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The Pioneer has a lot of uses, but in one sense, we are a record and a reflection of Whitman College. The Editors’ Blog is a record of The Pioneer itself in its efforts to capture Whitman.

Phi Delta Theta Installs New Solar Panels by

Over spring break, junior Joseph Heegaard finished his three-year project of installing 14 solar panels on the Phi Delta Theta fraternity house, making Whitman's Phi Delta Theta house the second fraternity in the nation to have installed solar panels. The panels are Oregon-made and the entire system is 3.6 kilowatts, which is going to save the fraternity about $1,200 per year and reduce the energy expenditure by about 60 percent. “I’m expecting, with inflation, the panels will pay for themselves in about 12 years. There are ... (more)

Staff, Faculty Share Favorite Films by

Whitman College professors have lives outside of the Whitman campus and classroom, right? Well, I decided it would be interesting to assume they did, and I took the bold step of seeking out a handful of Whitman intellectuals to see what movies they enjoyed and why. Even though I was a bit disappointed that none of the recent offerings at the local cinema were mentioned, I was impressed by their diverse selection of movies. Here are just some of the conversations and responses I enjoyed.  Professor Barry Balof - Associate Professor of Mathematics: [caption id="attachment_87301" align="alignright" width="279"]... (more)

Baseball Seniors Reflect on Past, Show Optimism about Future by

The Whitman College baseball team has come further and amassed more wins in the last two seasons than any Whitman baseball team in the last 40 years. Recording 16 total wins last season was the winningest season for Whitman baseball since 1975, and this season they have already surpassed that tally and have six games to go. For the seniors on this team, the past four seasons have been a growing, rebuilding process, and to have already recorded 18 wins and be in a ... (more)

‘Eurydice’ Set to Create Other-wordly Atmosphere by

The most recent production at Harper Joy Theater, "Eurydice" by Sarah Ruhl, is the classical Greek story of Orpheus’s descent into the underworld, but from his wife Eurydice’s point of view. According to Assistant Professor of Theater Greg Mitchell, Whitman’s theater department has taken some big artistic liberties with the set design to create a physical structure that represents the descent into the underworld. “We have diverged in bold and significant ways from what Sarah Ruhl suggests and the tenor of choices most productions of this ... (more)

Women’s Golf Makes Push for Nationals by

Before the start of every round, the women's golf team gathers together in a circle. “It is a time we can be with each other before we split up and are all alone on the course for five hours,” said senior Elaine Whaley. This sense of togetherness is carrying the team, currently ranked 12th in the nation, to one of its most successful seasons to date. With a team comprised of only six members made up of three seniors, one junior, ... (more)

Students Create Individually Planned Majors by

Over the past five years, approximately 0.5 percent of graduating students completed a major not offered at Whitman College, instead opting to create their own individually planned major, or IPM. This year, a small number of students will pursue an interdisciplinary path of study that would otherwise be inaccessible to them in one of the offered majors. To get a personally designed IPM approved, students are required to undergo a rigorous approval process with the Board of Review. This procedure includes creating a set of courses and alternative courses for the major, proving the relevance of said choices and proving that ... (more)

Switchfoot to Play in Walla Walla by

Switchfoot, the famed alternative rock band from San Diego, will be performing at Walla Walla University on Monday, April 21. While tickets were at first only available to WWU students, sales have opened up to the public and tickets are now available in the WWU bookstore and student activities office for $25. First starting as a Christian band, Switchfoot has steadily gained recognition and acclaim since 2002, and they continue to release albums to this day. Their latest tour, "Fading West," was recently made into a film documentary released in December of last year. The band is renowned for their energetic ... (more)

College Players Gain Right to Unionize, Next Step Unclear by

The conversation about paying college athletes has taken a turn in recent years, and the recent decision to count college athletes as school employees has opened the door for real change to occur. The National Labor Review Board, in their landmark decision, has given the opportunity for athletes at Northwestern University to unionize and utilize collective bargaining power. Former Northwestern quarterback Kain Coulter has led the charge in student athlete unionization and legitimization of the College Athlete Players Association. What is most interesting about the CAPA isn’t that they now have a legitimate claim to collectively bargain, but what the union ... (more)

Mease not Mooses: Admissions Zoo by

Cartoon by Asa Mease.

Tatiana Kaehler Next ASWC President, Executive Council Elected by

Results for the Associated Students of Whitman College 2014-2015 executive council election were released on Monday, April 14. Junior Tatiana Kaehler will be ASWC president for the 2014-2015 academic year after capturing 66.8 percent of the vote. She will be joined on the executive council by juniors Sayda Morales, Tabor Martinsen and George Felton, who will serve as vice president, finance chair and nominations chair, respectively. This election had a 58 percent voter turnout and was the first in recent memory to elect a woman as ... (more)

Shanesha Taylor’s Case Displays Need for Change in Justice System by

Shanesha Taylor, a 35-year-old single mother in Arizona, was recently arrested and charged on two counts of child abuse. She wasn’t arrested for hitting her children or abandoning her children for days but was arrested for leaving her 2-year-old and 6-month-old children in her car for 45 minutes while she went to a job interview. An important thing to note before judging her decision to leave her children in the car is that Taylor and her children are homeless, and she had no other option. Going on the job interview granted her hope that she may finally be able ... (more)

New Eating Disorder Support Group Fills Much-Needed Gap by

With help from Active Minds, Whitman’s mental health advocacy club, some students have started the first confidential eating disorder support group on campus this semester. Student-initiated and student-run, the eating disorder support group aims to give crucial help to Whitman students recovering from eating disorders. Founders originally wanted to start a support group with a professional facilitator from either the Counseling Center or the Walla Walla community, but no such help was available, so the students decided to lead the group themselves. Founders hope the support group will provide a way to for students to hold each other accountable through their ... (more)

Violence in Harry Potter Community Calls for Barrier between Fans, Stars by

Wizard rock is a genre of music generated by the fan culture surrounding the Harry Potter books. Since J.K. Rowling and the books themselves are so universally popular, many fans look closer to home to find new ways to channel their love for the series. Wizard rock songs are all about things that happen in the Harry Potter universe. As a genre, it has gone through many different incarnations, and its uniting theme is the content, not sound or quality. Though wizard rock fills a very ... (more)

Maus Audio Book Now Available by

Art Speigelman's influential graphic novel "Maus" has just been released in audiobook form, just in time for first-years to begin reading it for Encounters. Penrose Library has made digital downloads of the audiobook free for students, and almost all of the first-year class has taken advantage of this opportunity. "This is ridiculous. How can you understand Maus without being able to see it?" said Professor of Religion and General Studies Kan Dent. While some professors object to the audiobook, first-years have largely reacted positively. "I really love how they describe what's happening in each panel and the symbolism behind it. Comic book visuals are just ... (more)

Ducks Hunters ‘Quack’ Under Pressure by

The Student Activities Office Annual Duck Hunt began this week, and competition this year is hotter than ever. Students are desperate to locate rubber ducks in order for the chance to win prizes they probably don’t want, in addition to eternal glory. The increasingly competitive hunt coupled with the sudden presence of sun has left competitors with a duck-crazed fever and has led them to capture real live ducks. Senior Smolly JoJo, who recently completed her thesis and was absolutely dazed by the sunshine and duck fever ... (more)

Government Panel Needs to Point Citizens in Right Direction by

When advocating for the kind of social change we need to stabilize the climate, there are two main schools of thought that cause trouble. I’ll get to the second in a minute, but for now, the first is an agglomeration with which any environmentalist should be familiar if they like to argue: climate change is not real, humans are not responsible for climate change, dealing with climate change is not as important as ensuring a global standard of living, I’m not going to curb emissions until China does, etc. Scientists and other experts spend most of their time arguing against ... (more)

Immigration Week Seeks to Educate, Inspire Action by

An estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the United States. Current immigration policies criminalize these individuals, and at least 2 million deportations have taken place since Obama took office in 2008. Activists across the nation are taking action to stop these detentions, deportations and the suffering they cause and to create a more just immigration system that acknowledges the humanity of undocumented immigrants. Whitman students are joining in this conversation and action by putting on a campus-wide Immigration Week from April 14- 18. Organized and sponsored by the Whitman Events Board, this week’s series of lectures and events seeks to educate ... (more)

Whitman: An Origin Story by

Once upon a time, there lived a brilliant man named Walt Whitman, who decided to open up his own poetry college. In an effort to avoid the pretension of the East Coast, Whitman decided to head west. Eventually he found himself among beautiful wheat fields where he chose to build his school. Being a poet, he decided to name the area Walla Walla. (That rhymes.) Enlisting the help of his outdoorsy friend Thoreau, Whitman constructed a few woodsy cabins to create an ideal locale for intellectual pursuits. He named his college after himself. (So much for unpretentious…) Whitman developed a diverse curriculum, including ... (more)

