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  1. Newly elected ASWC leaders prepare for next year ASWC Front Page Slideshow News April 23, 2015

    As the 2015–2016 school year approaches, ASWC’s elected Executive Council plans new ways to address student concerns and seeks to increase student involvement in college decision-making processes. With President George Bridges stepping down, ASWC hopes to work with incoming President Kathleen Murray to revisit several policies in the new school ...

  2. Oversight Committee Investigates Negative Campaigning in Junior-Class Senate Election ASWC Breaking News News Politics April 17, 2015

    Earlier this week, the ASWC Oversight Committee investigated a complaint regarding negative campaigning within the junior-class Senate election for the 2015-2016 academic year.

  3. Resolution Summary (factbox) ASWC News February 5, 2015

    ASWC Senate unanimously passed “A Resolution Advocating for Change to Whitman’s Sexual Misconduct Policy” last Sunday, Feb. 1. What would the Sexual Misconduct Policy look like if it was changed how ASWC wants? Jurisdiction The Sexual Misconduct Policy is currently part of the Faculty Code, and amendments must go through the Faculty Senate. ...

  4. ASWC considers resolution on sexual assault policy ASWC News January 29, 2015

    A proposed resolution calling for changes to Whitman’s Title IX and sexual assault policy will be discussed by the ASWC Senate on Sunday, Feb. 1. The resolution was written collaboratively by leaders from the college student body who formed the It’s On Whitties committee this fall to discuss sexual violence on ...

  5. ASWC hires news Executive Director of Communications ASWC News January 29, 2015

    Concluding a month-long search for a new executive director of communications, Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) has officially hired senior Annie Sirski for the position. Since the time the position was vacated at the end of last semester, ASWC President senior Tatiana Kaehler has led the search for a new director ...

  6. ASWC seeks to increase student input on tenure ASWC News November 20, 2014

    ASWC representatives are preparing a resolution based on research of the process for granting tenure at Whitman’s 12 comparison colleges, in response to students’ desire to become more involved in the college’s process of hiring and granting tenure to professors.

  7. ASWC resolution advocates switch to test-free admissions ASWC News October 23, 2014

    The ASWC resolution emphasizes the role of standardized testing in admissions as one that perpetuates inequality and lends an advantage to students from more privileged backgrounds. Due to a variety of factors, including unequal access to supplemental materials and tutoring, the average score of white students is almost 300 points ...

  8. Communication mishap delays student trustee referendum ASWC News News Highlight October 16, 2014

    Due to a failure in communication, the Student Trustee Resolution passed by the student body in a referendum last spring was never communicated to the Board of Trustees. Last May, students voted to pass the Student Trustee Resolution, marking the first time in recent memory that students have voted directly ...

  9. Student representatives influence policy from Governing Board Committees ASWC Front Page Slideshow News October 16, 2014

    Student representatives on governing boards play an important role on campus, providing students’ perspectives and advocating for student values to Board members who make the final decisions about how the college in run. However, without a direct voice when the full board meets to make decisions, student representatives are at ...

  10. Elections fill 5 ASWC positions, leave 1 empty ASWC News September 25, 2014

    ASWC Faculty Liaison Jack Percival, speaking before the election, was enthusiastic about the campaign. “I am excited to see how much interest there is among the freshman class about ASWC," said Percival. "I am excited to see who will be elected to represent their class, and I am sure that whoever ...

  11. ASWC Hosts Title IX Panel to Educate Students on Policy Changes ASWC News May 1, 2014

    Title IX is the primary federal policy that shapes how college campuses respond to cases of sexual misconduct, including rape. However, it is up to individual colleges to adopt sexual misconduct policies and investigation processes that comply with Title IX.

  12. ASWC Resolutions Address Symposium, Nontenured Faculty ASWC News April 10, 2014

    The Associated Students of Whitman College considered two separate resolutions relating to next year’s Power and Privilege Symposium during the senate meeting on Sunday, April 6.

