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Mercyvail resigns Apr 23, 2015

It was to the surprise of many normally apathetic Whitman students that President-elect Jack Mercyvail would not be occupying to the ASWC Presidency next fall. In a surprise press conference followed ... (more)

Orcas found to be conspiring to destroy all of humanity Apr 23, 2015

Through the making of "Blackfish," a movie about the entrapment of orca whales (part of the dolphin family), dolphin psychologists and neurologists have been studying the effects of tight enclosures ... (more)

Browning Out: Summer job hunt Apr 16, 2015

Spring is rapidly approaching, and we all know what that means: Summer is just around the corner. And again, we all know what that means: You had better find yourself ... (more)

Jackpage: Note found! Apr 16, 2015

The other day, I found a crumpled letter in a wastepaper basket. What was I doing snooping through the garbage? An ordinary person might think ... (more)

Local man wants to settle down and get divorced Apr 9, 2015

In these uncertain times of almost 50% of marriages ending in death, it can be easy for some to lose faith in the sanctity of divorce. Luckily, hope springs eternal. This ... (more)

Whitman College Poetry Society presents: Heedson Redrick’s brilliant ‘Poems of Punishment’ Apr 9, 2015

Sincerity A concept so important Yet so rarely true When you sit down on a stump to think Does the term really describe you? One’s own ego tends to create a stink Only in small doses Sincerity ... (more)