Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Shelly Le

Shelly is a senior politics major from Salt Lake City. Her interests include cream puffs, raspberries, reading, all things India, snuggling in piles of wool blankets and, of course, catching up on the news. She has previously worked for the Pio as a news reporter, news editor, copy editor, blogger and web content editor. When not busy trying to figure out what to do with herself after she leaves Whitman, Shelly can be found frantically replying to Pio-related emails or tracking down a source for breaking news.

Managing Editor: Pam London

Pam is a senior history major and four-year veteran of the Pio. Back from spending a semester studying abroad at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she was able to indulge her geeky history side, Pam is ready to take on her final year at Whitman. This aspiring journalist from Shoreline, Wash. is also a forward on the women’s soccer team and spends the first three months of every school year eating, drinking and breathing soccer with a wee bit of Pio fun thrown in as well. After working as a sports writer and sports editor, Pam is excited to move in to her new role as managing editor.

Feature Editor: Emily Lin-Jones

Emily Lin-Jones is a junior English major who has been on the Pioneer staff since freshman year, working her way from fairly incompetent news writer to slightly-less-incompetent editor of the Feature section. After a sojourn abroad in China, she is thrilled to be returning to the Pio for another semester of solid journalism and production night banter.

News Editor: Sarah Cornett

Sarah is a sophomore hailing from Sacramento, Calif.  She joined the Pio last year as a result of some ill-fated advice and served as a news reporter, eventually covering the ASWC beat.  She enjoys documentary films on obscure topics and will likely be a history major.  Her other likes include leisurely-paced runs and bike rides, cooking and tea.

News Editor: Dylan Tull

Dylan is a senior English major from beautiful Bainbridge Island, Wash. When he is not reading literature for class or writing Pio articles, Dylan enjoys listening to Chief Keef, working for the college’s Physical Plant and going on extended HBO binges. He has worked as a news reporter for almost two years now and is finally making the jump to an official editor position. He is thinking about going to law school, but all Dylan really wants from life is to share a platter of fried shrimp with Rick Ross one day.

A&E Editor: Hannah Bartman

Hannah Bartman hails from Claremont, Calif. and is a sophomore sociology major. She worked as a feature and news writer prior to her appointment as A&E editor. Things that make a happy Hannah include coffee, sarcasm, candle-lit cafés with guitars and coffee, deserts, desserts, sharpened pencils and Oxford commas.


Opinion Editor: Kyle Seasly

Kyle Seasly is a junior history major all the way from Grand Rapids, Mich. He has formerly been the Pio‘s Opinion editor and a columnist, as well as the backpage editor his sophomore year. His other interests include fine dining, playing guitar on moonless nights and attending ComicCon conventions. If you like sports, shoot an email his way, so he can chat all day about the Red Wings.



Sports Editor: Quin Nelson

Quin is a sophomore from Mill Creek, Wash. looking at majoring in English or Economics. After a lot of painstaking thought and deliberation, he decided to forgo this year’s NBA Draft and return to school to work as the Pio‘s Sports editor. Quin plays on the varsity soccer team and is a raw but promising IM Frisbee prospect, although he still harbors dreams of becoming the starting point guard for the Seattle Sonics. When not doing sports things, Quin can be found reading, tweeting, playing guitar (poorly) or taking a nap.

Backpage Editor: Molly Johanson

Some refer to Molly as a kind of Eevee of the Pio staff, having held positions as a writer, illustrator and production associate. EIC Shelly Le used the rare humor stone (located at the bottom of Lakum Duckum) to evolve Molly into the Backpage editor. Though she’s hasn’t leveled up enough to make Encounters jokes or use Tail Whip, she’s training hard to become the best there ever was. When not training, she is a senior religion major trying to solve the problem of Pokémon intelligent design.

Photography Editor: Catie Bergman

Catie is a senior biology major all the way from Houston. Contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t have an accent or ride horses to the grocery store. After working as a Pioneer photographer for two years, Catie is excited to join the editing team. In her free time she loves meeting new people, trying new vegan recipes and exploring new places. But most of all, she loves photographing everything that happens around her.