  13. ASWC Executive Candidates 2014-2015 ASWC News April 10, 2014

    The Associated Students of Whitman College executive council elections will be held on Monday, April 14. The Pioneer asked the candidates about their qualifications, goals for next year and proudest memories at Whitman. President [caption id="attachment_86824" align="alignleft" width="242"] Contributed Photo[/caption] To serve as next ...

  14. SEC to Fund More International Internships ASWC News February 20, 2014

    ASWC’s 2013 lift on the ban on college-supported international travel will affect Student Engagement Center (SEC) funded internships for this coming summer. Students will be able to apply for jobs abroad and receive college funding to spend their summer there.

  15. Board of Trustees Meets to Address Diversity, Divestment ASWC Events News February 13, 2014

    The Board of Trustees met on Thursday and Friday, Feb. 6 and 7, to discuss student concerns of diversity and divestment. Student representatives to the Board of Trustees' Student Life Committee presented students' thoughts on issues including race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.

  16. Student Fee Increase Forecasts More Money for Clubs ASWC News February 13, 2014

    The Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) raised the student fee to $360 for the next academic year, an increase of $10 from last year. Senators hope the increase will allow more funding for the Whitman Events Board (WEB), clubs, campus media organizations and other aspects of student life funded ...

  17. Board of Trustees States College Will Not Divest from Fossil Fuel Companies ASWC News February 8, 2014

    A little more than a year after various student and faculty discussions began regarding Whitman's divestment against fossil fuels, the Whitman Board of Trustees released an official statement on the movement deciding not to pursue divestment at this point in time. The response ...

  18. Power, Privilege Symposium Encourages Student Participation ASWC News January 30, 2014

    As this year’s Power & Privilege Symposium approaches, the ASWC planning committee has been working to organize content, logistics, marketing and funding.

  19. ASWC Resolution Condemns Racism on Campus ASWC News November 21, 2013

    The resolution passed Sunday the 17th directly addresses the issue of institutionalized racism on Whitman’s campus that a group of at least 225 students and faculty rallied against on Nov. 7. The original resolution expressed alarm at underlying racism that exists on campus and called for changes to be made ...

  20. Students Press for Action Against Racism ASWC Events Front Page Slideshow News News Highlight November 21, 2013

    Outrage at specific incidents of racism has evolved into demands for decisive action on campus, putting pressure on Whitman's administration to instigate change.

  21. ASWC Resolution Encourages Greater Counseling Resources ASWC Front Page Slideshow News November 14, 2013

    Although the Counseling Center on campus is available to all Whitman College students, recent efforts from ASWC have moved to ensure that the center is not only open to all students but is also able to serve all students' needs. ASWC Senate passed a resolution on Nov. 3 supporting the ...

  22. Women in Science Panel Captivates Crowd ASWC Events News November 7, 2013

    A panel of five female science professors gathered for the Women in Science panel on Tuesday, Nov. 5 in order to shed light on the adversities that women face in the field of science.

  23. Percival and Behroozian Obtain New Leadership Roles ASWC News October 7, 2013

    ASWC recently elected new leadership during their first Sunday senators meeting of the year. Sophomore Jack Percival and senior Kayvon Behroozian gained new titles of leadership at the first ASWC Senate meeting of the year Sunday night.

  24. New First-Year Senators, ASWC Leadership Bring Enthusiasm for Change ASWC Front Page Slideshow News News Highlight October 3, 2013

    Five first-year senators were elected Tuesday. They join an ASWC excited for progress and innovation in the coming year.

  25. 2013-2014 ASWC First-Year Senators Announced ASWC Breaking News News September 30, 2013

    The results of the 2013-2014 ASWC Senate elections were announced September 30 at 8:10 p.m. Out of eleven first-year candidates, Andrew Rivas, Arthur Shemitz, Dana Casterella and Mitchell Cutter will be first-year senators for the class of 2017. Voter turnout came to 63.89 percent of the first-year class, as compared to ...

  26. Brian Choe Steps Down as Vice President ASWC News September 12, 2013

    Senior Brian Choe stepped down from his ASWC vice president position at the end of last year, creating a vacancy on the ASWC Executive Council that needed to be filled before the school year started. In a typical situation like this, the position would go to the runner-up in the ...

