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Campus security stays strong

Meet the Director of Security and student escorts that make campus safe for the Whitman community.

Photo by Halley McCormick

Director of Security builds connections with students by

Though his son may be the one wearing the costume, Matt Stroe is the real superhero. Matt Stroe has been Whitman’s Director of Security for one year now, and his son is the four-year-old that wears superhero costumes to every home basketball game. Stroe focuses ... (more)

Escort team makes campus security visible by

Twenty-eight Whitman students can be seen this year patrolling campus with vests that read "Escort." These student escorts, employed by Whitman's Campus Security office, not only provide a valuable service to the Whitman community, but they allow security officers like John DeLaney to spend more time outside keeping campus safe. "We can be out because we’re not in the dorms checking the hall and the doors of the academic buildings," said DeLaney. Escorts cover all the residence halls and academic buildings on ... (more)

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Jamie Willard '18, Sean Hays '17

Escort team makes campus security visible


Student escorts alert security officers of things happening on campus and increase the visible presence of Campus Security.

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