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Undergrad Conference Highlights Apr 10, 2014

Undergraduate Conference is unarguably the best day of the year. Every 15 minutes brings a different powerpoint theme and new things to learn! The only downside of the conference is not ... (more)

Best Destinations in Walla Walla: An Insider’s Guide to Living Sweet Apr 10, 2014

Gosh, isn't it terrible when you wake up in the morning feeling like P. ... (more)

Whitman Riddles Apr 10, 2014

I’m the perfect cure for your hangover. Though I’m a little hectic, brave the crowds. ... (more)

“Marky” Mark Whitman Tells All Apr 10, 2014

Now ya’ll already know my name. I mean, I am pretty damn famous ‘round these ... (more)

ASWC Minutes for Senate Meeting March 30 Apr 3, 2014

Ratified the Students for Puppy & Kitten Adoration Club by a vote of  14-0-4. Ratified the Students in Favor of George Bridges Bringing Back his Constant Use of the Bow Tie Club ... (more)

Editor-in-chief Caught Eating Dirt, Baking Powder Apr 3, 2014

The staff of the Whitman Pioneer is shaken and shocked after witnessing the downfall of their beloved leader. Senior Shelly Le, editor-in-chief of The Pioneer, was caught eating dirt and baking ... (more)