  27. Last ASWC Senate Meeting Brings Bylaw Overhaul ASWC News April 28, 2013

    Significant changes in the ASWC bylaws were made at the final ASWC Senate meeting of the year last Sunday night, April 28. Senators voted to revise a number of measures previously in the bylaws, including those pertaining to clubs. “The old bylaws reflected the house of clubs, which was a structure ...

  28. ASWC Passes Act to Encourage More Student-Taught Classes ASWC News April 25, 2013

    ASWC Senate passed an act on April 14 to make it easier for student-teachers to apply for funding to teach a class.

  29. 2013-14 ASWC Senate Elections Results Announced ASWC News April 15, 2013

    The results of the 2013-2014 ASWC Senate race were announced Monday April 15 at 8:00 p.m.

  30. ASWC Senate Keeps Waiilatpu, Passes Resolutions on Student Taught Classes and Divestment ASWC News April 15, 2013

    Last Sunday night, April 15, ASWC Senate met for nearly six hours, discussing resolutions regarding student taught classes, divestment and the fate of Waiilatpu.

  31. Senate To Decide Yearbook’s Fate, Finalize Budget on Sunday ASWC News April 12, 2013

    ASWC released an updated version of the preliminary 2013-14 budget after the final budget appeals meeting on Wednesday, April 10. On Thursday, April 12, the ASWC Student Affairs Committee passed a bylaw amendment onto Senate that would de-recognize Whitman's yearbook Waiilatpu as a campus media organization. The amendment requires a 2/3 vote in Senate ...

  32. ASWC Town Hall Looks at International Travel, Budget, Yearbook ASWC News April 11, 2013

    The final Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) Town Hall of the year focused on three major subjects: the lifting of the international travel ban, addressing concerns regarding the ASWC budget and tackling the question of whether or not the yearbook should continue to be funded. [caption id="attachment_69365" align="alignright" width="384"]...

  33. Tim Reed Elected ASWC President, 2013-14 Executive Council Announced ASWC News April 8, 2013

    Sophomore Tim Reed was announced as next year's ASWC President 8 p.m. Monday night, April 8, with 61.3% of the vote. Junior Rania Mussia was elected Nominations Chair, beating out first year Allison Kelly in a close race with 54.2% of the vote.

  34. Meet the 2013 ASWC Executive Council Candidates ASWC News April 4, 2013

    The Pioneer asked candidates running in the 2013 ASWC Executive Council elections about their qualifications, goals for next year and favorite study spots around campus.

  35. ASWC Debates Fate of Waiilatpu ASWC News April 1, 2013

    After being given two percent of its ASWC funding request, Waiilatpu, Whitman's yearbook organization, struggled to fight for itself at ASWC Senate meeting last Sunday night, March 31.

  36. College Lifts Ban on Unaccompanied International Travel ASWC Breaking News News April 1, 2013

    After a three-year ban, students next year will be able to travel internationally with the support of the college.

  37. Preliminary 2014 ASWC Budget Slashes Yearbook, Greekend Funding ASWC News March 31, 2013

    Update: A more comprehensive article summarizing the current debate over funding the yearbook and discussion from ASWC Senate on Sunday, March 31 can be found here. ASWC has released a preliminary budget for fiscal year 2014, which includes substantial cuts to Waiilatpu (the Whitman yearbook) and the Greekend Committee. Waiilatpu requested ...

  38. Rigoberta Menchu Opens Power and Privilege Symposium ASWC Events News March 27, 2013

    Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchu spoke to a full crowd at Cordiner Hall Wednesday night, March 27. She discussed the ideas of gratitude and identity.

  39. Several ASWC Candidates to Run Unopposed in Upcoming Elections ASWC News March 27, 2013

    Executive council elections and senate elections are coming up soon, and several candidates are running unopposed.

  40. More Student Representatives to Join Governing Committees ASWC News March 7, 2013

    Students will have a greater presence on governing board committees next year, says ASWC president; additionally, trustees promise to set aside "a meaningful amount of time" for face-to-face contact with students while on campus.