Shakespeare Crossword Puzzle by

Clues: Across 2. Turns into an ass 5. Prospero's slave 6. Oldest daughter of 16-Across 8. This Athenian gives away his money and regrets it. Nothing else happens in this play. 10. The Moor's wife 11. In love with Hamlet (probably) 14. Viola's brother 16. The fictional king 17. Hermia's childhood friend 18. Something is rotten in this state Down 1. People refer to his love story without knowing it's a tragedy 2. "Et tu, _____?" 3. Juliet's cousin 4. Not actually a hunchback 6. Like Rosencrantz, this guy is dead. 7. Younger sister of 6-Across 9. Shares a name with the bird in ... (more)

Student Engagement Center Offers International Internship Grants by

For the first time at Whitman College, the Student Engagement Center has distributed six internship grants to Whitman students pursuing internships abroad this upcoming summer. “This group of international interns [are] really pioneers in some way. They are really launching a high-level experiment because the quality of their placements are so impressive and significant,” said Assistant Dean for Student Engagement Noah Leavitt. First-years Haley Case, Joretha Houiles, Georgina Dadson, Saahitya Uppalapati, sophomore Charlotte Mugisha and junior Anastasia Greeley received grants for their international internships. “I’m ... (more)

Pre-professional Majors, Liberal Arts Model in Conflict by

This article was co-authored by Ben Caldwell. The liberal arts model of education is a hallmark of Whitman’s identity, but recently the value of a multidisciplinary, less career-oriented liberal arts education has come into question. In recent years, faculty and students have discussed the pros and cons of entering college with a specific major and career plan already in mind. As graduating students continue to take on massive amounts of debt and struggle to enter the workforce in the aftermath of the ... (more)

Sin-counters Revolution Begins by

The ever so clever 2014 first-year class has come up with a new way to get through Encounters: drinking. The mastermind behind the trend, Sandy Caine, described how it came into fruition. “I was super inspired by 'Hind Swaraj' and could totally identify with Gandhi’s active non-violence stuff. So I felt like the best way to combat non-violently the boring nature of Encounters was to start a drinking game revolution. I call it ‘Sin-counters,’” said Caine. Caine proceeded to explain the logistics of the game. “Whenever Encounters gets boring, which is ... (more)

Whitman Updates Advertising Strategy with Social Media by

  Starting this year, Whitman College is increasing its presence in the fast-paced social media world. Whitman is integrating social media into its advertising strategies in order to help Whitman reach a larger audience of prospective students, current students and alumni.  Whitman has demonstrated its commitment to new social media approaches by increasing student involvement, including commissioning Film & Media Studies students to create commercials for the school. Whitman has also created two new positions this year specifically for social media strategies. Director of ... (more)

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell to Speak at Commencement by

Last week, the Office of Communications announced that U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell has been selected as this year’s commencement speaker.  Jewell, the former CEO of R.E.I., will address commencement attendees on May 25. Jewell, a former Seattle resident, left her position at R.E.I. to become Secretary of the Interior last year.  The Department of the Interior runs and maintains federal lands, including the National Park system and Indian reservations. President Bridges chose Jewell from a long list of nominations from students, faculty and staff.  Each year, ... (more)

Students Divest, Assets Revealed by

The Whitman Divestment Committee would like to inform the student body that it has no connection with the newly-founded Whitman Divestment Society, which was responsible for last week’s “parade.” They go on to request that the Divestment Society cease all further use of the term “divestment” as it is causing some confusion among the general student body based on a complete misunderstanding about the meaning of “divestment.” Tension erupted Saturday when several students, having skimmed the leaflets placed in our mailboxes last week, decided that the Whitman Divestment Committee had not made significant enough strides toward their goal. However, it seems ... (more)

Majors and Careers by

Why do students choose their majors? This week, we talk to students who planned their own majors and students who entered Whitman with a career plan and major already in mind.

Issue 10: Voices of the Community by

What is something interesting that you have learned today? Videographer Tanner Bowersox polls the community on what they learned today.

Qingming Festival by

Last week I had midterms, which is why I have not posted in awhile. A lot has happened in the past few weeks though (besides midterms), so I’ll fill you in on one of the more exciting activities. April 4-6 was the Qingming Festival (清明节) in China. In English, it is often referred to as Tomb-Sweeping Day. It is an important day of sacrifice for all ethnic groups in China in which they offer sacrifices (food and flowers) to their ancestors and sweep away debris from their tombs. Incense and paper money are also. There is a certain level of sadness ... (more)

Tim Reed on the Presidential Search and College Budget by

Please enjoy this excerpt from an e-mail ASWC President Tim Reed sent to members of senate over spring break. Senate, Welcome back! Two very important topics: The presidential search and the college budget. Presidential Search (a.k.a who can match the bowtie?) A majority of the Executive Committee met with the Trustees on the search committee prior to break to better understand how the search process will work. We talked extensively about the nuts and bolts of what the search will entail, how student input will be considered, and what exactly the "pledge of confidentiality" means. Key pointers: 1. There will be student input throughout ... (more)

Being a Woman in Politics by

Recently, I stumbled across an article on Today from 2009 about female politicians’ conflict between work and family. I know, it’s not exactly a recent article, but I am quite certain that the issues it presents have not disappeared. It opens by mentioning Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s decision not to run for higher office due to the fact that she has two small daughters. The article goes on to discuss the double standard for men and women in politics: mothers are much more likely than fathers to get asked about how they will balance their political careers with ... (more)

Roasted Cauliflower Soup With Cumin by

Photos by Alecia Lindsay I get a pretty bad case of winter blues whenever November roles around and it usually doesn’t go away until around the beginning of March (which just so happens to be during Daylight Savings Day). Growing up in Salt Lake, I’m used to gray skies and cold weather, but being a college student has made me experience winter in a whole different dimension. Some days it feels physically difficult to get out of bed when the sun still hasn’t fully come out of the ... (more)

Tatiana Kaehler Elected As Next ASWC President, Executive Council Announced by

Results for the Associated Students of Whitman College 2014-2015 executive council election were released on Monday, April 14. This election had a 58 percent voter turnout, which was slightly lower than last year's turnout, and these voters elected both a female president and vice president. Junior Tatiana Kaehler will be ASWC president for the 2014-2015 academic year after capturing 66.8 percent of the vote. Junior Tabor Martinsen will be the ASWC finance committee chair after winning a competitive three-way race that resulted in a run-off of votes. They will be joined on the executive committee by juniors Sayda Morales and George Felton, who ... (more)

Gender and Pay by

Generations after women first began to demand social and political rights, we are still struggling. It almost seems like a worse kind of struggle, because it’s a struggle that many people refuse to see. Instead, they choose to believe that men and women are finally on equal footing. It’s 2014, after all. We must be equal by now, right? The website of the American Association of University Women states the facts of the issue. In 2012, women received 77 percent of the pay that men received. It was even worse in Wyoming: women received 64 percent of the pay that men ... (more)

That Summer Feeling by

Hey. Here's a brilliant song called "That Summer Feeling" by Modern Lovers founder and lead singer Jonathan Richman. It's from his 1992 album I, Jonathan. Listen to it below: Modern Lovers fans will be well acquainted with Richman's wonderfully honest and insightful sense of humor. This song gives one a good idea of Richman's voice and writing style, as he offers his fascinating (and pretty true) perspective on the emotional relationship we tend to have with summer and the past in general. This song's slow, relaxed pace and simple instrumentation (guitars and percussion) immediately evoke that feeling of summer that ... (more)

Senate Round Up April 6 by

During its April 6 meeting, the ASWC Senate approved a finance request, recognized a club, and passed some legislation. After some debate, Club Latino’s request for $1,600 (an increase from its original request for $1000) to send five students to the Rose City Salsa and Timba Festival in Portland passed. Mycology Club, whose mission is to promote fungi kingdom awareness at Whitman via lectures, outings, and growing mushrooms, became the newest ASWC-recognized club. The Senate ended up tabling Act SAS 14.3 for a later senate meeting.  Act SAS 14.3 must be re-approved annually for the Power and Privilege ... (more)

Voices from the Community // Issue 9 by

Why did you come to Whitman? [portfolio_slideshow]

The Spirit of Carnaval in Recife by

Two weeks ago, I set out to travel to four cities in the Northeast of Brazil.  Recife was the second stop. Recife is famous for its Carnaval celebrations, which are the most culturally rich in Brazil.  Although we weren´t there during the Carnaval season, I still felt the open, festive spirit that I’ve been told fills the streets at that time of year. Mike and I stayed at the best hostel I’ve ever been to, Piratas da Praia.  What set it apart was the feeling that the guests and staff members all wanted to spend time together.  For the first time, I ... (more)

Let’s Go to the Beach! by

Two weeks ago, I set out to travel to four cities in the Northeast of Brazil.  Porto de Galinhas was the first stop. Porto de Galinhas is a small town full of scuba diving and dune buggy outfits, which cater to the tourists who come here for the beautiful beaches. I acted the tourist that I was, and joined my partners Laura Rose and Mike for a catamaran cruise around the area.  After puttering around a river delta, we stopped for a few hours in the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen.  Praia dos Carneiros was pure postcard material ­– white sand, ... (more)

