Editorial Team

Publisher: Aleida Fernandez

Aleida Fernandez is a senior History major from the glorious capitol of Oregon. Aleida has been a member of the Pioneer staff for four years, working in the editorial and web departments. After a brief stint traveling around Europe, Aleida is returning to the Pioneer to work on the “big picture” side of things.  When she’s not trying to help The Pioneer run smoothly, Aleida watches reality TV, reads online recaps of those shows, and feels conflicted about her investment in them. 

Editor-in-Chief: Emily Lin-Jones

Emily Lin-Jones has been writing and editing for the Pio since she was drawn in as an unsuspecting freshman in 2011. Since then, she has become far more invested in the ins and outs of newspaper production, and the intricacies of AP style, than she had originally planned – but has certainly enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about journalism and important developments on campus. A senior English major from the San Francisco Bay Area, in her spare time she enjoys reading really long magazine articles and cooking Asian food.

Managing Editor: Serena Runyan

Serena is a senior history major and Chinese minor from Boise, ID. She has been on thePioneer staff for three years, and is excited to be on the managerial team this semester. When she’s not thinking about the Pio, she’s probably in one of her four SSRA classes. Serena is a senator on ASWC, works for the Student Engagement Center and at Edison Elementary. She likes anything outdoors, plays the piano, and misses her days of singing in choir. 

Feature Editor: Sarah Cornett

Sarah is a junior history major also attempting a minor in art. This is her third year on Pio, and her first time on Feature! She is excited to work with the writers, and to build on Feature’s tradition of long-form style journalism. She studied abroad in Prague and the Czech Republic last semester, where she learned a lot about Europe and also was very cold. Her interests include magazines, electronic music, and her red kick razor scooter

News Editor: Andy Monserud

Co-News Editor Andy Monserud, a sophomore, hails from South Saint Paul, Minnesota.  He has worked for the Pioneer since fall of 2013, when he joined the paper as an opinion columnist.  Andy’s non-writing interests vary widely, including political activism and speculation, playing the trombone and guitar and keeping up with the thriving music scenes back home in the Twin Cities. 

News Editor: Lachlan Johnson

After working with his high school newspaper and serving as a reporter on the news team at the Pioneer for two years, Lachlan Johnson moved into the position of News Editor in Fall 2014. Besides investigative reporting, he is also involved in the climbing community, child care, and psychology research on campus.

A&E Editor: Daniel Kim

Daniel hails from Claremont, California, a suburban city 45 minutes East of the famous City of Angles. He plans on majoring in Economics and Mathematics. He has two younger siblings, one sister and one brother, who will also be attending a college in the coming fall. Growing up, Daniel has participated in various athletic extracurricular activities, such as badminton, bowling, curling, and cricket. At Whitman, Daniel doesn’t do much except play for the varsity soccer team. As new A&E editor, he he wants to help make the paper as best as it can.

Opinion Editor: Sam Chapman

Sam Chapman has worked for the Pioneer every semester he’s spent at Whitman, expect for one when he went abroad. In addition to four semesters writing his Moving Forest column, Sam has written news, investigative, and web pieces.

Sports Editor: Cole Anderson

Cole Anderson is a junior at Whitman and has been with the Pio since the second semester of his freshman year here. He has written for the sports section the whole time. Cole is an Econ major who also loves cars and obviously sports outside of school. He is a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and played soccer for Whitman for his first two years here, but no longer plays. Cole also works at the BFFC and is a tutor for the ARC. 

Backpage Editor: Kyle Seasly

Kyle Seasly is a senior history major with a love of all things horses. Kyle spent his childhood riding his favorite four legged-friends through wayward pastures, cobbled city streets, and occasionally underwater (they both wore scuba gear). During the summer, Kyle works as a carriage driver in New York, and occasionally has appeared in films because of his expertise. Someday Kyle hopes to chronicle the entire history of horses in North America. His favorite record is Patti Smith’s debut album. 

Photography/Videography Editor: Halley McCormick

Halley McCormick is a senior mathematics major and co-editor of the photography section of the Pioneer. She has been a photographer with the Pio since her first year at Whitman and is excited to see another side of the campus newspaper experience. In her free time, she enjoys (yup, you guessed it) photography and poorly playing the five chords she knows on the ukulele.