  41. ASWC To Expand Student Presence on Governing Committees ASWC News March 3, 2013

    ASWC President Kayvon Behroozian announced at the ASWC Senate meeting on Tuesday, March 3 that there will be expanded student representation within Whitman's governing board committees next year.

  42. ASWC Passes Gender-Neutral Housing Resolution ASWC News February 27, 2013

    On Sunday, Feb. 24, ASWC Senate adopted a resolution calling for a gender neutral housing option for first-years. Senators showed unanimous support for the resolution, passing it through a vote of acclamation.

  43. ASWC Fee Raised $14 For 2013-14 Academic Year ASWC News February 10, 2013

    The ASWC senate voted on Sunday, February 10th to raise the ASWC student fee an additional $14 to total $350 for the academic year of 2013-14.

  44. ASWC Seeks Formal Student Representation Among Trustees ASWC Front Page Slideshow News News Highlight January 31, 2013

    In February, Whitman’s Board of Trustees will formally discuss student representation on the Board of Trustees, a long-time goal of leaders of the Associated Student of Whitman College (ASWC).

  45. ASWC Plans Student Fee Ahead of Schedule ASWC News January 22, 2013

    Students will have less time than usual this semester to give their input on the new student fee, as ASWC Senate is moving to vote on the fee ahead of schedule.

  46. Community-Based Learning on the Rise ASWC News November 8, 2012

    Associated Students of Whitman College and the Student Engagement Center are interested in expanding students' involvement with the Walla Walla community and beyond through community-based learning projects, which are aimed at integrating real-life experiences and projects into the curriculum of classes to simultaneously solidify students’ learning and reach out to ...

  47. ASWC Advocates for Sustainability Position ASWC News November 8, 2012

    On Sunday, Oct. 21, ASWC approved a resolution asking the college to create a full-time staff position for sustainability coordinator. Along with listing reasons why this position is so important, the resolution lists names of faculty that the resolution will be distributed to in an attempt to gain faculty support.

  48. ASWC Town Hall Provides Forum for Student Voices ASWC News October 31, 2012

    The first ASWC town hall meeting of the semester was held in the Reid Ballroom Thursday, Oct. 25 and was open to the general student body. ASWC senators, club representatives and other students were given the opportunity to bring up any issues or questions they had about ASWC or the ...

  49. ASWC First-Year Senators Announced ASWC Breaking News News September 17, 2012

    Polls for ASWC's first-year senators closed at 8 p.m. tonight, and the results are in: Jack Percival, James Lavery, Allison Kelly and Anya Tudisco will be representing the class of 2016 in the ASWC Senate. ASWC President Kayvon Behroozian said that this year's elections were marked by a high level of interest. The turnout rate was ...

  50. Students question timing of club budget request forms ASWC News April 26, 2012

    For the first time this year the ASWC budget request forms required club leaders to itemize lists of their expenses for each event they put on. Senior Finance Chair Fritz Siegert worked on restructuring the club budget request form to address several areas of the previous form, which he found problematic.

  51. Whitman Model UN attends Los Angeles conference ASWC News April 18, 2012

    Whitman Model United Nations club will travel to Los Angeles April 19-22 for a crisis focused conference hosted by Model United Nations at the University California, Los Angeles. The conference in Los Angeles comes with a high price tag for the club and ASWC. Attending conferences, the major activity of WhitMUN, ...

  52. ASWC Executive Council Elections 2012 ASWC News April 5, 2012

    ASWCs Executive Council elections take place Monday, April 9. The Pioneer asked president, vice president, finance chair and nominations chair candidates to answer questions about their qualifications and what they would do if elected. The election polls will be open from 12:01am until 9:00pm.

  53. ASWC student fee raised by $20 for upcoming academic year ASWC News February 29, 2012

    ASWC voted to increase the student fee by 20 dollars for the 2012-2013 academic year during their senate meeting last Sunday Feb. 26.

