Will Gregg

Will Gregg is a senior at Whitman this year. He will graduate with a major in Classics and a minor in Philosophy. He is writing his senior thesis on the use of rhetoric in the Melian Dialogue in book five of Thucydides' "History." He currently works at Walla Walla High School as a tutor and at the Whitman College and Northwest Archives as an assistant. His hometown is Towanda, Kansas.


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  1. A Man and His Pipe, Part III: “Father of His County” A Whittie Look at the Past May 2, 2014

    When Walla Walla was founded, it was, in the eyes of many, likely to be nothing more than a modest agricultural center.

  2. A Man and His Pipe, Part II: The Man who Never Smiled A Whittie Look at the Past April 6, 2014

    As I mentioned last time, the gold rush had brought significant change to Walla Walla including a large proportion of temporary to permanent residents.

  3. A Man and His Pipe, Part I: “Considerable Noteworthy History” A Whittie Look at the Past March 1, 2014

    This specimen is perhaps the finest piece of smoking paraphernalia you’ve ever laid eyes on. The material is meerschaum, a rare mineral found almost exclusively in a valley in western Turkey.

  4. Handing down History A Whittie Look at the Past Blogs February 12, 2014

    Welcome to the wonderful history of Whitman and Walla Walla! This blog will feature different objects from the Penrose Archives each week in a discussion of regional and college history. The objects I have chosen this week are symbolic of this inaugural entry of the blog.

  5. Real Food Challenge documents food at Whitman News March 10, 2011

    Whitman students are conducting an audit to determine the amount of real food purchased by Bon Apptit.

  6. Symposium discusses spectacle in the global media News News Highlight March 3, 2011

    Uprisings in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries over the past few weeks have demonstrated the importance of spectacles in the international media. With these recent events in mind, speakers gathered in Maxey Auditorium to participate in a symposium entitled “Global Media, Global Spectacle" on Sat. Feb. 26.

  7. Spirituality author David James Duncan visits campus News February 24, 2011

    David James Duncan delivered a lecture, "The Wild Without, and the Wild Within: toward a spirituality that serves the living world," on Wednesday, February 23.

  8. Mentees to Campus day highlights growth of mentor program Community News February 17, 2011

    Once a year, 150 grade school and middle school students stampede into Reid Campus Center for a carnival organized by Whitman's Mentor Program which places Whitman students in local public schools to mentor at-risk kids. Mentees to Campus Day originally started as a scavenger hunt but has grown into an event ...

  9. Whitman searches for environmental studies-classics, nine other tenure-track faculty News February 10, 2011

    Whitman College's search for a professor to fill the newly-combined position of environmental studies and classics began on Monday, Feb. 7 and will continue until shortly before spring break.


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