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Jackpage: Talking to strangers on planes Mar 12, 2015

Illustration by Asa Mease. When you fly on a plane, do you prefer the window ... (more)

Sun’s March nip-slip: road to naked mile commences Mar 12, 2015

Illustration by Catalina Burch. The sun has once again blessed us with its presence, and like many before us, we ... (more)

‘Coco’ by O.T. Genesis is definitely ultimate romantic ballad of our generation Mar 12, 2015

When examining works of art which define an era, one would be remiss to omit “Coco” by O.T. Genesis. In a style that can only be described as Shakespearean, the poet ... (more)

Mease not Mooses: Four Years at Whitman Mar 12, 2015

Cartoon by Asa Mease.

Browning out: Spending quality time with children Mar 5, 2015

This week there’s an important story that I would like to tell. It involves a long-lost love, epic fight scenes and some downright great humor. Oh wait, that’s "The Princess Bride." Really, my ... (more)

Kale mutated innocent cerebellum of Whitman-based serial killer Mar 5, 2015

When Michelle Ma sent out an email notifying all Whitman students of an "Emergency Alert," most students dismissed it as another mistakenly sent email. Indeed, mere minutes later, she sent ... (more)