  54. ASWC Town Hall: Dittrich encourages students to ‘light a fire of conversation’ regarding tenure ASWC News February 16, 2012

    Last Wednesday, Feb. 15, students gathered to discuss the tenure process at Whitman at ASWC's third town hall meeting this academic year. In light of recent student uproar over Assistant Professor of Spanish Alberto Galindo's tenure denial, Provost and Dean of Faculty Timothy Kaufman-Osborn spoke about the importance of the ...

  55. ASWC President Matt Dittrich addresses challenges, goals ASWC News January 26, 2012

    The Pioneer had the opportunity to speak with ASWC President Matt Dittrich about challenges his administration has faced this year and what he expects to accomplish this semester.

  56. ASWC Senators propose bylaw changes ASWC News November 3, 2011

    A series of revisions to ASWC's bylaws may change the way ASWC distributes funding to student organizations and initiatives . Four of the revisions would moderate use of the Travel and Student Development fund, while the fifth would institute a more rigorous review process for all media organizations on campus.

  57. ASWC budget allocates more money to media organizations ASWC News April 21, 2011

    Thousands of dollars from next year's student fees were divvied up when the ASWC Senate passed the 2011-12 ASWC budget in their meeting on Sunday, April 17.

  58. ASWC Executive Council Elections ASWC News April 7, 2011

    ASWC's Executive Council elections take place Monday, April 11. The Pioneer asked president, vice president, finance chair and nominations chair candidates to answer questions about their views and what they would do if elected.

  59. ASWC proposes student representation on curriculum committee ASWC News March 10, 2011

    ASWC is currently pushing to get student representation on the newly established curriculum committee. Members of ASWC believe that allowing students to be a part of making curriculum-related decisions will be hugely beneficial for the college.

  60. ASWC membership fee lowered ASWC News February 24, 2011

    ASWC voted to reduce its student government fee from 320 to 316 dollars due to a surplus of funds from the large class of 2014.

  61. Second yearbook proposal approved by ASWC ASWC News February 17, 2011

    Second time was the charm for Whitman's yearbook, which gained funding after a re-vote during the ASWC Senate meeting on Sunday, Feb. 13. After their initial proposal to ASWC was voted down on Jan. 13, the yearbook staff came back with a new proposal.

  62. ASWC votes down yearbook proposal ASWC News February 3, 2011

    On Sunday, January 30, the ASWC Senate voted down a proposal to dedicate $15,000 from the Travel and Student Development Fund to fund a yearbook. The yearbook staff plans to revise the proposal and re-present it to the Senate in the coming weeks.

  63. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal could mean return of military recruiters to campus ASWC News January 27, 2011

    The repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell means that military recruiters are once again allowed to recruit on campus.

  64. ASWC aims to get student representation on curriculum committee ASWC News News Highlight December 9, 2010

    In order to help combat this problem of rising class sizes and course compression, the faculty voted in November to create a Curriculum Committee with the express purpose of coordinating the academic schedule across departments. When the committee was first proposed it included a student representative. This was done to ...

  65. ASWC goes green: environmental initiatives pass unanimously ASWC News November 18, 2010

    The chosen color of the Sunday, Nov. 14 ASWC Senate meeting was green--unanimously. On the agenda were two resolutions throwing ASWC support behind environmental initiatives and a vote on appropriating money to make the resolutions a reality. All three passed unanimously. One resolution, the Washington Beyond Coal resolution, displayed ASWC's support of ...

  66. Crime report shows increase in burglaries, drug referrals; decrease in sex offenses ASWC News News Highlight October 7, 2010

    Whitman released its 2010 Annual Security Report, including crime statistics for the calendar year of 2009, last Friday, Oct. 1. The college discloses the statistics in accordance with the federal Clery Act. Most notably, between 2008 and 2009, reported sex offenses on-campus and in students' off-campus houses fell from 18 to ...

  67. ASWC finalizes 2011 budget ASWC News April 22, 2010

    ASWC voted unanimously during its Sunday, April 21, meeting to finalize its budget for the 2011 fiscal year, which totals $462,400. In addition to funding eight new campus clubs and organizations, the budget allocates more money to its Travel and Student Development Fund as well as to campus media groups.