Business Manager & Video Editor: Skye Vander Laan

Skye began working for the Pio as a first-year, and he is excited to be joining the editorial staff after a semester as a photographer and videographer. Skye is undeclared, but he plans to major in Economics. In addition to photography and videography, Skye enjoys playing the piano, guitar and drums, exploring the outdoors and trying to make better coffee.

Illustration Editor: Luke Hampton

Luke is a sophomore planning on majoring in BBMB and taking a pre-med track. He hails from Davis, Calif. and enjoys sports, thunderstorms, long walks on the beach, long walks in cities, long walks in the mountains and earl grey tea. His passions include all things related to soccer, the Lord of the Rings and Emma Watson. One day Luke hopes to become a physician after fulfilling his lifelong dream of moving to Catalunya, marrying his dream woman and becoming a full-time FC Barcelona fanatic.

Web Content Editor: Jess Faunt

Jess is a first-year from Portland, Ore. and has spent most of her time explaining to people that she is not a vegan, nor does she live in Birkenstocks and flannels. She plans to major in environmental studies-sociology or anthropology. Her other interests include going on trail runs, browsing youtube for slam poetry and eating baked goods.


Web Editor: Ben Schaefer

Ben began his journey into the world of computers at a young age, mastering Power Pete on his family’s Macintosh. He quickly developed a passion for games, programming, the internet and technology in general, prompting him to take numerous multimedia classes in high school and college, as well as to experiment on his own. Ben planned to go to school for computer science, but after falling in love with Whitman, settled on the obvious alternative: philosophy. Nowadays, he feeds his digital appetite through programming courses, the creation of Flash games and work for Coffey Communications, the Pioneer and others. Having served as webmaster last year, Ben is the only returning member of the 2013-14 web team.

Webmaster: Nick Budak

Nick is a senior Asian Studies major from Portland, Ore. He runs a small “halfway house” for abused and neglected electronics out of his attic at a house on Sumach Street. Okay, that’s a lie—he just buys junk from Goodwill and takes it apart sometimes. He is also the webmaster for ASWC. If you’ve got any pre-2000s Nintendo products lying around, he’d probably get really excited and offer you too much money for them.


Chief Copy Editor: Karah Kemmerly

Karah is currently a senior German major from Yuba City, Calif. With the exception of a hiatus in Freiburg, she has spent six semesters working for The Pioneer in some capacity. Her likes include poetry, libraries, candy canes, maps and good coffee. She is also a big fan of grammar, which means she is excited to work as chief copy editor this semester.



Production Manager: Sean McNulty

Sean is a senior religion major hailing from the golden hills of San Luis Obispo, Calif. When he isn’t up to his elbows in an InDesign layout, Sean enjoys reading long-form nonfiction, listening to drone metal and eating over-stuffed sandwiches. His preferred Werner Herzog film is “Grizzly Man” and his fondest-remembered Latin American city is Cuzco.


Production Staff

Production Associates: Maddison Coons, Jess Faunt, Marianne Kellogg, Haley Larson, Jesse Moneyhun, Abby Seethoff
Copy Editors: Natalie Berg, Lauren Sewell, Flora Sheppard

Staff Writers


Josephine Adamski, Helen Angell, Sam Grainger-Shuba, Lachlan Johnson, Daniel Kim, Andy Monserud


Emma Dahl, Nathan Fisher, Adam Heymann, James Kennedy


Alisha Agard, Toby Alden, Sam Chapman, Bill Landefeld, Anuradha Lingappa, Andy Monserud


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Lane Barton, Ben Caldwell, Drew Edmond, Anna Zheng


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Katrina Allick, Marra Clay, Riley Foreman, Eva Geisse, Quin Nelson, John Reed, Hilary Smith, Dylan Snyder

Photography and Videography Staff

Nilce Alvarez, Marra Clay, Allie Felt, Alyssa Goard, Annabelle Marcovici, Claire Martini, Halley McCormick, Emily Volpert, Anna von Clemm


MaryAnne Bowen, Sophia Cooper-Ellis, Lya Hernandez, Kelsey Lund, Asa Mease, Julie Peterson, Emma Rust, Tyle Schuh, Eduardo Vazquez

Business Staff

Advertising Associates: Melissa Shaffer, Taylor Thomas