Address discrepancies among workloads, grading standards in different first-year Encounters classes


Apr 16, 2015

Whitman College prides itself on an Encounters program that helps to initiate new students and get them up to speed with the expectations that the school holds for writing, reading and critical thinking. Encounters students grapple with difficult texts that will ... (more)

Respond to opinion with ideas, not judgment


If a person has something important they want to say, they should be able to ... (more)

Get sexually adventurous this summer using U.S. military policy


While Don’t Ask Don’t Tell may have failed miserably for the Armed Forces, it provides ... (more)

Student protests require more action, less drama


In the last four years, there have been multiple student-led protests against perceived administrative faults ... (more)

Right to health is Whitman issue


We study diseases, but we don’t struggle with them, at least not long term. People ... (more)

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Letters to the Editor

Feb 19, 2015

This article was authored by President George Bridges for issue four of the spring semester. It was published on Feb. 19, ... (more)

Feb 5, 2015

Four months of peace and conflict studies in the Balkans taught me how to recognize genocide and ethnic cleansing, and ... (more)

Feb 5, 2015

Fifteen minutes into the conversation, my father asked me, “So what do you want to major in?” It was something ... (more)

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Letter from the Editor

Sep 11, 2014

Even while some things change, a lot of things will — and should — stay the same. As the two of us settle into our new roles, we look forward to seeing what the school ... (more)


Racist brothers do not define Greek system


While the BSU is fighting against racial profiling and stereotyping, they are profiling and stereotyping ... more...


Be proud of your one-night stands


Fast forward through the walk home, the foreplay, the clothes on the floor and the ... more...