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  1. Failure, Difficulty Presented in Video Games Columnists Opinion Opinion Highlight May 8, 2014

    What does it mean for a creative work to be difficult? When we talk about a book or a movie being “difficult,” we usually mean it requires close scrutiny and multiple viewings in order to be fully understood and enjoyed. When we call a video game difficult, however, we usually ...

  2. Brogue presents unique landscape Opinion April 24, 2014

    How do you write about video games? Until recently, nearly all writing on games was done under the auspices of the “review,” a consumer-minded evaluation of game as product, designed to help determine whether or not a particular title was worth buying. This led to a lot of unsavory practices: ...

  3. Review of Etrian Odyssey III Opinion March 6, 2014

    Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City is the third installment of Atlus's dungeon-crawling series for the Nintendo DS. It largely follows the format of the previous entries in the series: you form a party of adventurers, consisting of princesses, gladiators, pirates and the like, and then descend into a vast, ...

  4. Hotline Miami Horrifies, Thrills Opinion January 30, 2014

    Violent video games are an enduring and well-documented cultural phenomenon. Of the 10 best-selling video games of 2013, seven contained some form of armed combat. One one hand, this isn't surprising.

  5. Jill of the Jungle’s Creative Aesthetic Won’t Disappoint Opinion December 12, 2013

    Before Epic Games made it big off of "Gears of War" and its sequels, they were called Epic MegaGames, and they made shareware games. Shareware was a distribution model for games in which companies gave away a portion of their game for free and encouraged people to share it with ...

  6. Simple Video Games Offer New Arena for Competition Opinion November 14, 2013

    The Chinese game of Go epitomizes this axiom. In it, players alternately place stones on a grid, attempting to demarcate territory and to capture their opponents stones by surrounding them. It's a simple formula, but the number of permutations it gives rise to are beyond the computation of even our ...

  7. The Binding of Issac Offers Throwback Opinion November 7, 2013

    The roguelike genre of video games takes its name from Rogue, a text-based dungeon crawl game made by Michael Toy and Glenn Wichman in 1980 that boomed in popularity on college campuses soon after its release.


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