Bringing Back the Sonnet in ‘January Machine’ by

A long time has passed since the sonnet and other similarly restricted forms of poetry were the dominant art form in the popular consciousness, but many enterprising poets still carry on the tradition and adapt their work to the modern day. One such man is Visiting Assistant Professor of English Rob Schlegel in his new poetry book, "January Machine." "January Machine" is his second book. This new book, which is composed of modified sonnets, is very different in structure from his first, "The Lesser Fields." While Schlegel thinks that "The Lesser Fields" could have been written in prose, "January Machine" is a very distinct work ... (more)

Senior Art Theses Experiment with Medium, Message by

Each year, the senior art majors at Whitman College each produce an art project as the culmination of his or her focus throughout senior year, which is then exhibited at galleries on campus. This year there are 17 seniors who have decided to experiment outside their usual media to engage with a diverse range of ideas and materials to present to the public. This year, the senior theses are being overseen by Assistant Professor of Art Richard Martinez, who is enthusiastic about this year's crop of ... (more)

Presidential Search Committee Gears Up by

By the start of the 2015-2016 school year, Whitman will inaugurate its 14th president. The college is about to begin the search for President George Bridges's successor with the newly formed search committee. The presidential search committee pursues potential candidates for the presidency and then provides a recommendation to the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees formally hires the new president. The committee is comprised of trustees, faculty, staff and students hoping to find the candidate to best fit Whitman. The search committee hopes to have a ... (more)

Women’s Basketball Leaves Strong Legacy by

The 2013-2014 Whitman College women's basketball team will go down as the most successful basketball team ever to don the maize and blue. The Missionaries boasted an undefeated regular season, hosted a sectional and a regional game in the NCAA Tournament and finished second in the country after a loss in the national championship game to Fairleigh Dickinson University-Florham. They set the school record for wins with 31 and had the first two Division III All-Americans in the school’s history in junior guard Heather Johns and senior forward Sarah Anderegg. Johns won the Elite 89 award for being the best scholar-athlete ... (more)

Faculty Reflect on Past College Presidents by

This article was co-authored by Drew Edmonds. In 2015, Whitman College will say farewell to President George Bridges and welcome the 14th member of a long line of college presidents. When looking at the legacies of past presidents, it’s clear that Bridges’s successor will arrive on campus to a scene much changed since Alexander Anderson became Whitman’s first president in 1882. One of the most noticeable changes is the greater funding now at the president’s disposal. Between 1882 and 1885, Anderson constructed the first college building and a ladies’ hall with a total of $21,400. In 1998, Thomas Cronin ... (more)

ASWC Resolutions Address Symposium, Nontenured Faculty by

The Associated Students of Whitman College considered two separate resolutions relating to next year’s Power and Privilege Symposium during the senate meeting on Sunday, April 6. The first resolution, which would have confirmed the spring 2015 symposium, was set aside for further revisions due to inconsistencies in the appointment of leadership for the symposium. The second, which called upon administrators to speak out in support of the ability of nontenured faculty to discuss controversial subjects such as racism on campus, was passed unanimously. The risk to nontenured faculty became clear during the symposium this year. A disproportionate number of the professors ... (more)

Mering Wants More Coming Off Historic Win by

Only three weeks shy of becoming Whitman College’s first national champion in its Division-III history, junior two-time All-American swimmer Karl Mering already has his eye set on his next and final season. “The off season is an extremely important time for swimmers. It's not just about getting in the pool. It’s the dry workouts, too, taking the time to get stronger,” said senior teammate and fellow All-American swimmer Claire Collins. Collins witnessed Mering’s record-breaking 100-yard butterfly in Indianapolis, for she too was competing at nationals. ... (more)

Captain America: A Superior Sequel by

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love (good) superhero movies. Surprisingly, Marvel’s recent installment, “Captain America:  The Winter Soldier” does not disappoint. After the Marvel superhero clan banded together in “The Avengers” and reminded us how awesome Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk and Captain America are, Marvel has not backed down in rolling out movies showcasing individual heroes.  Frankly, Captain America has always been my least favorite “hero” because he seems a bit of a dud. But the ole Captain ... (more)

Mease not Mooses: Procrastimonster by

Cartoon by Asa Mease.

Community Gets Big Kick Out of Swim Team Clinic by

After a long successful season, including record-breaking national championship appearances by All-Americans senior Claire Collins and junior Karl Mering, the Whitman College swim team continues to make its mark in a different way. From April 7 -11, the swim team is putting on a week-long swim clinic for the Whitman and Walla Walla community. Swimmers on the team become coaches for the week and put on a variety of lessons that range from parent-toddler classes to competitive classes for older children. These ... (more)

(Almost) Endless Possibilities: The Chance of Running Out of New Music by

Will we ever run out of new music? Music, when you boil it down, is just the systematic combination of a series of notes into a song. There is a finite number of notes and logically a finite number of ways to combine them. Obviously there is a huge number of possibilities, an unfathomable number of conceivable combinations of notes that can result in new melodies and tunes, but the number is finite nonetheless. At a certain point, is it possible that there is simply no new music, no song that hasn’t been heard before? A YouTube video by Michael Stevens of ... (more)

Bridges Picks ‘Reservation Blues’ for Summer Reading by

Another in a series of “lasts” for President George Bridges came over spring break, when the Whitman Office of Communications announced his choice for this year’s summer reading, "Reservation Blues" by Sherman Alexie. The office also announced that Alexie will visit campus on October 1 and 2 to give a lecture to the community. Alexie will give a talk on "Reservation Blues" for the benefit of the first-year class and other interested members of the community, but his plans for the remainder of his two-day stay on campus have yet to be announced. Director of Penrose Library Dalia Corkrum, who has met the ... (more)

Letter from Divestment Movement to Whitman Board of Trustees by

This letter was authored by members of the Divest Whitman organization in response to the Whitman College Board of Trustees' decision to not divest the college's investments from fossil fuel companies.    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Whitman College Board of Trustees: Thank you for your thoughtful response to the divestment campaign and ASWC Resolution SRS13.3. We were especially glad to hear you praise the creation of “an environment that fosters this critical thinking and discussion.” This is, after all, what a liberal arts college ought to foster. Therefore, we ask that this discussion not end with your rejection of the ... (more)

Undergrad Conference Highlights by

Undergraduate Conference is unarguably the best day of the year. Every 15 minutes brings a different powerpoint theme and new things to learn! The only downside of the conference is not being able to attend every session, but below you'll find some of this year's highlights. Rhetoric of Rocks: Senior geology and rhetoric double major George Sharpe talked about the hidden ideologies buried within rock talk. Complicating Post-Postmodernity: Senior Noelle Quinn's presentation on her thesis, which she had turned in the previous  night, mostly had slides reading "I just ... ugh ... why?" Hip-Hop, Comics, Macklemore and Game of Thrones: This session was so packed ... (more)

Multi-car Collision on Park Street Leaves Community Shaken, Unharmed by

A driver, apparently impaired by a medical emergency, struck 11 cars and indirectly damaged a bicycle on Palouse Street, Alder Street and Boyer Avenue last Friday afternoon, April 4. All injuries, including the bicyclist’s, were minor, but many of the vehicles involved sustained heavy damage. According to the police report, the driver, George Fry, struck the first car from behind while going south on Palouse. He then backed up and struck it again. The driver of the struck vehicle attempted to escape Fry by driving east ... (more)

Ice Chalet Hosts Final Event of Season by

Students are invited to take a step out of the April showers and onto the ice at the final Ice Chalet event at the YWCA. The Ice Chalet, the only public ice skating rink in Walla Walla, will close for the year at the end of April. The event, which goes from 4:30-5:30 p.m. on April 13, will feature live music from local acoustic artist Quinell. “We planned to have live music earlier this year, and there’s not a whole of live music for people who are not of drinking age in Walla Walla,” said Rink Manager Jodi Alden. “We can offer ... (more)

Napier’s Dominance Leads UConn to Title by

The University of Connecticut beat Kentucky 60-54 Monday night to become only the second team in NCAA men’s basketball history to win in their coaches' first attempt at the dance. Their run to the title was a familiar story with new faces as UConn rallied behind their best player in order to become the kings of college basketball. Fresh off of NCAA sanctions banning them from post-season play, coach Kevin Ollie guided the Huskies to their second title in four years. There was little doubt who the best player in game was, since Shabazz Napier led all players with 22 points. ... (more)

Some Responsibility for Shoddy Journalism Falls on Readers by

For reasons irrelevant to this column, I found myself watching Fox News last week during one of its regular Obamacare-bashing segments. The anchors had twisted the results of an Associated Press poll on the Affordable Care Act beyond recognition, insinuating that because a large quantity of people claimed to pay more for health insurance, without taking into account their relation to the health-care reform or any actual monetary numbers, the law had failed. It was outrageous, but not unusual, I thought. Fox has, after all, spent the last several years making misinformation and blatant bias its trademarks. [caption id="attachment_86656" align="aligncenter" width="624"]... (more)

