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Racism hides beneath the surface of professional sports


I have been a fan of professional sports for as long as I can remember. Watching college and professional football every weekend hasn’t been a hobby; it’s been an obsession. Growing up my heroes were Jerry Rice, Jeff Garcia, and Julian Peterson. I never read comic books, because my superheroes were real, and they played on Sundays. I remained under the illusion that sports was simply about competing with your teammates and that winning was the only thing that mattered. It took me longer than I care to admit to realize the injustices faced by individuals, and how archaic the system can appear. A recent study by besttickets.com, which has been featured on Deadspin, ESPN, and the Huffington Post, ran a piece titled “The Unofficial 2014 NFL Player Census”. This piece looked at the physical stature of every position as well as the racial breakdown of the each position, team, and the ... (more)

Triathlon triple threat raises funds for swimmers


The Whitman College Swim Team hosted its annual triathlon fundraiser last week. The ... more...

High hopes for women’s golf


The Whitman College Women’s Golf team, led by senior captain Kelly Sweeney, had high hopes ... more...

Sweet Putt Closes its Doors


The Sweet Putt, a popular Walla Walla miniature golf venue, closed its doors on Aug. ... more...

MLB Season Starts in Dramatic Fashion


On the field there has been no lack of controversy, from the new replay rules, ... more...

Roston, La Cava Prove Crucial to Men’s Tennis Success


The Missionaries pride themselves on their quality from top to bottom of the lineup, but ... more...

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Homestand vital for struggling volleyball team


While most of the Whitman community was away for the four-day weekend, the ... more...

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Lawless twins take Regionals by storm


The Whitman women’s tennis team opened its fall season with a brilliant showing at the ... more...

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Early Season National Ranking Ups Women’s Cross-Country Confidence


For the first time in four years, the Whitman women’s cross country team broke into ... more...