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Maus Audio Book Now Available Apr 17, 2014

Art Speigelman's influential graphic novel "Maus" has just been released in audiobook form, just in time for first-years to begin reading it for Encounters. Penrose Library has made digital downloads of ... (more)

Ducks Hunters ‘Quack’ Under Pressure Apr 17, 2014

The Student Activities Office Annual Duck Hunt began this week, and competition this year is hotter ... (more)

Whitman: An Origin Story Apr 17, 2014

Once upon a time, there lived a brilliant man named Walt Whitman, who decided to open up his own poetry college. In an effort to avoid the pretension of the ... (more)

Shakespeare Crossword Puzzle Apr 17, 2014

Clues: Across 2. Turns into an ass 5. Prospero's slave 6. Oldest daughter of 16-Across 8. This Athenian gives away ... (more)

Sin-counters Revolution Begins Apr 17, 2014

The ever so clever 2014 first-year class has come up with a new way to get ... (more)

Students Divest, Assets Revealed Apr 17, 2014

The Whitman Divestment Committee would like to inform the student body that it has no connection with the newly-founded Whitman Divestment Society, which was responsible for last week’s “parade.” They ... (more)