Federal Campaign Reform Requires Transparency by

Since the U.S. Supreme Court defined money as speech in Buckley v. Valeo, U.S. federal elections have become increasingly more akin to an ad campaign selling the latest American lager than a model republic’s electoral process. Whoever puts up more posters with shinier smiles and makes you think they’re someone you “can have a beer with" is the candidate you’re going to support. Even the Associated Students of Whitman College sets up a $50 spending cap on elections, but somehow the federal government can’t take the same basic steps that a bunch of nerds in Walla Walla can. On April 2, in ... (more)

Best Destinations in Walla Walla: An Insider’s Guide to Living Sweet by

Gosh, isn't it terrible when you wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, but you can’t hit the city? Fortunately, you have something even better right at your fingertips: the unconventionally hip, endlessly happening town of Walla Walla. Once again, USA Today has named Walla Walla one of the best destinations in America, and we could not agree more. Where else can you find overpriced restaurants, overpriced boutiques, overpriced wineries and overpriced bakeries all sandwiched into one place? Nowhere. Navigating this vastly cosmopolitan ... (more)

Undergraduate Conference Showcases Whitman’s Diverse Interests by

On Tuesday, April 8, the Whitman Undergraduate Conference sought to showcase the hard work of the students at Whitman College. The day is dedicated entirely to students presenting short talks, posters and performances inspired by academic and extracurricular research and scholarship. This year's conference continued the tradition of focusing on the diverse interests of Whitman students and highlighted projects many have spent months completing. “I think many students want to share something they are proud of with the rest of the Whitman and Walla Walla community—this could take the form ... (more)

Tuition Increase Pressures Students’ Finances by

The cost of tuition at Whitman for the 2014-2015 academic year will be raised $1,290 to $44,440, a 2.9 percent increase from last year. The total cost of tuition, room and board and the ASWC student fee for 2014-2015 will be $57,028. While this is the smallest increase in the last decade, this year’s increase is still above the rate of inflation, placing a greater financial burden on students and their families. The cost of higher education has risen sharply over the last two ... (more)

Whitman Riddles by

I’m the perfect cure for your hangover. Though I’m a little hectic, brave the crowds. I’m worth the wait. I’m that friend you never talk to, but I’ve been a symbolic part of your Whitman experience. Heck, I’m probably in your profile picture. People usually have a strong reaction when you mention me. For plenty of first-years, I’m a bonding experience, and when you look back, you realize I was pretty basic. If you talk to me, you ruin me. I’m a bit of an anomaly on campus, ... (more)

“Marky” Mark Whitman Tells All by

Now ya’ll already know my name. I mean, I am pretty damn famous ‘round these parts, but ya’ll don’t know the half of it. I mean, seriously, I am one badass dude, and I am here to give you the full scoop. In case you’ve forgotten, I am Marky Mark Whitman. I was born in 1802 up in NYC, or near enough, so I know what’s what. One day I was out in my hot rod (it had four horsepower) and I spied myself a tight ... (more)

Search Committee Prepares to Pick Next President by

The moment that President Bridges announced his imminent resignation in February, wheels were set in motion to find his successor. The search will be nationwide and exhaustive, and it will require hard work, expertise and months of dedicated service from those chosen to serve on the presidential search committee. This committee includes representatives from the Board of Trustees, the Board of Overseers, the faculty, the staff and the student body. At its helm are co-chairs Nancy Serrurier and Janice Abraham, longtime trustees and members of the ... (more)

New Women’s Soccer Coach Ready to Get to Work by

After an extensive and comprehensive search to fill the vacant women’s soccer head coaching position, Athletics Director Dean Snider and the women’s team have found a new head coach, Laura Williamson from Vassar College. For the majority of the spring semester thus far, the Whitman College women’s soccer team has been without a head coach. After previous head coach Heather Cato stepped down early in the semester to leave for Rogers State University, finding a new coach was a high priority. Snider worked with next season’s captains to search for and interview prospective coaches to take over the team next season. After ... (more)

ASWC Executive Candidates 2014-2015 by

The Associated Students of Whitman College executive council elections will be held on Monday, April 14. The Pioneer asked the candidates about their qualifications, goals for next year and proudest memories at Whitman. President To serve as next year’s ASWC president would by my honor and privilege! I am dedicated to improving student life, determined to enact positive change and experienced in advocating on behalf of Whitman students. You can count on me to act with open-mindedness, efficiency and the utmost regard for my constituents. The ASWC president ... (more)

Presidents Past and Future by

As the search for the next president of the college kicks into gear, we take an inside look at the legacy of past presidents and the process of hiring a new one.

Smells like Spring! by

Everyone is enjoying this weather- but the beautiful sunshine is distracting while studying for midterms. However, the new growth on campus is providing both a colorful view and a delicious smell to experience when I pop out of the doors to Anderson each morning.  ... (more)

A Man and His Pipe, Part II: The Man who Never Smiled by

As I mentioned in my last post, the gold rush had brought significant change to Walla Walla including a large proportion of temporary to permanent residents. The rush also affected the political climate, as Frank T. Gilbert describes in his Historic Sketches of Walla Walla County (1882): “Values to all kinds of property had greatly increased, and the large proportion of transient people who paid regard only to their own wishes, caring for no law except that which was backed by the click of a nimble revolver, rendered it important that men selected for office ... (more)

Foreigner Suite by

Hey. I hope everyone had a solid spring break. Today, I'm posting one of my all-time favorites: “Foreigner Suite” by Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam aka Yusuf aka the Roadsinger. Check out the song in its entirety below: My mom first introduced this song to me when I was in middle school. She told me that it was one of her favorite songs. At that time I had just uploaded a Cat Stevens Greatest Hits album to my computer and it only had an excerpt of the suite. So I listened to the seven-minute excerpt only to be predictably underwhelmed. I ... (more)

The beginning of passover break by

This is another post written on a bus. This time we're heading home from a school trip titled "yam le yam" or "sea to sea". The idea is to hike from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Galilee, but in reality we did a couple day hikes inbetween driving from place to place. Regardless, it was a great few days and our hikes were gorgeous. The north of Israel is so refreshingly lush compared to the deserts in the south (which are beautiful in a different way). After our hike on Friday, we had Shabbat dinner, lounged around and went to ... (more)

Celebrating 21st Birthday in China by

Last Saturday, I, along with my Chinese tutor (Alex), and CIEE classmate (Kasia), went to Tianzifang (天子方) to celebrate our birthdays (mine was on Sunday and Kasia's was Tuesday). Tianzifang is this relatively new "old-style" shopping area in Shanghai that mostly serves foreign tourists. My host dad had never heard of it and when Kasia's eight-year old host brother asked his mom where Kasia was going, his mom said "the place where foreigners buy things." Despite being packed with foreign tourists, it was a very enjoyable place to wander. The alleys are very narrow and there was a wide variety of ... (more)

Driver Hits Cars, Bicyclist on Park Street by

Andy Monserud contributed additional reporting.  A driver in a red Silverado struck eleven cars and left one bicyclist injured this afternoon after apparently losing control of his vehicle while driving through campus. Between 2:45 and 2:50 p.m. on Friday, April 4, the truck drove into one moving car on the south side of Reid Campus Center and proceeded to strike multiple parked cars along the right-hand side of Park Street, near Sherwood Athletic Center. Several cars were pushed up onto the sidewalk after being pushed along by ... (more)

Applications Up By 40 Percent, Acceptance Rate More Selective for Class of 2018 by

According to the Office of Admissions, the number of applicants to the college rose by 40 percent this year, resulting in one of the most selective acceptance rates in recent memory. The office mailed out acceptance letters to potential members of the class of 2018 last week. "In general we saw great growth across the board in terms of applications," said Dean of Admission Tony Cabasco. The Office of Admissions has received 3,791 applications as of last Friday, and admitted around 39.5 percent of the students who applied. Compared to the 2,600 applications received last year (the lowest number in the past ... (more)

Laura Williamson Named New Women’s Soccer Head Coach by

After an extensive and comprehensive search to fill the vacant Women’s Soccer head coaching position, Dean Snider and the women’s team have found a new head coach, Laura Williamson from Vassar College. For the majority of this spring semester thus far, the Whitman women’s soccer team has been without a head coach. After previous head coach Heather Cato stepped down early in the semester to leave for Rogers State University, finding a new coach was a high priority. Dean Snider, the Whitman College athletic director, worked with next season’s captains searching for and interviewing prospective coaches to take over the team next ... (more)

Issue 8 // Voices From The Flock by

What's wrong with society? Videographer Skye Vander Laan polls the duck community on campus.

