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ArtWalla Supports Large Collection of Public Art


Walla Walla's art scene has been steadily growing over the years, and the variety of public art displayed in the downtown area is a testament to that trend. ArtWalla, a local nonprofit that engages art eduction in the community, helps foster the public art scene by putting out calls for artists and working with them to create and install public art, which is then donated to the city. "ArtWalla is looking for the artistic interpretation of installation, but also is concerned with the materials that will be used, safety considerations and ... the artists' ability to follow through on the timelines, budget and other details of the project," said ArtWalla Director Tricia Harding.  There are 15 major public art installations in Walla Walla, but here are three that show the variety of pieces displayed in the city. A full map ... (more)

Senior Piano Recitals to Showcase Musical Mastery


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Students Bring Skills Back from Salsa Festival


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‘Bears’ Showcases Landscape


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Staff, Faculty Share Favorite Films


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Switchfoot to Play in Walla Walla


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Katie Gorman

Class of 2014 Senior Art Profiles


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‘Thrones’ Entertains Vast Audience


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Multiple Factors Determine Vocalist Preferences


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