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Missionary mascots hold tenuous place in college’s culture


For nearly a century, Whitman students have attempted to change the school’s controversial mascot: the Missionaries. While past attempts have all fallen short, student representatives and activists have been considering making another attempt to bring about change. Though never formally adopted by the college, the Missionaries has been the school’s de-facto mascot for over a hundred years. Attempts to change the logo have been made since the 1920s but have generally failed due to opposition from alumni and an inability to unite the opposition in support of another name. The reasons for wanting to change the mascot have varied greatly over the years. In the first attempts during the 1920s and ‘40s, Missionaries was seen as not fierce enough to accurately represent the college’s athletics. Starting in the 1950s, concerns were regularly raised about having a religious mascot at a non-religious school. In the last ... (more)

ASWC resolution advocates switch to test-free admissions


The ASWC resolution emphasizes the role of standardized testing in admissions as one that perpetuates inequality and lends an advantage ... more...

Kazi Joshua Q&A


Question:  For the first question I thought we’d start off with the question that all east-coasters get asked when they ... more...

Kazi Joshua Associate Dean for Intercultural Affairs / Chief Diversity Officer


Whitman has appointed Kazi Joshua to the newly created position of associate dean for intercultural affairs and chief diversity officer. ... more...

Product of anti-racism protests emerge


Rallies and protests against racism last year led to a series of changes on campus this fall, as the college ... more...

Alumni, Faculty Raise Concerns About Spending and Diversity


For faculty, a meeting with members of the administration on October 16th will create a forum for have their questions ... more...

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KWCW agrees to FCC compromise over 8-year paperwork backlog


KWCW signed an agreement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this summer to avoid court proceedings after they discovered an eight-year backlog of unfiled documents near the end of last year. The station will continue to broadcast under a limited ... (more)

Bari Scott '18, Hyun-Soo Seo '18, and Nick Moen '16 are ready for the zombie apocalypse. Photo by Rachael Barton.

Humans vs Zombies searches for more bodies


This past Sunday Oct. 17 marked the beginning of Whitman’s biannual weeklong game of Humans Versus Zombies (HvZ). As of Sunday, 73 participants armed with nerf guns and rolled-up socks were signed up to play the campus-wide game of tag. ... (more)


Student representatives influence policy from Governing Board Committees


Illustration by Sophie Cooper-Ellis. From Nov. 5 to Nov. 7, Whitman’s Board of Trustees will convene for their fall meeting. While the Board holds ultimate power over the college, students ... (more)