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Flag Football: more than just fun


Intramural sports sometimes get the reputation of being all about fun and not competition. This stereotype couldn’t be more false, especially after this year’s contentious flag football playoffs. “We take it pretty seriously. Obviously we want to go out and have a great time, it’s one of the most fun parts of the fall, but we practice twice a week, we actually care about how we do in games and we organize plays,” said Brass Knuckles captain and junior Eva Davis. The Brass Knuckles has a core group that have stuck together since their first year when their section in Anderson decided to join the IM flag football league. At that point, they were not even familiar with the sport. “We didn’t really know what we were really doing. We ended up looking up all these videos of football and like figuring it out,” said junior Brass Knuckles quarterback Emma Neslund. Since that time, ... (more)

World Series turns orange and black


The World Series is the peak of America’s pastime. Although baseball has lost the title ... more...

Harvin to Jets in Shocking Move


The Seattle Seahawks shocked the NFL world late last week when they traded one of ... more...

College protocol helps concussed early, often


A severe head injury, especially the kind with the potential to recur, is a student’s ... more...

Triathlon triple threat raises funds for swimmers


The Whitman College Swim Team hosted its annual triathlon fundraiser last week. The ... more...

High hopes for women’s golf


The Whitman College Women’s Golf team, led by senior captain Kelly Sweeney, had high hopes ... more...

Photo by Hannah Bashevkin.

Men’s soccer fights through adversity to end


For a men’s soccer team that has played, and lost, in four different overtime games ... more...

Ari Lozano '16 sees her teammate for a pass. Photo by Hannah Bashevkin.

National Team Invites Sweets


Six women from the Whitman Sweets Ultimate Frisbee team have received invitations to try out ... more...

Photo by Hannah Bashevkin

Homestand vital for struggling volleyball team


While most of the Whitman community was away for the four-day weekend, the ... more...