24-hour Improv raises funds for Trilogy

Last Friday and Saturday, Whitman improv group Varsity Nordic performed improv for 24 hours straight. Starting at 6 p.m. on April 19 and lasting until 6 p.m. April 20, the event raised money for Trilogy Recovery Community. Varsity Nordic asked for a donation of $1 per game for the local organization. They also auctioned off prizes, including gift cards to Bright’s, the Patisserie, The Beehive Salon, and other Walla Walla favorites.

Eli Zavatsky and Hannah Davenport

Eli Zavatsky, Hannah Davenport and Nick Cross play a scene.

Henry Nolan and Rose Gottlieb pretend to be horses.

From left: Ailie Kerr, Henry Nolan and Hannah Davenport.

Sam Gelband and Henry Nolan perform to a small audience.

Audience members laugh.

Sam Halgren and Henry Nolan "freeze."

Eli Zavatsky plays a cat lady with her cat, Nick Cross, and Ailie Kerr has to guess what they are in "party quirks."

At the end of Musical Hour, clockwise from left, Henry Nolan, Sam Gelband, Jeremy Howell, Rose Gottlieb, Sam Halgren, Eli Zavatsky and Cory Rand.

Eli Zavatsky and Nick Cross do yoga to music at 2:30am.

Hannah Davenport and Eli Zavatsky pretend to be on a radio show.

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