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A Whittie Look at the Past 4 Posts

Explore the dynamic history of Whitman and Walla Walla through a discussion of its artifacts. Each post presents one or more images of pistols, gavels, dictionaries, diaries, hats, pipes, pearls, fence posts, Nobel Prizes, accessories for divination, and anything in between from the Whitman College Archives. Each item is then discussed for its specific context and greater historical significance.

Between the Speakers 9 Posts

Club Spotlight 0 Posts

Allison Kelly gives us the scoop on on-campus clubs.

It's Owl Good 0 Posts

Everything and anything about those predatory birds we all love.

Le Lovely Kitchen 2 Posts

Lights, Camera, I Like Movies! 9 Posts

Vincent Warne discusses a wide variety of topics related to film and culture.

Tuggboat Art Life 13 Posts

Tuggboat's favorite music and film from whenever.

Under Close Examination 7 Posts

Photography used to see things on the Whitman campus from an unusual perspective, as well as capture objects and events that may not be seen by a Whittie unless they look just a little bit closer.

Czech It Out 3 Posts

Sarah Cornett is spending the fall 2014 semester in Prague.

Deixa Te Falar Uma Coisa 20 Posts

In "Deixa Te Falar Uma Coisa," I share stories from my year as a Fulbright English teaching assistant in Brazil. I'll focus on what I learn while planning class activities for college students, struggling to become proficient in Portuguese, and comparing my experiences here and to my travels elsewhere in Latin America.

Excitement, Expansion, and Enlightenment in East Asia 0 Posts

Adam Heymann writes about his experiences abroad in Taiwan. Spring 2015.

Exploring Ecuador 1 Posts

Linnaea Weld '16 explores Ecuador in the spring of 2015.

From Sweet Onions to Satay: Adventures in Indonesia 9 Posts

Maya Volk is spending the fall 2014 semester in Indonesia.

Jess Goes West 7 Posts

Jess Faunt '17 writes about her experiences on Whitman's Semester in the West program.

Little Sparrow with Dreams of Swans 17 Posts

Follow Rachel as she spends four months in Shanghai, China, the city of 24 million, and immerses herself in its rich culture, food, and history. Special attention will be paid to the changing roles of women and the family in modern Chinese households.

Living in History 6 Posts

An account of what I learn and experience during my time in Jerusalem on both an academic level and a personal level. I will address the significance of politics, religion and history in the area, under the frame of Jerusalem as an amazingly diverse and dynamic city.

Sprechen Sie Englisch? 9 Posts

A Whittie travels to Vienna, Austria and tries to find the best bratwurst, lederhosen, and beer while attempting to speak German.

ASWC Unpacked 28 Posts

Darwin's Finches 11 Posts

Sophomore Jessica Parker discusses zoology in the context of environmental and wildlife concerns.

One Woman Round Table 12 Posts

Contemporary issues and current events from a female student's perspective. Exploring both political and cultural landscapes.

The (Green) Onion: Today's Discussion of Sustainability on Whitman Campus 0 Posts

Danielle Hupper, who is involved with ASWC and sustainability, blogs about initiatives, answers sustainability-related questions and, more generally, discusses sustainability issues on campus.

What's In A Name? 9 Posts

Sophomore Ari Appel discusses the meaning and history of various linguistic trends.

Northwest Sports Optimist 11 Posts

The Pioneer has a lot of uses, but in one sense, we are a record and a reflection of Whitman College. The Editors’ Blog is a record of The Pioneer itself in its efforts to capture Whitman.

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