  68. Procedure for students to settle conflicts with faculty nears vote ASWC News April 22, 2010

    ASWC student representatives are working together with members of the faculty and staff to put the finishing touches on the Student Grievance Policy, a procedure by which students can present formal complaints to the college. The policy is scheduled to be reviewed by the Academic Council during its April 28 ...

  69. Student Life Committee looks to change plagiarism policy ASWC February 11, 2010

    The Student Life Committee approves an ASWC-introduced revision to the Academic Dishonesty policy. The proposed changes would give professors more input in penalties for improper citations and plagiarism. The Faculty Committee must approve the new policy for it to take effect.

  70. ASWC continues to offer free ski bus to Bluewood Ski Resort ASWC News February 4, 2010

    Following up a successful inaugural run last spring 2009, ASWC and the Whitman Outdoor Program have teamed up to offer free bus rides to Bluewood Ski Resort every Saturday throughout the month of Feb. 2010.

  71. ASWC votes against raising student activity fee ASWC February 4, 2010

    Breaking a decade-old tradition, ASWC has voted against raising its Student Activity Fee for the 2010-2011 academic year.

  72. Gotta love a big block of cheese ASWC November 17, 2009

    In the footsteps of deceased President Andrew Jackson, ASWC held its first Big Block of Cheese Day to gather student voices on a variety of pressing campus issues.

  73. ASWC elections: first-years choose senators, seniors win the right to vote ASWC September 21, 2009

    First-year Calvin Atkins walked briskly across Ankeny to the ASWC offices in Reid to learn his fate in senate elections on Monday, Sept. 21. For him, the news was good: he will be on ASWC's Finance Committee. "It was kind of like relief," he said. "I could see the election going ...

  74. First-year senator candidate bios ASWC September 16, 2009

    Nathan Abrams Why I am running for ASWC Senator: The main reason I am running is that I want to contribute to the Whitman community and get involved; I feel like I have good ideas, but more importantly, I have a strong work ethic and a desire to help improve ...

  75. Whitties go to the polls for first-year senate, amendment on senior voting ASWC September 16, 2009

    First-years heading to the polls this Monday, Sept. 21 got an opportunity to meet their senator candidates for the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) in a forum that was as much about Disney princesses as it was about politics.

  76. ASWC reviews senior voting ASWC May 7, 2009

    Graduating seniors may soon have the right to vote in Executive Council elections. In their meeting on Sunday, May 3, ASWC senate paved the way for an increase in future seniors' voting rights, passing an amendment to the ASWC constitution to allow all members of Whitman's student body to elect ...

  77. Budget, Stipends top ASWC agenda ASWC April 23, 2009

    Money was the hot topic on the ASWC Senate's agenda as they convened for their fifth meeting of the spring semester on Sunday, April 19. Foremost among the issues discussed were details concerning the '09-'10 ASWC budget and the creation of a fund to augment ASWC officers' stipends. ASWC's total budget ...

  78. ASWC Senate debates, denies seniors’ election vote ASWC April 9, 2009

    [caption id="attachment_4573" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Credit: Calkin."][/caption] Many seniors, expecting to be able to vote in Monday's ASWC Executive Council (EC) election, were surprised to learn that they were ineligible to do so. Last year, large parts of the ASWC Constitution were rewritten, ...

  79. Campus programming restructured ASWC April 9, 2009

    Effective next fall, the various student bodies responsible for event programming on campus will undergo a large restructuring. Under the current system, the ASWC Programming Committee and the Campus Activities Board (CAB) work independently of each other to host events for students. A few other small organizations also plan campus ...

  80. ASWC Candidate Platforms ASWC April 3, 2009

    Executive Council Candidate Platforms Spring 2009 Elections President: Will Canine: ASWC is for three things: Protecting your rights as a college student. Providing awesome programming for students. Ensuring student opportunity through student organizations. ASWC has had some success, but we need to do more. As the ASWC representative to two Trustee Committees, the ...

  81. ASWC executive council to be elected ASWC April 2, 2009

    Over the course of the next two weeks, Whitman students' electoral decisions will determine the makeup of the student government for the 2009-2010 academic year. Elections for the Executive Council (EC) are scheduled for this upcoming Monday, April 6. Senate elections will follow on Wednesday, April 15. Comprised of both elected and ...

