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Leaves of gas by Rendrick Heeson Jan 29, 2015

Life Moments Running through the forest A little birdy I saw Sitting on top of a florist Just waiting to be called   Deep in the meadow A brown bee fought Until one night Where a spider made his ... (more)

Library gives away nitrous balloons to start semester Jan 29, 2015

Sophomore Enivronment Studies major Billy Fernandez could barely believe his eyes when he walked into the library for the first time this semester. A self-declared "total dead-head, bro," he immediately ... (more)

Stunning poll shows winter vacation was ‘fine, thanks’ Jan 29, 2015

Groundbreaking New Poll Reveals That Winter Break Was “Fine” Readers, I know that many of you have searched far and wide to learn about the quality of your acquaintances’ winter breaks. ... (more)

Stunning revelation about Whitman’s first snowfall Dec 11, 2014

Thursday November 13th Whitman’s first snowfall. All of the children are happy. The ignorant Whitman students do not know the truth. Around the end of October and beginning of November, Walla Walla’s temperature drops ... (more)

Walla Walla Watcher weighs in Dec 11, 2014

Anti-orgy Manifesto Discovered at Backpage Offices The following is an anonymous letter sent to the back page by a person identifying him or herself only as the “Walla Walla Watcher”.  Our ... (more)

Mease not Mooses: Alarm clock Dec 7, 2014

Comic by Asa Mease.