ASWC Minutes for Senate Meeting March 30 by

Ratified the Students for Puppy & Kitten Adoration Club by a vote of  14-0-4. Ratified the Students in Favor of George Bridges Bringing Back his Constant Use of the Bow Tie Club by a vote of 16-0-2. Recognized that no longer needing to wear fancy business clothes to Sunday ASWC senate meeting was not really a necessary thing by a vote of 13-2-3. Approved the Free Pizza for Lactose Intolerant Bayvon Kehroozian Act by a vote of 16-0-2. Approved junior James Franco to be the Pioneer Editor-in-Chief for 2014-15 by a vote of 16-0-2. Approved the Free Horsies for Everyone Because Rim Teed Had One in High School ... (more)

Editor-in-chief Caught Eating Dirt, Baking Powder by

The staff of the Whitman Pioneer is shaken and shocked after witnessing the downfall of their beloved leader. Senior Shelly Le, editor-in-chief of The Pioneer, was caught eating dirt and baking powder in the Pio office on Sunday night by junior Opinion Editor Kyle Seasly. After the Sunday staff meeting, Seasly and the other staff members left the office while Le hung back, saying that she had “some stuff to take care of.” Seasly, remembering that he left his books in the office, returned about 30 minutes later. He found his books, but he ... (more)

Entire Class of 2017 Declares Film and Media Studies Major by

In the Gen-Y era in which post-modern careers and alternative lifestyles are king, changes to the academia of Whitman College are inevitable, and they have finally hit. This year’s first-year class, bored with practical knowledge of the sciences and disillusioned with the socio-political complexities of the social sciences, have sought refuge in the arts—the cinema arts, to be exact. As a result, the entire first-year class of 2017 has collectively declared themselves as film and media studies majors. Parents of these media-head students are quietly masking their fury that their children are shirking off their childly duties of becoming doctors and ... (more)

Gisten Tavin and the Order of the Duck by

A few months ago, a gorgeous up-and-coming young writer broke the story of the much rumored Chamber of TKErets and its alleged opening. Well, it was opened, that’s for sure. Nobody really knows if it got closed, actually. That should probably be checked on… Anyway, we return to the four houses of Whitman College: the SIGendors, the HufflePHIs, the BETAclaws and the SlytherTKEs in order to discuss the newly formed WA—Watercrossings's Army. Just recently, Jorge Watercrossings, beloved president of Whitman College, announced his impending retirement. Many of Watercrossings's supporters believe his graceful exit ... (more)

Call of Duty: Special Modern Soldier is Chill by

I’m pounding my third Redbull as I write this, and I just got back from my second quadriceps work out of the day, so I might be a little amped. But even if I’m super-duper jacked right now, I can honestly and totally objectively say that Call of Duty: Special Modern Soldier: White and Black Ops 3 is the greatest game I’ve played since Call of Duty: Special Modern Soldier: White and Black Ops 2. If I were reviewing this for, I’d definitely give ... (more)

Another Socially Conscious Seattle-Based Hip-hop Group Comes to Campus by

This Thursday, April 3, Whitman will host yet another socially conscious Seattle-based hip-hop artist, RAPlemore, to play in the Reid Campus Center. Preaching for world peace and an end to mass consumption of GMOs, RAPlemore is sure to jive with issues that concern the average Whittie. “I was really inspired by, ya know, big people like Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Bill McKibben. I’m just preaching their positive message to the masses, ya know,” said RAPlemore. RAPlemore’s second album, "Eco-friendly4life," which is made ... (more)

Penrose Library to Throw Rager by

Drinking trashy beer, playing music at top volume on speakerphones and flirting with that cute first-year boy down the hall from you will soon be acceptable at Penrose Library. Whitman College officials recently announced that the college would be hosting a "rager" at the library in commemoration of students' achievements this academic year. The party will be an all-day affair on Saturday, April 5 from 2 p.m to 2 a.m. the next day. "Whitman students are usually so studious and quiet in the library, so ... (more)

ASWC Standoff Over Bylaw Interpretation Enters 11th Day by

  As the heated student government debate over late-night pizza heads into its 11th day, neither senators nor members of the Associated Students of Whitman College administration appear ready to budge from their positions. Despite bleary eyes and listless hand waves, senators have been unwilling to resolve their divided opinions over the language used in Bylaw 341 concerning the ASWC office fund, which currently reads as "The ASWC office fund shall be used for all expenses incurred in the distribution of legislation." Specifically, debate over the term "distribution" has caused frustration and turmoil. Approximately ... (more)

One Team Gets More Sports Points Than Other Team by

It was another exciting night at the ballpark where the Whitman team took on the other team at the game. The Missionaries did better than the other team, earning more sports points than their opponents, which means that they won. The game started with the ball being put on the field, and then the players began to move. They moved along with the ball up and down the playing area, calling out to one another as if to say, “Hey! Move that sports ball my way! I believe I will ... (more)

E-cigs Turn Beta Members into X-men by

It’s often called a “smoker’s paradox” or a "surprising situation involving cigarettes,” but once again, God has laughed in the face of science at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. It seems that the house to the west of Tau Kappa Epsilon has begun to develop superhuman abilities of the X-Men variety. Their spokesman, senior Wiley Mucus, approached The Pioneer in a wheelchair and bald head when interviewed last Saturday. Mucus comments that many visitors to the Beta house are initially shocked by the change. “It all started when regular cigarettes started getting ... (more)

Senior Duck Not Likely to Receive Diploma by

Spring is a time of excitement and renewal. Flowers bloom, people begin ordering their lattes iced and Whitman seniors begin turning their pale faces and screen-strained eyes toward the shining sun of graduation. As many seniors excitedly await leaving Whitman and migrating into the future, one student isn't looking forward to the change.  Senior Waddles Muscowitz has been doing everything in his power to avoid graduation at all costs. "Why would I want to leave when I have everything I ever need here on campus? I have a warm pond, all the food I want, lots of hot chicks to check ... (more)

A Letter from George Bridges by

Dear Whitman College Students and Families, A few weeks ago, I announced to the Whitman College community my impending resignation from my position at the college. As is our tradition, Whitman’s Board of Trustees has the immeasurably important role of identifying my successor. It is a true honor to announce officially that the search for a replacement—one who embodies the exact essence of Whitman College—has come to fruition! It is with great pride that I introduce to you my replacement: BxW382 myWhitman College ... (more)

Liberal Arts Graduates Solve World Peace by

At long last, the wait is over. The problem of world peace has been solved—by liberal arts students, nonetheless. After eight years of research, psychological assessments and statistical analyses, a group of four graduates of liberal arts colleges around the world have completed a six-page document containing the answer to the seemingly endless question of world peace. The group submitted the document to the United Nations on Sunday night, and an announcement regarding the assessment of the proposal will begin no later than next Tuesday. “I ... (more)

Pio Picks by

A Cool Lecture You Want to Attend But Probably Can’t Because You Have Too Much Homework: Yeah, you should go. Probably Thursday at 7 p.m., academic building Rager at Frat Come drink beer and dance in a sweaty and dimly lit room! Songs with lots of bass provided. Weekend, 9 p.m.-1 a.m.(ish), probably TKE basement Another Program at IHC There will most likely be some sort of art project and definitely cookies. Afternoonish, one of those houses with a sign that you’ve never been to by Lakum Dukum Whitties throw frisbees on Ankeny If the sun is out, there is a 112 percent chance that at least half of ... (more)

Whitties Do Drink by

In a scandal that shocked Whitman administration but didn’t surprise a single Whitman student, the student pictured in a recent “Most Whitties Don’t Drink” campaign poster drinks. A lot. Like, I mean a shitload. Junior Eric Uncle is featured prominently in the signs that cover Whitman campus, which claim that around 80 percent of Whitties don’t drink more than one drink on the weekends. Unfortunately, Whitman chose the wrong student to represent that group. “I wasn’t even aware normal coffee doesn’t have whiskey in it until I went to Starbucks and got inexplicably sober,” said Uncle, slurring his words. “Luckily that only ... (more)

Percival Dazzles Campus with Style, Physique by

Jack Percival is without a doubt the hottest piece of action on Whitman campus. Everybody is already queuing up to meet the virile, visionary vice-president from Nevada. Yet what is all the buzz about? Read on to find out. Given that he is one of the most eligible bachelors on campus, Percival is incredibly modest. “It’s utterly baffling. I’m so incredibly awkward that I’m sure everyone I interact with just wants to apparate out of there," said Percival. Well, I must admit that there is something ... (more)

Pioneer Opinion Editor Kyle Seasly Shows Up for First Sunday Meeting of Semester by

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's just junior Opinion Editor Kyle Seasly showing up for his first Pioneer budgeting meeting of the semester. Members of the Pioneer editorial and managerial board expressed surprise and excitement over Seasly's appearance, noting that Seasly sauntered into last Sunday's budgeting meeting on March 30 unaware of the shock on his peers' faces. "We've really missed him, you know? He's like the blood of our organization. Me and him? We go together like peanut butter and pickles. It's just not the same without him," said sophomore Sports Editor Quin Nelson. Seasly notes that he can't make ... (more)