  82. Activities staff reduced after cuts ASWC March 5, 2009

    During the month of February, Andrea Ramirez, Director of Student Activities and adviser to ASWC, worked every single day, including weekends.   "[I'm] here not just 8-5 but on the weekends and in the evenings as well," said Ramirez.   Due to the number of programs put on by ASWC and ...

  83. Security Memorandum by Student Affairs Committee ASWC February 26, 2009

    Below is the memorandum presented by the Student Affairs Committee to the administration concerning campus security  recommendations. The memorandum was presented to Jed  Schwendiman and  Chuck Cleveland on Feb. 25, 2009. To read the article concerning this topic click here. Security Memorandum, Issued 02/25/09 by ...

  84. ASWC weighs emergency fund creation ASWC February 19, 2009

    Members of the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) and club representatives convened at Wednesday's Town Hall meeting to discuss ASWC's proposed Emergency Development Fund. Spearheaded by Finance Chair junior David Changa-Moon, ASWC proposes to reallocate $166,000 from its approximately $300,000 endowment in order to establish a fund for students ...

  85. ASWC aims to aid students in downturn ASWC February 19, 2009

    Boasting a surplus of over $40,000 in its savings fund, it seems like the only organization at Whitman not affected by the recession is the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC). The money in the savings fund is recovered from groups' unused funds each year.   Technically, ASWC has had a surplus ...

  86. ASWC offers Bluewood bus ASWC February 5, 2009

    When the slopes beckon and skis sit abandoned in a corner, Bluewood Ski Resort is an excellent place to be, and the new Whitman ski bus is the perfect way to get there. This winter, the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) are sponsoring a ski ...

  87. This Week in ASWC ASWC December 4, 2008

    Sign up for Winterim workshops today and tomorrow in Reid! What is Winterim? Winterim is a series of activities the first weekend of Spring Semester. These events are offered either free or at a nominal cost and are first come first serve. The activities which you can sign up for ...

  88. This Week in ASWC ASWC November 20, 2008

    Winterim sign ups will be the week of December 2nd in Reid during lunch. Also: Look out for a forthcoming Programming Survey: give input on what events you want to see next semester! A Town Hall was held Monday evening on the topic of Core. Students suggested remedies for Core, which ...

  89. Crime wave hits campus, puts students on edge ASWC News November 13, 2008

    A recent spike in criminal activities on campus has heightened security concerns at student residences and prompted Dean of Students Chuck Cleveland to issue a campus safety alert. Reported incidents include the assault and attempted robbery of a first-year student on Ankeny Field early Saturday morning, as well as thefts ...

  90. This Week in ASWC ASWC News November 13, 2008

    APPLY FOR SWEET, PAID POSITIONS ON CAMPUS! Applications are now available for Public Speakers Director, Public Events Director, Films Director and Pioneer Editor-in-Chief.   Applications are available online at: Look out for emails with more information. Applications are due THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13th at midnight. Please direct questions to Nominations Chair ...

  91. ASWC solicits student input ASWC News November 6, 2008

    The Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) Finance Committee, which manages "over $900,000 in student assets," began an awareness campaign to stimulate student involvement in student government finances last Thursday as they placed cardstock fliers containing Committee information and contacts in student mailboxes. "We're trying to let people know that we ...

  92. This Week in ASWC ASWC News November 6, 2008

    The second ASWC Senate Session took place Sunday evening. The Senate discussed changes made to by-laws that would affect the duties and operations of ASWC officers and programs. Contentious topics included Town Hall attendance requirements for club representatives, whether ASWC officers may hold positions of club leadership, and clarification surrounding ...

  93. Alcohol policy under review by ASWC in coming weeks ASWC News October 23, 2008

    Members of the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) may soon discuss a new ASWC By-law which would further restrict alcohol consumption at ASWC-sponsored events. Under the current By-laws, recognized ASWC clubs have been able to serve alcohol at campus-wide events provided that the club members paid for the alcohol out ...