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Winter Art Salon exhibits new media and technology


The eighth annual Student Winter Art Salon opened at the Sheehan Gallery last Saturday, Jan. 24 and will remain open until Feb. 13. The art pieces featured are all completed in studio art classes at Whitman and the pieces displayed were chosen by three studio art faculty members. This year’s salon holds an unprecedented amount of new media and technology, representing a medium of art that perhaps has not gained a significant amount of attention in previous salon years. “We always have a handful [of digital pieces] but this is a really bright year for new media,” said Exhibitions and Collections Manager Kynde Kiefel. “I feel like in the past, new media has had an uphill battle in certain museums and galleries in the sense that [new media] is not always viewed the same way as say painting or sculpture, methods that have been around for centuries. I feel like putting ... (more)

Belle and Sebastian’s Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance tries something new


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The survival guide for upcoming Springtime movies


As I start my last semester at Whitman, the terror of the fast approaching real world is looming.  I’m starting ... more...

“Birdman” plot fails but acting flies


After the movie ended, I sat in my seat and wondered, “What the hell did I just watch?”

Traditional Holiday Movies


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Horror movies bring necessary balance to film industry


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Community Service groups sold crafts at the fair as a way to raise money for their cause. Photo by Tywen Kelly.

Students sell their wares at Winter Craft Fair


While several of the tables at the Winter Craft Fair were occupied by student businesses and non-profit groups, the majority ... more...


Sister Outsider inspires at coffeehouse


This evening, on Friday, Dec. 5th, slam poetry duo Sister Outsider performed at the FACE Equality Coffeehouse in Reid Basement. ... more...

Olivia Coakley (2017), Jack Wheeler (2017), Caitlyn Yoshina (2015) rehearsing for the show.

Student opera class showcases singing skills


Today, Thursday, Dec. 3, students in Whitman's opera class will be showcasing their talents. The showcase takes place at 7:30 ... more...