Flannel, School Spirit In at Whitman by

After months of debate, petitioning and bake sales, the student body finally has closure on the Whitman color issue. Earlier last week the Board of Trustees and the Associated Students of Whitman College released their final conclusion concerning the petition to change the school colors from the gold and blue that have graced the school since 1893. In their page-long statement, the Board of Directors gave their approval for the change: “We have, after some discussion and review, concluded that the desire of the student body to change the school colors of Whitman College should be honored. Though the school has ... (more)

Pioneer to Feature Only Divestment Articles by

Following increased pressure from students, the editorial board of The Pioneer has decided to forgo its normal publishing material to exclusively feature articles about the divestment movement. The change will take place immediately and will alter the layout of The Pioneer’s sections.  The following are the new section titles: News: “Thoughts from Junior Collin Smith” Feature: “Bill McKibben’s dog” A&E: “ASWC and Edamame" Backpage: “Divestment crosswords and illustrations of trees” Sports: “Divestment activists’ IM dodgeball team: ultimate underdogs” In addition, The Pioneer will henceforth be known as The Divestment Space Odyssey 350 and will no longer be printed on paper.  Instead, the Divestment Space Odyssey 350 will ... (more)

News Briefs by

Styx takes vacation to visit family at PDX Airport “I haven’t seen my sisters in years, so I thought I would go for a visit,” said Styx over the phone. The metal horse is taking a leave of absence from its spot in front of the science building to visit its fellow Deborah Butterfield sculptures that reside outside the Portland airport. 'Ugghhh,' says hungover student Junior Lyle Sealsy had a few too many drinks last Saturday. “UUUUUUGUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHH,” said Sealsy.  Senior glares at first-year student  “I’m just, like, so busy, because I have an Encounters paper and an entire research paper due for paleo next week! I think ... (more)

The Pio Regrets… by

Editor-in-Chief Shelly Le regrets that she is spending her 22nd birthday night at the best place on earth... the Pio office! She also regrets that she hasn't ordered enough pizza for production nights this year. News Editor Dylan Tull regrets that he still hasn't finalized plans for the Pio staff "rager" of spring semester. Editor-in-Chief Shelly Le regrets that she tried to make a social chair position for the Pio, had no interested applicants and had to force the job onto Dylan. Web Content Editor Jess Faunt regrets that she has taught the Pioneer production staff the meaning of "hangry." She also regrets that production night snacks always come ... (more)

Numbers in the News by

$500,000,000 Raised last year for George Bridges's "Bow is the Tie" Campaign, dedicated to preserving a presidential dress code for future generations of Whitties. 37 Number of times Whitman students claimed they were heading home to "Seattle" for spring break only to be corrected that Bellevue/Edmonds/Lake Forest Park/Everett/Shoreline/Olympia/etc. are in fact suburbs of Seattle and cannot be called "Seattle." 22 Number of yoga pants worn by Whitman first-years per day. Yoga pants are not pants, people. 143 Average number of ill-aimed Frisbee golf shots retrieved by harried grounds crew members from treetops and roofs of liberal arts campuses across the nation, per minute. Extremely large Amount of money spent ... (more)

News in Brief by

Wednesday, April 2: President Obama and Russian Prime Minister Putin came to an agreement over the tense Ukraine conflict this morning. Obama decided he was cool with Putin taking Crimea if the United States could have the other half of it. Putin quickly agreed, gave Obama a high five and said: “Now you’re a man, a man, man, man.” Ukraine reportedly voted on the process, and 99 percent voted for the United States’s annexation of the second half of Ukraine. “It was really quite an overwhelming majority,” said Obama, as he stuffed what looked like marked up ballots into a trashcan. “Putin and I ... (more)

The Missionary by

Every April, The Pioneer dedicates an entire issue to April Fools' Day. Take a look at the newly transformed paper, titled The Missionary.

Production Night Live Blog for April 2 by

What follows is a faithful account of the production of Issue 8 (taking place the evening of April 2/early morning of April 3) as witnessed by me, The Pioneer’s Editor-in-Chief. 4:11 p.m.: I (Managing Editor Pam) am in and we are off and running for issue 8, also known as the Jack Issue! This production night is also henceforth known as the celebration of EIC Shelly's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELLY, LOVE THE PIO. 4:12 p.m: Production Manager Sean is going with some old-school Destiny's Child as the music to get us started. Feature PA Jess and I bob along. We can get down ... (more)

Three Questions, Nine Answers: The Finance Committee by

ASWC "provides funding to its constituent student organizations and individual members for the co-curricular and extra-curricular enrichment of all ASWC members," according to Article VII of the ASWC Bylaws.  The Finance Committee is the main body charged with overseeing the allocation of funding for ASWC.  Here, a trio of Finance Committee members shares their thoughts. What is your personal budget philosophy regarding ASWC? Mitchell Cutter: My personal philosophy is to support as many clubs as possible, and especially those with proven success and consistent activity over several years. These clubs are integral to the Whitman campus. After this, ... (more)

Let’s Talk About Weight by

I’m going to talk about weight again. We have a strange dynamic going on in our society: on the one hand, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a third of adults in the U.S. are obese. On the other hand, according to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, about 0.5 to 3.7 percent of women have anorexia nervosa at some point in their lives. So we have two opposite ends of the weight spectrum teetering on their respective extremes. This poses a difficult problem when we try to tackle both issues at the same ... (more)

The Student Body by

Whitman is active—this isn't a secret. With my fresh first-year perspective, I still meander around campus, jaw dropped in awe of both the physical and intellectual talents of my peers. From the soccer player who is a potter in her free time to the BBMB major who has a passion for singing, the students at Whitman College both take on many activities and fully submerge themselves in those, flirting with being involved to the point their activities define them as people. Trying to branch out of my first-year bubble, I worked with students of a variety of disciplines, asking them ... (more)

Spring Recipes Utilizing Ingredients Found in Made in Walla Walla Box by

Two summers ago, I really got to know the food in Walla Walla. I tried several great restaurants and made weekly trips to the farmers' market with my then-housemate, and the two of us shared a Made in Walla Walla Box from the local Daily Market Coop. We received milk, bread, eggs, salad and new produce every week, and we had the chance to try out several tasty new recipes. This collection of springtime dishes was inspired by some of my favorites. Apple-Blueberry Cobbler (makes about six servings) A cobbler is a great dessert because you can make it with almost ... (more)

Why Are You Green: Whitman Community Reflects on Environmentalism by

It's no question that many people at Whitman are environmentally conscious of their environment and how much waste they generate. However, the question is why? The Pioneer takes a moment to ask Whitman community members to reflect on how environmentalism touches their lives. Margo Heffron, first-year People often refer to first-year Margo Heffron as the “greenest” person in her section, and she is known for nagging her section mates about running water, showering for too long or not turning off the lights. Heffron ... (more)

Challenging Power on Campus: A Pioneer Staff Member’s Thoughts on Divestment and the Anti-Racism Movement by

In 1857, Frederick Douglas was quoted as saying, “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” There are many serious issues facing the world, and those in power have shown little initiative in addressing them. It is increasingly clear that issues such as global warming, inequality and racism will require strong popular movements for progress to be made. As a reporter for The Pioneer over the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to observe the struggles of both the divestment ... (more)

Inked: Whitman Community Members Express Personal, Permanent Expression Through Tattoos by

Buddhist symbols hidden in white ink. A professor's passion inscribed on his inner arm. An ancient symbol of symmetry and harmony. The Whitman community—the faculty, staff and students that live and work in the pursuit of intellectual and emotional growth—express themselves in creative and diverse ways. One of these ways is body art, specifically tattoos. Though tattoos hold a personal and unique meaning for their owner, they are, for the most part, permanent and represent what oftentimes is an intentional reminder, memory or interest. In a survey sent out to the students listserv completed by 37 ... (more)

Local Music, Wine: Walla Walla Musicians Thrive in Diverse Local Music Scene by

In a small town like Walla Walla, it seems hard to imagine that a music community could flourish in diversity and style. This, however, is not the case. Walla Walla's small community enhances dialogue between musicians and creates a close-knit group of creative minds supported by the local venues of wineries and town events. “The thing about the music scene in Walla Walla is that there’s probably about 10 or 15 people that form bands,” said Whitman Music Assistant Phil Lynch, a member of Walla ... (more)

Cartoon: Bugs and Humans by

Cartoon by Eddy Vazquez.

