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Show: Morsels Time: Fridays, 3-4 p.m. Host: Tino Mori and Chloe Kaplan   "Morsels" is a comedic twist on a radio cooking show. Tino and Chloe focus on one ingredient per week, featuring everything from chocolate to onions. They present five facts about the ingredient's historical and current use, followed by a related song. The second half of the show begins with a quiz about the week's ingredient — past quizzes include "Hip Hop Artist or Heirloom Beet?" and "Peach Cultivar or Middle Earth Location?" — and concludes with a dramatic poetry reading. Fans of the show can get their daily dose as well as a sneak peek of the next week's topic on the Morsels Facebook page. [caption id="attachment_91117" align="aligncenter" width="300"]... (more)

Student playwrights prepare for Instant Play Festival


Student writers will truly put their creativity and energy to work at the Instant Play Festival this weekend. The festival ... more...

Walla Walla’s first fashion fiesta


Tonight fashion will hit the streets of Walla Walla with a runway show and celebration hosted by Walla Walla Clothing ... more...

Beginning of ‘The Weekend’ with Justin Wayne


Local radio station 107.7 The Vine will be celebrating the commencement of a new show, The Weekend With Justin Wayne. ... more...

Senior Piano Recitals to Showcase Musical Mastery


Two music majors, seniors Kaity McCraw, who is also majoring in religion, and Andrés Crane, who is also majoring in ... more...

Students Bring Skills Back from Salsa Festival


While there is no official Whitman club for the Latin dance salsa, a group of enthusiastic students recently attended the ... more...

Photo by Denali Elliot.

“The Weekend” kick-off party brings music but not a big crowd


Walla Walla's 107.7 The Vine promoted their new radio show, "The Weekend," held on Friday, Sept. 19. There was some serious ... more...


‘The Maze Runner’ runs with young adult trend


“The Maze Runner” fell directly in the middle of the Young Adult adaptation scale, not terrible, but not amazing.

Photo by Emily Volpert

Sheehan Gallery presents POST-RURAL


The term "Post-Rural" originated 14 years ago when original curator Matt Hamon was mocking the concept of postmodernism with his ... more...