?

  36. Military Marriages Work Through Distance and Deployment Feature February 26, 2013

    Many students make sacrifices to be in long-distance relationships when they come to school. But the distance becomes very difficult to maintain when the relationship turns into marriage, and their spouse is scheduled for deployment in military service.

  37. Siblings, Descendants Strive for Individuality Feature February 14, 2013

    A name often comes with a meaning devoid of relevance to its owner. These titles—more specifically last names—are passed to family members and carry with them any meaning that other relatives have given them. Whitman has its own collection of significant, recognizable names.

  38. Students Discuss Assumptions Surrounding ‘Gluten-Free’ Feature Feature Highlight Front Page Slideshow January 31, 2013

    No longer a dietary restriction for those physically intolerant to gluten, people have adopted the gluten-free diet for a variety of reasons pertaining to health and well-being.

  39. Super seniors appreciate prolonged time for study Feature Feature Highlight January 24, 2013

    After an enriching high school experience studying abroad in Latin America, current fifth-year Oliver Wood knew he wanted to take a semester off before beginning his time at college. Little did he then know that this would take him down the path to becoming a "super senior."

  40. A Look Into the Life of Rhonda, Prentiss Dining Hall’s Omelette Chef Circuit Front Page Slideshow News November 26, 2012

    Rhonda, famous maker of omelets, has become an iconic figure of the Whitman College community. We decided to sit down with her and learn about the woman behind the breakfast.

  41. Lecturer Promotes Killing Trees to Save Rivers Events News Outdoors November 15, 2012

    This Wednesday, O'donnell Visiting Educator Jamie Workman presented a lecture by the intriguing title of "Save the River, Kill the Trees." In his talk, he explained why the overabundance of trees in the western United States is causing worse forest fires and lower water levels, and advised a thinning method ...

  42. Behind the Scenes with Shooting Simone A&E November 7, 2012

    This Wednesday, the student-directed production of Lynne Kaufman's play Shooting Simone will open on Whitman campus. This comedy, set in 20th century Paris, deals with love, love affairs, feminism, and the fallibility of truth. The Pioneer asked a few questions of the cast, stage manager, and student  director to get ...

  43. FILM PREVIEW: FGWC Promotes Awareness with “First Generation” A&E November 2, 2012

    First Generation and Working Class Club's (FGWC) presented an exhibit titled "In My Shoes" in Stevens Gallery this past Tuesday, Oct. 30. This exhibit and two weeks of FGWC awareness program will end with the screening of the documentary, "First Generation" on Nov. 7 at 7 p.m. in Maxey Auditorium. Cosponsored ...

  44. Charles Simonyi, Creator of Microsoft Word and Excel, Travels to Space Events News November 2, 2012

    Charles Simonyi, creator of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, founder of Intentional Software, and Seattle-based philanthropist, came to Whitman College this past week to discuss his experiences in the up and coming area of space tourism. Space tourism is a term used to categorize space travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes. More ...

  45. Whitman Hosts Annual ‘Women in Leadership’ Symposium News October 25, 2012

    On Wednesday, Oct. 24, in the Reid Ballroom, Whitman once again hosted three highly successful women leaders for a symposium on women in leadership that occurs every year. A room full of women of all ages, and a spattering of men, listened to the career paths of Aya Hamilton, Fidelma ...

  46. Dr. Amina Wadud suggests ‘Gender Jihad’ within Islam A&E Events Reviews October 10, 2012

    This past week, Whitman College received the visit of Dr. Amina Wadud, a Qur'anic  scholar and leader in Islamic feminism. Dr. Wadud visited classes, lectured and led a workshop on exploring Islamic texts with a gender focus. Wadud's main message was this: In order to create justice in gender in Islam, there ...

  47. Men’s Soccer Against Willamette an Exciting 0-0 Stalemate Men's Soccer Sports Varsity Sports September 16, 2012

    In a game against Willamette Bearcats this Saturday at the Whitman Soccer Complex, the Whitman men's soccer team held their own through two overtimes and ended 0-0. In the first ninety minutes, Whitman dominated possession, with great shots by senior Andrew Clark and sophomore Joe Virdon, but Willamette managed to hold up their ...

  48. Head and the Heart, Royal Blue concert leaves behind happily humming Whitties A&E Events September 14, 2012

    This Thursday at 8:00 p.m. the much-awaited concert featuring The Head and the Heart took place in the Reid Ballroom, making a crowd of 500 Whitman students joyously jazzed off of folk-rock. The Seattle-based band was well-received by the Whitman community, yielding nothing but positive reviews. After a late start, the ...


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