‘The End of Night’ Review: Author Paul Bogard Seeks Natural Darkness, Inspiration by

As an astrophysics major who, during the evening hours, can reliably be found observing the cosmos from the roof of the science building, I am no stranger to the unwelcome invasion of light pollution. Here in Walla Walla, the western sky is particularly obscured by the glaring orange spotlights from the state penitentiary. When tennis practice runs late, the newly installed tennis court lights (which are brighter and more numerous than the old ones) make observation impossible, and sometimes late-night astronomy lab sessions have ... (more)

Whitman and Goodwill: A Love Story by

The thrift shop down the road from campus, Goodwill, sells Whitman College students hundreds of items each year. Goodwill Industries is a nonprofit organization that works to give disadvantaged people the skills required to succeed in the modern labor market. But the name is best known to Whitman students as a thrift store that sells donated clothing and other consumer goods to fund that mission, making it a great place to find a Halloween costume or just to browse an eclectic assortment of trinkets, cookware, ... (more)

Letter from the Editor: Circuit 10 by

Spring is without a doubt my favorite time of year. Maybe it's just because I grew up in Salt Lake City, where you get to experience four seasons, or maybe it's because I think that nothing good can come out of three-plus months of below freezing temperatures, but springtime is quite possibly the best time to be living. Take a deep breath of air and what do you smell? For me, the spring signals new beginnings and a nod to the possibilities of the remainder of time left in this year. As I set to graduate from Whitman in a few ... (more)

Whitman Crossword by

In honor of our 10th issue, we give you a crossword about... Whitman! Clues: Across 1. Tallest building on campus 2. _____ Duckum 3. Residence hall named for a professor 5. Popular first-year course selection 6. Japanese house 7. Recently reclaimed Prentiss Hall section 10. Former "Health Center" 11. Tennis Center namesake 12. Two unrelated professors share this name 13. Outdoorsy major 14. Douglas's house 15. Frisbee team 16. Whitman pastime 17. Whitman's plans require this 18. Because he wrote the Whitman hymn, they named a building after him 19. These Prentiss residents are on top 20. Sirens of _____ 21. "Two-____!" 22. Prentiss specialty 23. ... (more)

Whitman Women in Academia Reflect on Challenges, Achievements by

In the 2013-2014 academic year, 45 percent of the Whitman faculty are female, but women make up only 36 percent of Whitman’s tenured professors. The first female professor to achieve tenure was an astronomy professor in 1972. The number of female tenured professors has grown steadily since the '70s, but has stagnated at 36 percent for the last three years. Fifty-nine percent of current tenure-track faculty at Whitman are women. Being a woman in academia is no longer an unusual feat. But female-identified ... (more)

What Type Of Green Fits Your Personality? by

1. What show would you most like to watch? a. a National Geographic documentary b. "Cake Boss" c. "Frasier" d. "All in the Family"   2. What's your dream vacation in the United States? a. a trip to the Oregon Coast b. Miami, Fla. c. Alaska d. Cape Cod, Mass.   3. Out of the following, which song would you prefer to hear most? a. Bon Iver, "Skinny Love" b. Ke$ha and Pitbull, "Timber" c. Macklemore, "Can't Hold Us" d. Don MacLean, "American Pie"   4. What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? a. take five deep breaths b. some jumping jacks c. roll over and look endearingly at your kayak d. turn off your ... (more)

Cartoon: Animals by

Cartoon by Sophie Cooper-Ellis.

Humor Through the Archives by

Just as The Pioneer has undergone many a transformation since its inception in 1896, so has its humor. From odd one-liners and random articles on the front page to dedicated April Fool's Day issues and weekly humor sections, the Pio has come a long way in terms of making Whitman College students chuckle. I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the archives, located in the basement of Penrose Library, last fall for a research paper about Whitman's history. As I was pouring through copies of the Pio from the 1910s and ... (more)

Upcoming Movies for Pre-Finals Procrastination by

After a (hopefully) adventurous spring break, it will be prime time to buckle down as spring semester ends and finals loom.  This means the books really need to be cracked open, but those still in denial and in need for continued procrastination will welcome the spring crop of movies Hollywood is offering up.  The pickings, while numerous, seem to be limited to the comedy and superhero/fantasy genres.  Here’s a quick peek at what’s on my study-break list as the semester winds down. Comedy:  Two comedies ... (more)

Cartoon: Gluten by

  Cartoon by MaryAnne Bowen.

Cartoon: Thought Pillow by

Cartoon by Lya Hernandez.

Cartoon: Liberal Arts Man by

Cartoon by Asa Mease.

Circuit Issue 10 by

Take a look through the pages of our spring magazine, The Circuit. In the 10th issue of our quarterly magazine, you'll find various photo essays highlighting different aspects of the student body, as well as reviews of recent books and movies. Take a seat and enjoy!

Revisiting the Outdoors by

Before I studied abroad I never realized how much I like - and take for granted - the outdoors. I would never describe myself as an "outdoorsman," but parks, yards, hikes and just general "being outside" were an intrical part of my growing up. In college, I camp and backpack and you can find me on our quad the moment the weather gets nice. Nature has always been just a door opening away. My easy access to the outdoors changed when I came to Vienna. Even though the Viennese pride themselves on ... (more)

‘Art Outside the Box’ Features Artwork from Whitman Staff by

From March 25-30 during an event called "Art Outside the Box," the main floor of Penrose library featured 45 works of art by staff members at Whitman College. Types of art ranged from cross stitch to bouquets made of balloons. The show was organized by Whitman's Personnel Advisory Committee. [portfolio_slideshow]

We the People by

We all know that English and Spanish combine to form Spanglish, while Portuguese and Spanish together are Portuñol.  During a recent conversation with my family, I struggled to name the mix of Portuguese and English that I speak with my coworkers at the university.  My mom took a stab at it.  “Pornglish?” she offered. The transition to speaking Portuguese has been easier than I was expecting in part because the student teachers who I work with in English without Borders have fabulous English.  They’re starting to demand more Portuguese from me outside of the classroom, but they can always use English ... (more)

南京周末旅行 (Weekend Trip to Nanjing) by

This past weekend was the CIEE Weekend Trip and I along with 27 other students and 3 professors went to Nanjing. The other options were Hangzhou, Yangzhou, and Wu Zhen but I chosen Nanjing because of its rich history. Nanjing (南京)is the capital of Jiangsu province in Eastern China and literally translates as “Southern Capital” because 南 = south and 京 = capital.* Fun language tangent: Beijing (北京)literally translates as “Northern Capital,” because 北 = north and京 = capital. City names in Mandarin are really interesting when you know the definitions of the individual characters! Back to Nanjing’s history. Nanjing is one ... (more)

Women’s Basketball Falls in National Championship by

The Whitman women’s basketball team fell to the FDU-Florham Devils in the DIII national title game on Saturday, March 22 with a final score of 80-72, ending a record-breaking season for the Missionaries. Heading into the 2013-2014 season, Whitman's team motto was “paving the road to Steven’s Point, Wis." This was where the Final Four portion of the NCAA Division III Championships would find itself. Not only did Whitman dominate their semi-final matchup, leaving them a game away from a championship, but also were only a handful of points away from a win in the final game. Though winning it all would ... (more)

Mering Makes History with Win at Nationals by

Junior Karl Mering started nationals without his goggles and ended with a national championship. Mering had a successful stint at the Division III Swimming National Championships in Indianapolis, highlighted by a victory in the 100-yard butterfly that made him the first national champion swimmer in Whitman’s history at the DIII level. This feat, however, looked doubtful in the 100-yard butterfly preliminaries, when Mering’s goggles fell off as he dove into the pool. “It definitely distracted me from my race for a split second,” he said. “But knowing that I was able to get through that gave me a lot of confidence going forward, ... (more)

Whitman Women’s Basketball to Play for National Title by

Add another one to the list: in a season that has been defined thus far by broken records and program firsts, perhaps it is only fitting that the Whitman women’s basketball team is going to end its year playing for the national title. With an 85-70 victory over the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (26-4) on Friday night, the Missionaries (30-1) advanced to the first national championship game in program history. Whitman will play for the Division III national title Saturday night against Farleigh Dickinson University-Florham. Up to this point in the NCAA tournament, Whitman had not played a game away from the familiar ... (more)

Whitman’s Yearly Tuition Increase Lowest in Decade by

The Board of Trustees have set tuition to $44,440 for the 2014-2015 academic year, a 2.9 percent increase from last year. Room and board costs and the Associated Students of Whitman College fee were also raised to $11,228 and $360 respectively, according to an email President George Bridges sent out to Whitman students and parents last night. The tuition increase, down from last year's hike of 3.25 percent and 2011's 4 percent increase, appears to be in line with national trends. It is also the lowest increase in the last decade. This year's budget was drafted, as in past years, ... (more)

Holy by

Jerusalem is a holy city. A bridge between the material and the spiritual. Many would say between the earth and the heavens. But what is holy?: “Connected to a god or a religion/ religious and morally good” — Merriam-Webster. As I walk home through the botanical gardens on a warm Thursday afternoon, the ever-present Call to Prayer reverberates around the buildings of East Jerusalem; at night, it weaves through the windows of our classrooms. Jews pray on the train as I ride back to school. Priests walk the Via Dolorosa while people haggle for chotskies in the shops of ... (more)