Photography Editor: Marra Clay

Marra Clay is a sophomore Chemistry- Environmental Studies major from Minnetonka, Minnesota. Serving as a photography editor for the Pioneer, she is excited to learn more about other aspects of the paper. Marra’s background is primarily in nature photography but she has also picked up portraiture and abstract. She has been working on the Pio since the beginning of her first year and she is looking forward to seeing where the Pio will go! In her free time, you may see Marra out on a run, climbing, in North Hall where she is an RA, making up puns in the library, or begging strangers to let her pet their dogs. 

Business Manager: Skye Vander Laan

Skye began working for The Pioneer as a first-year, and is excited to be joining the editorial staff for a second year as business manager. He is majoring in economics, enjoys photographing and exploring the outdoors, and is on a constant quest to make better coffee.

Advertising Manager: Melissa Shaffer

Melissa Shaffer is a senior Psychology major hailing from the bay area oasis known as Lafayette, California. Melissa started at the Pioneer her junior year and has loved the opportunity to work directly with the community. When she’s not working on her thesis, Melissa can be found coloring fuzzy posters, listening to “Banana Phone” and eating copious amounts of spaghetti squash. 

Illustration Editor: Luke Hampton

Before coming to Whitman, Luke Hampton spent the first 18 years of his life in Davis, CA where his fondest memories included such pleasant things as eating really good fruit in summer and living vicariously through legends such as Harry Potter, Bilbo Baggins, and Danny the Champion of the World. Having achieved lifelong goals of going to a World Cup match and wearing the blue shirt he received for winning an intramural sport, Luke is now redefining what his life is about. Current goals that he is working toward include completing my psychology degree at Whitman, meeting Shakira and/or Emma Watson, attend nursing school, and achieving immortality through non-horcrux-or-unicorn-blood-based means.

Web Content Editor: Natalie Berg

Natalie Berg is a junior English major. A former copy editor, she now works as the Web Content Editor and has helped organize the Northwest News Network.

Webmaster: Denali Elliot

A senior Film & Media Studies major, Denali has contributed to the Pioneer for nearly a year. She plans on pursuing a career in multimedia journalism and/or documentary filmmaking after graduating. This spring she is also co-directing a production of Rocky Horror Picture Show and has a radio show with Whitman’s station, KWCW 90.5fm. In her spare time, Denali enjoys photography, exercising, making to-do lists, and watching TV shows that she thoroughly dislikes. 

Chief Copy Editor: Matthew Nelson

Matthew is a senior rhetoric studies major with minors in Chinese and Spanish. Originally from Northbrook, Ill., his interests include language, traveling and food. Outside of fixing comma splices and People Searching you, Matthew dreams of one day traveling amongst the stars — perhaps a trip to the Andromeda Galaxy to sample the local cuisine and be the first human to learn an extraterrestrial language.

Production Manager: Maddi Coons 

Maddi Coons is a senior Art Major from central California. She has worked as a production assistant on the Pio for two years and has been involved in journalism since her junior year of high school. The adventure continues now as Production Manager. When she’s not working on design and layout for hours, Maddi enjoys analog photography, sending postcards and will give everyone a hug who gifts her chocolate, ice cream or a container of rainbow sprinkles. 

Art Director: Julie Peterson

Julie is a senior Environmental Studies-Politics major with a minor in Spanish. She studied abroad in Ecuador where the most unusual thing she ate was cuy (guinea pig). More recently, she led an outdoor program in Oregon teaching kids how to survive a zombie apocalypse which included eating grasshoppers. Aside from the quirky habit of eating odd things, she enjoys illustrating and designing infographics for the Pio.

Production Staff

Production Associates: Maggie Baker, Audrey Kelly, Yarden Blausapp, Kerr Cirilo, Chris Belluschi, Molly Unsworth

Copy Editors: Rachel Needham, Elliot Granath, Jessica Anderson

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Lane Barton, Jeremy Alexander, Christy Carly, Nolan Bishop, Annie Roge, Anna Middleton, Andrew Schwartz, Natalie Berg

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Annabelle Marcovici, Hayley Turner, Rachael Barton, Hannah Bashevkin, Nikki Antenucci, Tywen Kelly, Emma Casley, Emily Volpert, John V. Lee

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Illustrations Staff

Asa Mease, Emma Rust, Tyle Schuh, Catalina Burch, Sophie Cooper-Ellis, Lya Hernandez, Eric Rannestad, Megan Gauglitz, Daniel Whalen

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