“The Goddess” by

Despite what some days may feel like, I am taking other courses in Shanghai besides my Chinese language class! Last week in Chinese Film and Cinema, we watched Wu Yonggong’s “The Goddess,” which was released in 1934. “The Goddess” was part of the 1930s overall leftist-turn of Chinese cinema, which was all about “reviving national cinema by connecting film-making with the May 4th movement spirit and calling for a socially engaged cinema” (from the class’ PPT slide). Many of the films produced during this period dealt with class conflict, social injustice and moral corruption in China’s cities. Thematic Features of Leftist ... (more)

Women’s basketball advances to Final Four by

The game is done, the nets are cut down and for the first time in program history the Whitman women’s basketball team has danced all the way to the Final Four. In front of a raucous crowd that filled the Sherwood Center to the brim Saturday night, Whitman (30-1) defeated Thomas More College (31-1) 76-60 to earn a berth in the NCAA Division III semi-finals next week in Stevens Point, Wisc. Thomas More was previously undefeated and seeded first in the 64-team DIII field. The opening ... (more)

Everything but the Kitchen Sink by

Looking for a place to live here has got me wondering whether the phrase “everything but the kitchen sink” has its origins in Brazil. Apartments and houses for rent in Brazil are generally unfurnished.  That would be fine, except that unfurnished here means that everything that can be removed has been removed: the stove, the refrigerator, the washing machine, the air conditioning.  As someone who would only be here ten months, I needed a furnished place, which made the search harder to start. With the help of some Brazilian friends – Kilson, Anderson, Otavio, Jivargo – who made calls and walked or drove us ... (more)

Carnaval no Brasil by

Mike, Anna, and I spent Carnaval the way most people from Teresina choose to: we left town to relax on the beach.  It wasn’t wild, but it did help me straighten out my priorities here. Our destination was Parnaíba, Piauí’s second largest city.  The center of Parnaíba has colorful colonial buildings, and is, of course, a jumping-off point to beaches 10 to 20 kilometers away. I spent two days at Coquero Beach.  As Americans we got weird looks, but even more so when we played Frisbee (Brazilians prefer a game called frescoball as a beach pastime) and when we laid out towels ... (more)

Slice of Seattle in Shanghai by

Today, I joined a fellow CIEE student (Margot) at a coffee shop (Magodo’s 520 Coffee) across from ECNU to work on homework together. I’ve been to lots of coffee shops in Shanghai and they are very similar to the US. Starbucks and Coffeebean & Tea Leaf are basically the same, and they are the only places where you can guarantee someone speaks English. I’ve also tried out some non-US brand coffee shops, like Muskcat Coffee, and those are also basically the same as Starbucks. [caption id="attachment_85650" align="alignnone" width="300"]... (more)

Mease not Mooses: Gettin’ Deep by

Cartoon by Asa Mease.

Águas de Março (Waters of March) by

Hey. I'm done with midterms. It's officially spring break. I hope everyone has a great one and here's a song to kick it off: It's called "Águas de Março" and it's performed by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Elis Regina. Cheers, -DJYT Tom Jobim & Elis Regina

A weekend in Tel-Aviv by

Right now I'm riding the bus to Tel-Aviv for the weekend, something that's become somewhat of a habit amongst my friends and I. It takes about an hour to get to Tel-Aviv from Jerusalem, and hostels dot the city downtown and close to the beach, making the trip all too easy. We can have a night enjoying the city's famous night life, spend the next day having a relaxing shabbat on the beach, and head home at night once the busses start running again to start classes the next day. We aren't the only ones who take advantage of the ... (more)

Retiring Dean Leaves Legacy In SA Program by

Associate Dean of Students for Academic Support Services Clare Carson will retire at the end of the semester after 38 years working on campus. During her tenure, Carson helped create the Student Academic Advisors program that trains peer advisers to help each incoming class make the transition from high school to college. But when the next batch of SAs begins working in fall 2014, Carson won't be on campus to see them. “I was planning to retire last year and I stayed on one more year to get kind of a transition ... it’s been a wonderful number of years here,” said ... (more)

Reducing Black Actors to Limited Roles Reinforces Negative Stereotypes by

I want to first start off by saying I am so happy to hear about the success films "12 Years a Slave" and "Django Unchained" have received lately. It is nice to see actors and actresses of color receiving recognition for their talents, and I am extremely proud. That being said, I personally will not be watching either film any time soon. For those who are unaware, "Django Unchained" and "12 Years a Slave" are both films with plots about slavery. In both films, there ... (more)

Men’s Golf Team Drives to Improve by

Life on the Whitman men's golf team has not been easy as of late. The team has had to deal with horrible weather, defecting players and a conference that ranks as one of the best in the country. For a group looking to improve on a rough first part of its year, the snow and sleet, the undersized team and the difficult competition could make it tough to achieve their goal of  third place in the Northwest Conference. Despite these challenges, the Missionaries still believe that they can overcome anything their tough situation throws at them. [caption id="attachment_85339" align="alignleft" width="448"]... (more)

Walla Walla Guitar Festival to Feature West Coast Blues by

Walla Walla will be hosting the third annual Coyote King’s Invitational Walla Walla Guitar Festival this weekend, which will feature 16 blues and roots bands including artists from all over the West Coast. Taking place in four separate local venues and running March 13-15, the festival was organized by the local blues band the Coyote Kings, led by Robin Barrett. “I have friends that have bands and who have helped me book us in some of the festivals around the northwest, so I felt like I wanted to pay them back,” said Barrett, one of Walla Walla's nationally renowned musicians. “I ... (more)

Women’s Lacrosse Prepares to Become Varsity Sport by

Silly costumes and lacrosse sticks are not the typical outfit combination students might expect to encounter when walking across Ankeny Field. However, last week, the women’s lacrosse team was seen dressed up in crazy outfits to bring attention to and celebrate the start of their spring 2014 season. This annual tradition not only embodies the lacrosse team’s fun-loving attitude toward the sport, but also happens to come with anticipated news. After much deliberation, the Whitman women’s lacrosse team has been granted funding ... (more)

Sabbaticals Benefit Students, Faculty Alike by

While professors on sabbatical do not teach classes and usually do not advise students or serve on committees, a professor’s sabbatical could never be described as “time off.” The sabbatical program is an essential part of the Whitman College faculty’s ongoing professional development and provides numerous benefits—not only to the individual professor, but also to her or his students and to the entire Whitman community. Sabbatical allows professors to take either a semester or a year away from teaching classes in order to ... (more)

Students Reach Out After Carleton Frisbee Tragedy by

Last week, college frisbee teams across the country mourned the Feb. 28 death of three Carleton College ultimate players in a car crash. The deaths of Carleton Ultimate Team members James Adams, 20, of St. Paul, Minn., Paxton Harvieux, 21, of Stillwater, Minn. and Michael Goodgame, 20, of Westport, Conn. and the injuries of William Sparks, 20, of Evanston, Ill. and Connor Eckert, 19, of Seattle, struck a chord with Whitman College students both within and outside the ultimate community. While driving on ice on Minnesota Highway 3, the car, driven by Sparks, spun out across the median into oncoming ... (more)

Sloan Conference Unites Jocks and Nerds by

No, it’s not the classroom. Nor is it a locker room. The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference is a home to both jocks and nerds. Last weekend, representatives from the two parties met in Boston to discuss the relationship between numbers and sports. I mingled with team owners, statisticians, coaches, athletes, students and even TV personalities, and I listened to discussions such as “A Data-Driven Method for In-Game Decision Making in MLB” and “The Changing Nature of Media Rights.” Panelists spoke honestly and openly about the advances and shortcomings of analytics across all industry outlets, including player assessment, injury prevention, business growth ... (more)

Sex, Gore Found in ’300′ Prequel by

Seven years ago, Gerard Butler brought his metal thong, sword, graphic violence, 300 friends and (most importantly) his six-pack abs to the big screen. Now in 2014, “300” finally gets a prequel, “300: Rise of an Empire,” with unbelievably more blood, more gore and more sex. The original “300” is definitely the better movie, but “300: Rise of an Empire” met one of my favorite past times—mindless entertainment. "300: Rise of an Empire” definitely needed the Spartan queen to narrate and explain the switch between ... (more)

Should Syracuse Hit the Panic Button? by

Rarely do you see a team start off as well as the Syracuse University Orange did this season, only to throw it all away when the first roadblock arrives. The Orange cruised to a 25-0 start to the season, but have since dropped four of the last five. Part of the issue appears to be that teams may have figured out how to beat this year's version of the iconic 2-3 zone that Syracuse normally runs. Syracuse has struggled to put points on the board this season, ranking 254th in the NCAA’s top division this season, but make up for it with their ... (more)

Theatre, Encounters Partner to Bring Texts to Life by

Performances of William Shakespeare’s "Hamlet" were held March 5-9 in Harper Joy Theatre as part of the collaboration between the theatre department and the Encounters faculty. This is the second year HJT has incorporated a performance of one of the texts in the Encounters syllabus, following last year’s successful production of Shakespeare’s "The Tempest." The college aspires to involve all academic departments in the Encounters program, which all first-year students and transfer students with fewer than 58 academic credits go through in their inaugural ... (more)

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